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What is the ticker symbol of Shanda Games?

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⑴ Introduction of Shanda Online

Shanghai Shanda Network Development Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: SNDA, referred to as "Shanda Network") is an online game operator in China. Since 2005, it has officially entered the field of electronic equipment.

Founded in Shanghai in December 1999 by Chen Tianqiao and Chen Danian. It has developed rapidly due to acting as a Korean game legend, and is known as a myth in the Internet industry.

On May 13, 2004, Shanda was listed on the Nasdaq in New York. The good profit performance and performance growth kept the company's stock price at a high price. China's new richest man.

On September 25, 2009, Shanda's spin-off Shanda Games was listed on the NASDAQ IPO (stock code: NASDAQ: GAME), and issued a total of 83.5 million US shares at a price of 12.5 yuan per share. Receipt Shares (ADR), of which 13.0435 million shares were issued by Shanda Games and 70.4565 million shares were issued by Shanda Network, raising a total of US$1.04 billion.

Shanda Games operates 33 large-scale online games and has 9.73 million active paying players.

⑵ Shanda Network China Stock Code

Shanda is listed in the United States.

⑶ Does Shanda Network have listed stocks?

Listed in USA

⑷ What is Shanda's stock code

1. Shanda's ticker symbol is GAME, and the ticker symbol uses numbers to represent different meanings of the stock. In addition to distinguishing various stocks, the stock code also has its potential significance. For example, 600*** is the stock code listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and 6006** is the earliest listed stock. The stock code of a company is similar to the license plate number, which can show the company. strength and popularity, such as 000088 Yantian Port, 000888 Mount Emei.

2. U.S. stocks, the U.S. stock market. Broad: Represents global stock markets. Opening time: The United States adopts daylight saving time from April to early November each year. During this time, the trading time is from 21:30 pm Beijing time to 4:00 am the next day. From the beginning of November to the beginning of April, when winter time is adopted, the trading time is 22:30 p.m. Beijing time to 5:00 a.m. the next day

⑸ Shanda Games Backdoor Which Stock

Shanda The game was listed on the Nasdaq market on September 25, 2009, and was delisted from the United States in 2014 and started the privatization process.

At present, the time of
Shanda Games' return to A shares has not been determined, and there is no conclusion on whether to choose a backdoor listing or an IPO. However, industry insiders believe that the possibility of backdoor listing of Shanda Games is relatively high, but it has not yet been determined which listed company will be backdoored.

In addition, with the privatization of Shanda Games, related concept stocks will benefit. It is recommended that you pay more attention to Century Huatong, Palm Fun Technology and Zhongqingbao.

⑹ What is Shanda’s current market value?

Citi analysts Alicia Yap and Jason Brueschke pointed out, “Shanda plus Shanda The game's market cap has risen from $3.7 billion to the current $7.5 billion, but the revenue and profit potential has not changed. We think the current share price is difficult to support."

September 26, Shanda The network officially split off Shanda Games and landed on Nasdaq with the stock code "GAME". The opening price on the first day was US$12.5, which was the same as the issue price of US$12.5, and the closing price on the first day was US$10.75, down 14.00% from the issue price.

Shanda shares fell 12 percent on Friday to close at around $50, their biggest drop since October 2008. Since this year, ShengShares of the big stock have risen 55%, beating the Nasdaq Composite's gain of 33% over the same period. Shanda currently holds a 71% stake in Shanda Games and 96% of the voting rights.

Shanda's first-half profit jumped 75 percent after Shanda's MIR 2 and Aion games attracted more players in China. Due to the increasingly fierce competition from NetEase and Changyou, Shanda Games will also accelerate the development of new products and provide more games developed by external developers. Eric Wen, an analyst at brokerage Mainfirst Securities, said, "We found that China has more game developers, which will benefit publishers such as Shanda."

⑺ Shanda Games What is the ticker symbol?

Shanda game stock, a US stock listed on NASDAQ, symbol: GAME.

Shanda Games Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: GAME) (hereinafter referred to as "Shanda Games") is a leading online game developer, operator and publisher in China. Diversified online game products such as advanced casual games meet the general entertainment needs of various game users.

⑻ What are the stock codes of all listed companies in the country?

The stock codes use numbers to represent the different meanings of stocks. In addition to distinguishing between various stocks, the stock symbol also has its potential significance.

The code for trading A shares in Shanghai stock market starts with 600, 601 or 603; the code for subscription of new shares in Shanghai stock market starts with 730, and the code for subscription of new shares in Shenzhen stock market is the same as that for stock trading in Shenzhen stock market; It starts with 700, and the Shenzhen market starts with 080.

