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China Dongfeng 41 missile stock code

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(1) China's current main ballistic missiles are 31, 21 or 41 and how are these missiles named? df31, no 32 or something.

Dongfeng is a strategic missile

Hongqi is an anti-aircraft missile

Julang is a submarine missile

Thunderbolt is an air-to-air missile

Red Arrow is an anti-tank missile

Seahawk is a shore-to-ship missile

Feilong is a ship-to-ship missile

Upstream is also a ship-to-ship missile Ship missiles

There are some unpublished codenames

Start with C or other letters

Such as C-801, etc.

Fish are torpedoes

Long swords are cruise missiles

Eagle strikes are ship-to-ship missiles Ship Missile

Red Bird is a cruise missile

Lightning is an air-to-air radar-guided missile

Dongfeng is 21, Dongfeng 31, Dongfeng 41. And now there is DF51

ㅡ China's Dongfeng missiles are ranked number one in the world

China's Dongfeng series missiles are ballistic missiles, with many types, including intercontinental missiles, long-range, medium-range and short-range! Only ICBMs in my country have three categories: Dongfeng 5 Dongfeng 31 Dongfeng 41! How to arrange so many missiles!

(iii) What are the stocks related to missiles

1. The total market value of Ziguang Guowei (002049) is 75.549 billion: the leading military IC, and its products cover important military fields such as missiles and aviation;

2. The total market value of Guangdong Ganhua (000576) is 4.243 billion: the main business is supporting the missile and rocket industry chain;

3. The total market value of Hongda Blasting (002683) is 36.767 billion: the company has the missile product HD-1;

4. The total market value of Hongdu Airlines (600316) is 16.458 billion: it is planned to be incorporated into the missile business;

5. The total market value of Xingwang Yuda (002829) is 5.707 billion: the shareholding of Kaimai Real Controller is the Missile Research Institute;

6. Kangdaxin Materials (002669) with a total market value of 4.487 billion: the products of its holding subsidiaries can be applied to missile systems;

7. Zhongbing Hongjian (000519) with a total market value of 15.388 billion: missile warhead research and development and production; (002414) total market value of 58.755 billion: infrared missile system;

9. Hongyuan Electronics (603267) total market value of 11.354 billion: missile launcher starting module;

10, *ST Aviation (600677): missile casing ;

11. The total market value of Xinyan (300159) is 7.482 billion: research and development of missile structural parts;

12. The total market value of Weixing (002003) is 4.495 billion: the subsidiary products are used in missiles and other weapons;

13. Hongda Electronics (300726) has a total market value of 14.284 billion: military tantalum capacitors can be used in missiles;

14. Tongda (002560) has a total market value of 4.416 billion: the subsidiary has missile production;

15. Guang Yunda ( 300227) total market value of 6.655 billion: subsidiary Tongyu Aviation has missile business;

16. Precision Information (300099) total market value of 4.184 billion: subsidiary Changchun Shikai has missile guidance system;

17. Plitte ( 002324) with a total market value of 14.281 billion: Subsidiary Gaoguanda products can be used for missile materials;

18. Shanghai Hugong (603131) with a total market value of 6.709 billion: Sun Company produces tactical missiles;

19. Far East Transmission (002406 ) with a total market value of 4.084 billion: the company's products can be used for missile launch vehicles;

20. Aerospace Rainbow (002389) with a total market value of 22.308 billion: the company has air-to-ground missiles;

21, *ST Qinji (000837): the company's business design "Three Airlines and Two Aircraft" parts;

22. Guangqi Technology (002625) with a total market value of 24.174 billion: the company's products can enhance the missile's anti-electromagnetic interference capability;

24. Guangyang Co., Ltd. (002708) with a total market value of 3.207 billion: the company bearings for missilesTransporter;

25. Tianao Electronics (002935) with a total market value of 5.575 billion: the company provides a large number of time-frequency equipment for the Rocket Army missile weapon system;

26. Neiwei Technology: the company's military products include missile weapons;

28. Loncin General: UAV missiles;

29. Changying letter quality: UAV missiles;

30. Blue Shield: core supplier of electromagnetic protection for missile combat automation systems;

31 , Huaxun Ark

32, Tianhe Defense

33, Dawn Aviation

34, Yaguang Technology

(iv) How powerful is the Dongfeng 41 missile

Dongfeng-41 The missile can carry more than a dozen nuclear warheads, and it is the longest-range nuclear missile in the world. The West describes the DF-41 as the most advanced ICBM in the world, with a range of more than 14,000 kilometers, enough to hit any target on Earth except South America and parts of Antarctica.

