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"Divine Method + Plum Blossom Easy Number" cracks the secret of the mysterious number 142857 in the pyramid _ Yuan Fu Dao Yuan _ Sina Blog

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A class of Plum Blossom Easy Numbers Correspondence Class has a lovely children's shoe, Wukong, when choosing a divination topic, he chose to explore the pyramid "revolving number of lanterns" (142857 ) secret.

["The number of revolving lights" - 142857, which was found in the Egyptian pyramids. Its magic is that there are no numbers 0, 3, 6, and 9, and the group of numbers 142857, each Once the self is accumulated once, it will be rotated by its 6 numbers in sequence. On the 7th day, they will be on vacation, and 999999 will go to work instead... It can prove that there are 7 days in a week, and every number is reincarnated every more than a week, and each number needs to be cloned once. You can know the answer to continue to accumulate...] This paragraph
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Scientists have studied for a long time, but they have not found any practical answers except for some laws in pure mathematics. In my opinion, the most useful conclusion should be: the mathematical law of 142857 proves that there are 7 days in a week.

I'm not a scientist, just an easy-to-learn enthusiast. But I have been trying to use the "Book of Changes" known as "the code of all things in the world" to interpret the puzzles of this world, and this time is no exception, let's play with Wukong.

First determine our research topic: a set of numbers 142857 found in the pyramid, what secrets are hidden inside?

Then we use the study of Yi Gua to study and analyze it.

If this group of numbers is converted into innate gossip, we know that 1, 4, 2, 8, 5, and 7 correspond to the numbers respectively
☰, Zhen
☳, Dui☱
, Kun
☷, Xun☴, Gen☶.

According to the rules of the Divine Law, the hexagrams formed by Yao are drawn from the bottom up, then this group of numbers becomes a group of hexagrams, which should be:



☱ p>

Shock ☳

dry ☰ p>

It becomes a complex hexagram of Zhouyi, from bottom to top: Lei Tian Da Zhuang, Ze Leisui, Di Ze Lin, Feng Di Guan, and Shan Feng Gu.

Huh? One less... Since the 142857 group of numbers shows the law of reincarnation, then the last complex hexagram should be the connection between Gan and Gen, namely: Tianshan Dun.

What do these six complex hexagrams mean? Let's take a look at it in turn:

Big and strong: the big is strong, that is, the strong of Yang, the thunder power moves in the sky;

with Gua: According to the law, this is from that, and that is from here. That is, this being and other beings follow each other;

Lin hexagram: Yang has grown and developed, or it will come;

Observe the hexagrams: look around and set an example, For lower-ranking people to learn to imitate;

Gu Gua: The accumulated negative energy cannot be vented, and it is no longer smooth;

The hexagram: If you cannot advance, you will be stopped, the yin will grow, the yang will gradually disappear, and you should avoid it.

This order doesn't seem right... The meaning of these hexagrams cannot be logically formed The corresponding order of ... let's try it in a different order, reverse 180 degrees:

dry ☰

< p helvetica="" sans="" yahei="" font-size:="" letter-spacing:="" text-align:="" box-sizing:="" border-box="" word-wrap :="" break-word="">Shock☳

against ☱

kun ☷


becomes a complex hexagram of Zhouyi, in order: Tianlei Wuhuang, Lei Ze Guimei, Ze Di Cui, Di Feng Sheng, Feng Shan Jian, Big animals in the mountains.

Look at the meaning of these six complex hexagrams in turn:

Worthless: the 25th hexagram of the Zhouyi, meaning to follow the right path of heaven and earth to move Nothing goes wrong;

Guimei: The 54th hexagram of the Zhouyi, which means that a girl will marry herself (press: Negative energy comes over?), if she moves, she will be fierce and gain nothing;

< p helvetica="" sans="" yahei="" letter-spacing:="" box-sizing:="" border-box="" word-wrap:="" break-word="">Extracting hexagrams: The 45th hexagram of the Zhouyi, meaning gathering is enough, worship and pray to ancestors, and action is beneficial;

Graduated hexagram: The 53rd hexagram of the Zhouyi, meaning to progress step by step according to the law, because of induction, movement is auspicious;

Big animal: the 26th hexagram of Zhouyi, which means hiding the sky in the shape of a mountain thing, accumulationStore up to big.

Hey, these six trigrams are connected in pairs, 25 and 26, 54 and 53, 45 and 46. Well, let's not look at this order, but look at the order of the number of revolving lights above.

In addition, if you feel the meanings of these six hexagrams carefully, it seems that there is some related logic hidden... Well, you can see something just by looking at the meanings of the hexagrams without talking about them.

Because this is a static hexagram, there are no moving lines or moving images.

At this time, in order to crack the password, Wukong needs to start the Plum Blossom Easy Counting hexagram. This hexagram contains a moving line. As shown:

Little friend Wukong's hexagram is not complicated, there are only Gen, Kun, Zhen ,Seeing this, I seem to understand why there are no 0, 3, 6, and 9 in this group of "142857" numbers in the pyramid:

0 is a meaningless number, while 142857 This group of numbers "rotates" 7 times, it will become six 9s, so 9 is the result of the operation... And in the innate hexagram, 9 is not included, only 1 to 8 are eight numbers.

