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Shock! The magic numbers of the stock market all point to this date... _ Teacher Jiu Fang Chuang _ Sina Blog

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The current index is at a high level, and it will fall if it should be rushed or not. This is the end of the stock market tomorrow;

Enter below, our focus today, the magic number of the stock market, the date pointed to, first look at the picture below:

on The picture, I have described it in detail with you in the early stage, the time is always moving forward, so when a time period has passed, and a certain effect has not been achieved, it will go to the next period; then, the next period Where is the cycle?

Let's put theFibonacci sequence cycle (
5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233), if the text is listed, you will know how to push down;

A、2020.06.12=》2020.07. 09=》Up 17 K lines (half of 34)

B、2020.07.09=》2020.07.27=》13 candlesticks down

C、2020.07.27=》2020.08.18=》Up 17 K lines (half of 34)

D, 2020.08.18=”2020.09.30=” fell 32 K lines (close to 34)


In our previous article, we analyzed that when there are 34 K-lines, it will enter a callback, but the trend later hits a new high; at the same time, from the point of view of the Fibonacci sequence, the number 34 Nearby, the due date is not obvious, then we have to go to the next cycle sequence, and after 34, it is 55;

Follow our ideas and continue to look down. The wave that came up on September 30, as of today's close on December 2, has gone through 40 K lines; That is to say, there are still 15 trading days of K-lines that have not come out; let's put the date up and see where the date is after 55 K-lines are gone; look at the picture below:

From the calendar above 14 trading days, combined with this wave of 40 trading-day K-lines from the Shanghai Composite Index
September 30
, which corresponds to the Fibonacci sequence 55 just right;(
2020.09.30=》2020.12.23=》reach 55 candlesticks)

Then the date in the picture above, why do we want to fix it on December 22, 2020, the importance of this day will be introduced below , because from this day onwards, a series of things will happen; let's list them briefly:

Event 1=”Twenty-four solar terms=”The first trading day after the winter solstice

Event 2=》Astrology time=》The second trading day when the sun enters Capricornus

Event 3=”Astrology event=”Saturn and Jupiter exact conjunction

Above three Let’s talk about the winter solstice first, and the yangsheng after the winter solstice. This concept has a long history in Chinese metaphysics. This day is a typical reversal day. For example, in Qimen Dunjia and Xuankong Fengshui, there are winter solstice. The rules for rear-to-reverse-to-fly-to-fly arrangement.

then Let’s talk about the Sun’s entry into Capricornus. From a astrological point of view, it means that the self-righteous and conservative Capricornus babies are starting their birthdays; at the same time, from the natal chart of the Shanghai Composite Index, most of the stars are clustered in Capricornus, so when it represents personal will When the Sun enters Capricorn with the external image, there will be a series of reactions.

Finally , Let’s talk about the most important conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. The conjunction of civil and earth will only meet once every 20 years, and the next time will wait until 2040; about this 20-year cycle, in Feng Shui, it is a fortune, and now most Feng Shui is all about science, and for the time division of the three elements and nine distances in Feng Shui, the scientificity is based on the confluence of the stars; for example, the three elements and nine distances total 180 years, how did the 180-year cycle come about? Woolen cloth?

is to establish a professional term for the encounter of the nine stars, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. It's called "Nine Stars Lianzhu", and they meet every 180 years; and the next time will happen on December 6, 2149. At that time, we will all be like old times. Our article, haha, is far away.

We continue back to the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, this time on December 22, 2020;

Combining the above, we Combining the above three events and the current Fibonacci sequence cycle of the stock market, that is to say, on December 22, 2020, it is destined to be a very important change date; what will happen to the stock market after this day? Go, there are roughly two endings;

Today, due to time and space reasons, I will keep a suspense for everyone, tomorrow's article,1222,,……

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