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If the feng shui at home is not good, don't invest in stocks. These taboos have you shot?

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The stock market is so weak, and some people claim that Feng Shui is not good, so what does stock speculation have to do with Feng Shui? Buying a house depends on feng shui, buying land depends on feng shui, so should you also look at feng shui when buying stocks?

The stock market is like the battlefield. If there is a mistake during the period, it may be ruined and lost. Therefore, if the feng shui at home is not good, do not invest in stocks. So what does the so-called bad feng shui at home mean?

First, the house does not see light

The house can see very little sunlight, and it is dark for a long time, which leads to aggravation of yin and qi, and the result is that yin prevails. Decay, people tend to have bad temper, poor interpersonal relationships, poor physical resistance, and their fortunes will also decline, and it is easier to gather friends from other worlds to live at home. The complexion of the people living there will be dark and the complexion is not good.

Second, a house with a high right and a low left

According to Feng Shui, the green dragon on the left and the white tiger on the right. The blue dragon is the male and the white tiger is the female. If you live in a house with a very tall house on the right, but not on the left. Then there will be a greater chance of women in your family calling the shots, and you need to be careful about your health. Of course, it also depends on the shape of the house on the right, whether it is evil or not, and if all the women live in it, there is basically no problem.

Third, the bathroom or kitchen faces the door

All the doors in the home are opposite to the door. The toilet and kitchen are the most taboo. The toilet is water, and it is polluted. If it faces the door, the people living there are prone to problems with the urinary system and kidney function. It is also easy to provoke some rotten peach blossoms. The kitchen is a fire, and facing the gate called "Fire Burning Heaven" is particularly unfavorable to the homeowner, and it is prone to problems with blood vessels, heart and skin.

Fourth, the door faces the balcony or window

The door is the air intake, facing the balcony or window will prevent the air from gathering at home , Straight in and straight out, it is not easy to gather wealth at home, and there are many bankruptcy matters.

Six factors lead to loss of money

It goes up and down, This is the law of nature in the universe. Of course, there are many reasons for people who lost money, but the author believes that in addition to personal acquired judgment factors, there are also two major factors, numerology and feng shui. Because numerology is different for everyone, I will focus on it here. Let's take a look at the Feng Shui knowledge that is conducive to stock trading at home, for your reference.

1. Don't sit on the back

Many people trade stocks at home. Due to space constraints, it is enough to have a place to support a computer. Regardless of the style. There is such an example, a certain gentleman works in a large company and holds an important position. When the stock market is crazy, he uses the company's money, and the result is a big loss. Of course, he can't be fired in the company, he can only be fired at home. I asked me to look at Feng Shui in the past, but his seat is behind the window, which means his back is facing the window, which is called sitting empty in our Feng Shui. Sitting empty means there is no backer, and the follow-up strength is insufficient. At that time, the company checked his financial problems, not only lost money, but his position was also affected.

2. Mingtang should be large

Mingtang is right in front of the desk, and this space is called Mingtang. The bright hall should be wide and narrow, because the bright hall is the place where Qi gathers, the amount of Qi gathering represents the amount of wealth and the longevity of wealth. A large bright hall represents strong fortune and longevity.

Stock trading is investment, not chatting on the Internet. To put it bluntly, it is seeking money. Many people think that a computer is enough for stock trading. Therefore, at home, the computer desk is facing the wall, or the computer desk is placed in the corner of the wall, so there is no bright hall in front of the desk at all, so how can you make a fortune?

3. The beam is pressed to the top

We will often see this situation. There is aA beam is just pressed down, this situation is called beam pressing in Feng Shui. It is a bad feng shui pattern to have a beam on the top. You want to have something on the top of your head pressing you all day long, so who can stand it. Over time, you will feel depressed, and in severe cases, depression will occur. How can you win in stocks under the influence of this atmosphere?

4. Avoid rushing from the seat

Many people have said such a phenomenon, that is to say that he makes no less money in stocks, but he is not able to control it. Live and lose again, that is, earn and lose, lose and earn, and finally lose. In addition to having no fortune in life, you also have to look at the feng shui of your seat. This mainly depends on whether the seat is facing the door. There is something in the room that shoots you, which will lead to the above problems. If there is a rush, there will be an unstable state. If this is the case in your home, then you should adjust it immediately.

5. The computer desk should be placed on the financial position

Also One important point is that the position of the computer desk for stock trading must be placed on the financial position of the home, so that the effect is the best. If you accidentally put the table in the fierce position, then the stock market will definitely not go smoothly, seeking for money is rare, losing money is a trivial matter, and in serious cases, there will be accidents due to money, health or other aspects. We have encountered this kind of thing, so I am here to tell you that the computer desk for stock trading must be placed in the financial position of the home. In the fierce position, to avoid accidents. This year the northeast is unfavorable, and the northwest is also unfavorable, so it is best not to be in the true north position.

6. Wealth ornaments should be placed on the table

People's characters are different, so their fates are also different. Relatively speaking, it is relatively easy. It will be difficult to seek wealth for those who are weak in wealth. If the pursuit of wealth is not smooth, you must put a Feng Shui ornament for prosperity. From experience, crystal products are the best among prosperity. Crystals are formed after hundreds of millions of years of evolution, so the energy is huge, especially the wealth made by crystals, the effect of placing them on the table is the best, and it will make your fortune roll in.


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