Then, there are 3 and 6 left. 3 is the Li hexagram, which represents fire, and masculine energy; 6 is the Kan hexagram, which represents water and feminine energy. Hey, the Guimei Gua above...

Okay, let's first look at the hexagram of little friend Wukong, and compare it with the one in the row above. It is also very magical. The mutual hexagram Kun is in the middle, and Gen and Zhendu are It is separated from Kun by a single hexagram... According to Wukong's hexagram image, Gen Zhen is a group, resulting in Li fire... Let's compare it here:

Dry ☰

Shock ☳



Click here Thinking and reasoning, that is, Duixun is a group, resulting in stagnant water?

This is a vertical look, let's look at this set of numbers horizontally, 142857, the first three numbers are missing 3 (the distance is 3), the last three numbers are missing 6 (the number of ridges is 6), and the dry 1 Kun 8 is heaven and earth, then Wukong's hexagram shows:

4 (shock) and 7 (gen) produce 3 (break).

If we follow this logic, it is:

2 (against) and 5 (sun) yield 6 (sun).

Look at the five elements:

4 (shock wood) produces 3 (from fire), 3 (from fire) produces 7 (gen earth);

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2 (Duijin) gives birth to 6 (Kangshui), 6 (Kangshui) gives birth to 5 (Sunda wood);

The law of five elements seems to prove that the classification of these two groups is based on According to. Let's look at the law of yin and yang again:

1 (dry ☰), 4
shake ☳), 2 (
against ☱)
, which are three yang lines, one yang line, and two yang lines;

8 (
Kun☷) , 5 (
Xun☴), 7 (
, which are three Yin Yaos, one Yin Yao, and two Yin Yaos.

So, 142 is a group, with
1 (
dry ☰
) as the captain, we call it For the Suns;

Similarly, 857 is a group, with
8 (
Kun☷) as the captain, we call it the Yin team.

Dangyang team out 4
Shock ☳), the Yin team is out 7 at this time

And the Suns out 2
against ☱), the Yin team should play 5

what is the process Woolen cloth?

I remember that after Wukong finished playing the hexagrams, he came to discuss with me how to solve the hexagrams properly. The assertion I made at that time was as follows:

{@ # @ ## @BR>

It's amazing that I didn't To understand the number of lanterns in the pyramid, I checked the information for this article, but when I was analyzing the hexagrams, I inexplicably emphasized dryness!

The research up to now is beyond the scope of my wisdom to analyze, we have to rely on Zhouyi, the book of ciphers. Let's compare the previous hexagrams:

When the Yang team goes out
Shock☳), the Yin
team Out
7 (
Gen☶), this is the 62nd hexagram Leishan Xiaoguo;

Leishan has been small, and it is said that the small has crossed, that is, it is more overcast. Therefore, 4 (quake wood) + 7 (gen earth) should be matched with 3 (from fire), yin and yang balance;

Zefeng is too big, and it is said that the bigger is too much, that is, there is more Yang. Therefore, 2 (for gold) + 5 (Sunda wood) should be matched with 6 (Kangshui), yin and yang are balanced.

We don't have to continue the analysis! If the rotation law of 142857 is also converted into Zhouyi, I am afraid it is a copy of the Book of Changes!

But this is the truth. I think that the group of numbers mysteriously left in the pyramid, no matter who left it, whether it was an alien, a god, or an ancient Egyptian scientist accidentally discovered, It doesn't matter, this set of numbers is completely consistent with Zhou Yi, which shows the same scientific principle.

Zhouyi is a book of divination, and it is a reference manual for the results of the divination method after drawing hexagrams.

So what about this set of numbers? Practically speaking, what is the role in the pyramid?

Looking through the historical data, we can know that the core purpose of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs building the pyramids was not only a beautiful tomb, but also for resurrecting himself... It can also be found on the news that the pyramids seem to be able to To gather cosmic energy, scientists have done some related experiments...

Then, this set of numbers, 142857, is the initial state. After running on a certain rule, it will produce fire and water, Yin and Yang energies...

Refer to the above again, the meaning of the six Zhouyi complex hexagrams, move in accordance with the laws of heaven, accumulate (energy), return the negative energy (press: soul?), to the ancestors and ancestors Pray, save the most... Will the next step be resurrection? !

Because this set of numbers conforms to the rules of the Zhouyi, then according to the Zhouyi, this process can be deduced.

So, what is the law of the mysterious person who left this set of numbers in the pyramid in history?

The pyramid itself can gather the energy of the universe. Is it the energy reserve for running this resurrection program?

(At this point, suddenly, my heart is frightened!)

This may be the nervous system caused by the content of my consciousness Reaction... But as a fortune teller, a divination master, I am partial to idealism... Let's stop there!

Can't reveal the secret anymore!

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