The code of Shenzhen A stock trading starts with 000; the stock code of the SME board starts with 002; the stock code of the ChiNext board starts with 300.

⑼ It is said that Shanda Games will go public

On May 25, Shanda Network announced that it would spin off its Shanda Games Co., Ltd. and submit Shanda to the SEC in a non-public manner. A draft registration document for the game's initial public offering.

As early as a month ago, when Sohu Changyou successfully landed on Nasdaq, it was reported that Shanda was conducting an internal evaluation on the spin-off and listing of its game business, and had preliminarily finalized the listing venue and underwriters.

Shanda CEO Tan Qunzhao said in an interview with this reporter that Shanda and other online game companies are not racing on the same track. "Shanda is not a pure online game company, but will focus on the entire interactive entertainment field." The successful listing of the game business will undoubtedly help Chen Tianqiao to free up more energy to build his "Internet Disney" dream.

Tang Jun, President and CEO of Xinhuadu Group and President of Shanda Yuan, pointed out that Chen Tianqiao has always had the idea of ​​separating its various business segments, and will eventually turn Shanda into a holding company through spin-off.

Spin-off games

Shanda currently has three major business platforms: Shanda Games, Shanda Online and Shanda Literature, of which the game business has always been Shanda's biggest revenue pillar.

According to Shanda's financial report, its total net revenue in 2008 was RMB 3.5691 billion. Among them, the revenue from MMORPG games was RMB 2,982.3 million, and the revenue from casual games was RMB 441 million, accounting for about 95% of the total revenue. The vast majority of Shanda's online game business revenue comes from Shanda's "Legend" series. Tang Jun believes that the listing of Shanda Games belongs to the divestiture listing of advantageous assets and will be welcomed in the capital market.

It is reported that Shanda Games has completed the registration in the Cayman Islands and is currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanda engaged in the online game business. Shanda is expected to retain its controlling position after the independent IPO.

However, the specific timetable for the listing of Shanda Games, the number and amount of shares to be issued, Shanda said that it has not yet been determined. Huang Chao, an analyst at Analysys International, believes that Shanda will release its first-quarter earnings report on June 3. "It is estimated that this answer sheet is good, which will make the IPO of Shanda Games go more smoothly."

In addition, Shanda is currently in the process of Strive to promote a masterpiece "Aion", "Aion" is a 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) game developed by South Korea's NCSoft. World of Warcraft is very similar. Therefore, Shanda has given high expectations to "Aion", and "Aion" is also considered to be an important bargaining chip for Shanda's game listing.

The reporter learned from an interview that "Aion" announced its official entry into the business on April 16.The commercial operation is less than two weeks away from the public beta. According to industry practice, it takes at least one month for an MMORPG game to go from public beta to official operation. Shanda hopes to boost its performance through "Aion", so that Shanda's spin-off and listing will gain the favor of investors.

Shanda insiders revealed that during the period from the public beta to commercialization of "Aion", Chen Tianqiao has been personally supervising the battle in the company, and immediately rewarded the employees who solved the emergency situation on the spot.

Although Shanda has not disclosed the operating data such as the number of online users and ARPU value of Aion, but Li Yu, CEO of Shanda Games, said, "Now the roots of Aion are well established. Now, you can definitely look better after charging."

In Li Yu's view, "Aion" is not just a bargaining chip for Shanda Games to expand its revenue, but represents the business platform of Shanda Games more mature. "The success of "Legend" is only the success of a game, and the success of "Eternal" is the success of Shanda Platform." Li Yu said.

Chen Tianqiao seeks change

"From the perspective of revenue, Shanda has maintained its position as the leader in China's online game industry for a long time." said Huang Chao, an analyst in the online game industry of Analysys International. Shanda's revenue has grown for more than 10 consecutive quarters.

According to the latest "Q1 2009 Quarterly Monitoring of China's Online Game Market" released by Analysys International, the revenue of China's online game market in the first quarter of 2009 reached 5.514 billion yuan. In terms of the market structure of online game operators, Shanda, Tencent and NetEase ranked the top three.

Among them, Shanda occupies 19.6% of the market with an income of 1.08 billion yuan, continuing to rank first in the market. Tencent ranked second with a revenue of 910 million yuan and a market share of 16.5%. NetEase ranked third, with 710 million yuan in revenue and a 12.9% market share.

Although it still ranks first in the market, the recent momentum of Tencent and NetEase seems to make Shanda feel threatened.