The Dongfeng-41 missile can quickly penetrate the local air defense system at a flight speed of more than 6 times the speed of sound, killing the enemy invisibly. In addition, because it can carry 10 nuclear warheads, each sub-warhead has an independent flight trajectory. After the missile is launched, 10 sub-warheads attack different targets at the same time, which will greatly increase the difficulty of the opponent's anti-missile interception.

Technical features of DF-41 ballistic missile:

DF-41 Ballistic missiles have a short combat preparation time and a fast response time, and the response time is significantly shorter than that of previous strategic missiles; technically, it has broken through the problem of carrying multiple warheads, and can carry different numbers of nuclear warheads as needed; compared with active strategic missiles, Its hit accuracy has been further improved, reaching within 100 meters;

It has good maneuverability and can be driven and transported on bumpy, rugged, and steeply sloping mountain roads, and is adaptable to geographical environment and climatic conditions. It has better performance and can be launched normally in bad weather. It is an all-weather strategic weapon. In addition, the number of officers and soldiers required for launching is also the smallest among China's existing strategic missiles, and the basic firepower unit is more capable.

Dongfeng-41 ballistic missiles are powerful, with destructive power reaching hundreds of square kilometers. In the future, while further improving the accuracy, the power of the attack will be further reduced, and tactical nuclear warheads with smaller yields will be developed to strike important targets in the enemy's operational and tactical depths, and its collateral damage to civilian targets will be further reduced.

For the above content reference: Internet - Dongfeng-41 Ballistic Missile Code-named CSS-5, which is China's ballistic missile type 5, the NATO code-name rule is the English initials of the country name + the initials of the weapon's English name.

㈥ Who can introduce China's DF-41 missile

"DongFeng" (DongFeng)-41 (DF-41, NATO code name: CSS-X-10) is 8,000 kilometers - A further development variant of the range DF-31 ICBM. Intended to replace the existing DF-5 ICBM in the early 2000s, the DF-41 is equipped with an enlarged third-stage providing a maximum range of 12,000 kilometers, enabling it to hit almost any point on Earth. The DF-41 program may have begun in the late 1980s, but development may have been delayed or even temporarily halted due to China's improved security environment.


Although no information on the missile design has been released, the DF-41 is said to be comparable in size to the Russian SS-25 Sickle and the US Minuteman ICBM resemblance. Like the DF-31, this one system is likely to incorporate key design features, including road maneuvering, solid-fuel propellant, MIRV, and decoy technology. An approximately 1,000kg payload, 3-6 re-injection vehicle is expected. Some report that DF-41 development has ceased and been replaced by an enhanced DF-31 due to development difficulties and an improved security situation after the end of the Cold War.


Configuration: Tier III

Length: ~15 m

Diameter: ~2 m

Launch Weight: ~30,000 kg

Propellant: Solid Fuel

Guidance: Inertial + Star Correction (?)

Range: >12,000 km

Deployment: Storage or Maneuver

Re-Injection Vehicle Mass: ~1,000 kg

Warhead: Multiple Independent On-target re-injection vehicle (MIRV)

Circular Probability Error (CEP): 700 to 800 meters

Launch preparation time: ~15 minutes But just to say that, Dongfeng-class missiles are the most advanced missile class in the country, and they will not be released at will, what the hell is going on? Netizens don’t quite understand the matter.

㈦ What are the missile concept stocks

The leading analysis of military concept stocks

Aerospace Changfeng (600855): military products are military computers, etc., accounting for 25 %. Civilian products are medical machinery, machine tools, etc., and are currently being injected into security products. The Second Academy of Aerospace Engineering focuses on strategic missiles. Civil products include information products, numerical control systems, special devices, etc.

Aerospace communication (600677): Military products are portable missiles, communication products, etc., accounting for 35%, and civilian products include textiles, commodity circulation, etc. Aerospace Science and Industry Group, the main business of missile weapons, more than 50% of civilian products, including information products, electricity and petroleum equipment.