The fastest growing competitor is undoubtedly Tencent. A year ago, Tencent was outside the top three in the domestic online game market, behind The Nine. In the third quarter of 2008, with the contribution of "Dungeon and Warriors" and other games, Tencent reached the top three in one fell swoop, and then grew rapidly. At present, it is approaching Shanda with a market share of 16.5%.

The third-ranked NetEase has maintained a market share of around 13% in the past three quarters. However, after June, "World of Warcraft", which once helped The Ninetowns to be selected as the first group of online games, will be operated by NetEase. Although the price paid by NetEase and the proportion of the share are still unknown, the industry generally believes that as long as the "World of Warcraft" is successfully handed over, it will significantly increase NetEase's revenue, even surpassing Shanda and Tencent.

In the face of catching up with competitors, Shanda also began to change its tactics, and splitting Shanda's games into the market was one of the strategies to deal with. Shanda officially stated that the purpose of the IPO of the game business "is to further develop Shanda into an interactive entertainment media enterprise, and enable Shanda Games to focus more on enhancing its leadership in the online game industry, and to have a greater strategy for seeking Flexibility of opportunities."

Analysts believe that the good effect of Sohu Changyou's spin-off and listing is also an important factor for Shanda to accelerate the promotion of the separate listing of the game business.

On April 2, Sohu Changyou officially landed on Nasdaq, priced at US$16 per share and issued 7.5 million shares, with a total financing amount of US$120 million. This is also the first IPO of Chinese concept stocks in the US mainstream securities market since the outbreak of the financial crisis. After Changyou's IPO, Sohu is still the controlling shareholder, holding 70.7% of all outstanding shares of Changyou, and Changyou CEO Wang Tao owns 14.6% of Changyou's shares.

Huang Chao said that judging from the current stock prices and other performances of Sohu and Changyou, Changyou's spin-off and listing have achieved good results, in line with expectations.

"If Shanda Games is successfully listed, I think the main purpose is not to solve the problems of cash income and competitive pressure, but to improve internal incentives and shareholder value. At the same time, in terms of business form, Shanda's entire company will be more Dilute the concept of a pure online game company." Huang Chao said.

Dreaming of "Internet Disney"

Chen Tianqiao has never given up the dream of making Shanda an "Internet Disney" or an "interactive entertainment company". "Box" is still the three major business divisions today, open cooperation, Shanda has been trying.

Shanda spokesman Zhuge Hui said that the spin-off game listing plan is an important step in the development of Shanda's group and diversified development. We will focus on the strategy of being an interactive entertainment media company and firmly implement this strategy.

And the grand tourThe news that the drama is listed separately has brought huge imagination to the development direction of Shanda Online and Shanda Literature. In fact, Shanda has been promoting its SDO propaganda non-stop for nearly a year.

Today, many online game companies such as Kingsoft, Blueport Online, Rainstorm Entertainment, etc. have entrusted the game to Shanda Online for cooperative operation. This is also the key for Shanda to jump out of the competition and differentiate itself from other online game companies. At the same time, Shanda Online has started cross-border cooperation with Razor, a well-known game hardware manufacturer.

In the course of cooperating with online game providers such as Kingsoft, Blueport Online, and Rainstorm Entertainment, Shanda provides users, billing platforms, promotion channels, customer service, etc. to its partners, and in exchange for game credits revenue share. As for the proportion of revenue share, due to the confidentiality clauses involved, no data is made public. People familiar with the matter revealed to this reporter that Shanda generally gets about 50% of the shares. While complaining about the unfairness of Shanda's "sitting on the ground and collecting money", partners have to admit that the game promotion through Shanda Online is indeed effective. Shanda's nearly 100 million active users alone make these partners coveted.

Although Shanda Literature's revenue accounts for a small proportion of the group, according to Wu Wenhui, President of Shanda Literature, "Literature is small and high-level in Shanda." In the conception of Chen Tianqiao Interactive Entertainment Empire, Literature provides the most upstream creativity, and downstream can derive games, film and television and many other content.

In fact, in addition to Shanda Online and Shanda Literature, Shanda has also invested in home chess and card platforms, e-sports platforms, mobile interactive entertainment, in-game advertising and many other fields. The integration of all these modules constitutes Shanda's so-called platform.

Tan Qunzhao told reporters that Shanda has been learning from the development history of the traditional media industry, and came to the conclusion that there must be a platform, and then combined with the characteristics of Internet openness, to form an endogenous core competitiveness. "I personally believe that the company's business format will undergo great changes in the future. If it continues to follow the previous way, it may not be able to adapt to the development of the Internet."

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