China Satellite (600118): Satellite development and application. Among them, 60% are for military use and 40% are for civilian use. The Fifth Academy of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the development and application of satellites and spacecraft, of which nearly 50% are used for military use.

Aerospace Electronics (600879): 75% of military products, connectors, sensors, etc. 25% of civilian products, cables, drilling inclinometers and other aerospace era electronics, military and civilian electronic products, military and aerospace accounted for 2/3.

Aerospace Power (600343): Motors, pumps, transmission products, etc. Most of them are for civilian use, and a small number of them are used by the Sixth Institute of Aerospace Engineering. The main products are rocket engines, and civilian products include power accessories. Aircraft engines and derivatives account for more than 60%, subcontracting accounts for more than 20%, and others. Currently injected into Liyang, South. Xi'an Engine Group Corporation is mainly engaged in engines, gas turbines, pressure vessels, instruments and other mechanical products.

HT-SAAE (600151): Solar and auto parts, the Eighth Institute of Civil Aviation and Aerospace, its main business is "Star Arrow Bomb Ship". Aerospace civilian product base, including photovoltaic business, auto parts, etc.

Focus on other fields:

Aerospace equipment

AVIC Power (600893), AVIC Motor Control (000738), AVIC Aircraft (000768), Zhongzhi (600038), Hongdu Aviation (600316), Higer Communications (002465), Sichuan University Zhisheng (002253) and Sichuan Jiuzhou (000801).

Offshore engineering equipment and high-tech ships

China Heavy Industry (601989), China Shipbuilding (600150), Guangzhou Shipbuilding International, Aerospace Electronics and Sunbird (300123)

New materials for military defense

Longsheng Co., Ltd. (002625), Western Materials (002149), Anshan Iron and Steel (000898), Fushun Special Steel (600399), Gangyan Gaona (300034), China Heavy Industry, China Satellite, AVIC Power, Tellhow Technology (600590), Western Materials, Haite High-tech (002023).

㈧ In the world ranking of nuclear missiles, the Dongfeng 41 can be ranked No.

The US daily military network and missile score and payload integration. After the number of times of tandem soaring, strengthening, and penetrating the enemy's air defense system, the list of the top 10 ICBMs is organized, although the Dongfeng-41 ICBM is in seventh place, it is highly rated, perhaps because there is no announcement of the release of relevant data, The information gathered by the test experiment and the seventh place are given. The Trident D5 or Trident II is America's most advanced submersible missile with a striking deviation of 91 to 122 meters that can hit a nuclear silo, the best in the world, and very high at the moment. It was first deployed in 1990, deployed in the United States, Active Strategic, nuclear submarines and British strategic nuclear submarines, and also deployed three nuclear bombs. In theory, the Trident II has a range of more than 10,000 kilometers and can carry 14 nuclear warheads, making it difficult for defense systems to intercept.

The French M51 American media announced the world's top ten face missiles, China's new three Dongfeng 41 home page seventh M51 is the French Swiss Submerged ballistic missiles on nuclear submarines, and began development in 1992 and first deployed in 2010. The M51 is 10,000 km and each missile can carry 6-10 long-positioned warheads. Currently, France is developing the new M51 to replace the 64 M51. Dongfeng-41 (China) The US media is full of praise for the Dongfeng-41, which is believed to be 12,000 km long and can carry 10 re-earned warheads. Enough to cover all regions of the US, Europe and Russia. It takes about 20-25 minutes for Dongfeng to activate our target, and the Dongfeng-41 is extremely destructive and can destroy an entire country. The missile is equipped with a built-in navigation system with Chinese Northwood satellite navigation system guidance and strikes with an accuracy of about 150 meters. rightRegarding the survivability of the Dongfeng-41, the US media believes that the intercontinental ballistic missiles with road mobility, China are usually stored in tunnels. Therefore, these missiles will be greatly protected and extremely survivable. Once on high alert, the mobile transmission device will exit the tunnel and fire the missile from a nearby hidden discharge location. Alternatively, the launch vehicle could leave the base to reach darker remote areas for transmission, which are more difficult to intercept and destroy.

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