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I graduated from high school, and now I want to fill in the volunteers. I would like to ask, how should I choose between two majors in economics and finance?

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I'm writing a thesis, and I'm having a headache... I came to Zhihu, and I saw this Question, let's answer it, and by the way, think about it.

I am also an economics major. I am so obsessed with how old the subject is, I don't dare to "teach" the subject as a past person. It is purely a conversation with a friend who is thousands of miles away and has never met.

First of all, I would like to express my personal appreciation to the subject who came to know the question, and will use everything that can be used to solve the current problems. It seems that the subject's brain should be much brighter than mine. When I filled out the voluntary program, I only knew how to ask my parents, relatives, teachers, etc. How would I know that I could come to this website to ask questions? The questioner asked a question, didn't he just get what he needed? Although there are many ridiculed or sarcastic answers, there are also many answers that are full of dry goods. It’s fine to ignore Taishui’s answer, so don’t worry about it, there is a genuine answer, even if it’s not for strangers who spend precious time to answer, even if it’s just for yourself, you have to keep it in your heart.

Secondly, I would like to ask the Lord, why did you go to university? Are you going to college for college's sake? No, you are for a future job. Why did you fill in the voluntary choice major? Are you choosing a major for the sake of choosing a major? No, you are still working for the future. The title of your question label has the item "career development". I thought you knew why you volunteered. But so far it doesn't seem to be the case. You need to know that whether you are studying at a university or filling a volunteer, you are all looking for a job in the future. Therefore, you must have a career plan, and have a clear direction for the path you want to take in the future. If it is not possible, at least have a general direction. Do you want to go to graduate school, do you want to study abroad, or do you want to work after graduating from an undergraduate degree?

Have you thought about this? Do you have a clear answer after thinking about it? Does this answer satisfy you? You have to ask yourself these. If it is said that you start working after graduating from a bachelor's degree, then, do you want to be a civil servant? Or into a business unit, such as a bank? Or participate in private companies, such as investment banks? What's more, what about starting your own business? Have you thought about these? Do you have a clear answer after thinking about it? Does this answer satisfy you? You have to ask yourself these. But the questioner may want to answer like this: Well, my family thinks that after majoring in economics, you can enter the civil service, and if you study finance, you can enter securities, banking, and investment banking. And I myself want to test the public, want to use it in the world, and contribute to the development of the place. So, which one is your future employment direction? Or do you have no idea and just listen to the arrangements at home? But there will be different opinions within the family: my mother thinks that the civil service is stable and it is good to take the civil service exam; my father thinks that young people should work hard and don’t mess around. High, isn't it great? This is what should you do? Who are you listening to? So ah, the subject,

You must have a very clear career plan, you must understand which path you are going on, where you will go in the future, and where you are going now; in addition, you must have your own independent judgment. Ability, otherwise building a house on the roadside, which passerby should you listen to? Not to mention the opinions of the family, even you have various and even opposite opinions on this question. The reasons are very good, and they sound reasonable, so who should you listen to? The opinions given by others are all reference opinions, not standard answers. Even parents are the same. In the end, it depends on your own judgment. Therefore, whether to choose economics or finance or other majors, you have to give yourself an answer. Don't say anything like "do your studies first and then consider what kind of work, after all, there are still four years". Three years in junior high school will pass in the blink of an eye; three years in high school will pass in the blink of an eye; believe me, there is no clear Career planning,

four years of college will pass in a blink of an eye. work problem, is something you should seriously consider on your first day in college. Although it is said that even if you don't have a career plan, you can live these four years well, but if you want to go faster, go farther, and walk more steadily than others - especially your peers - then

Career planning is really necessary.

Again, I would like to point out the inappropriateness of the question raised by the subject. That supplementary picture is really, really, really inappropriate. I believe that most of the friends who see this question and are willing to answer are studying economics and management and related majors. The moment they see the description of the question, I believe that most people The mood should be like this: Are you really here to ask for help instead of insulting our students? What is starting from scratch, what are these few tricks, what is a quick start, what is good advice, and what is poisonous in entrepreneurship... I tell you, I just need to flip through the catalog for these things, no, I just need to read this book Name, I know these things are useless at all. What entrepreneurship is poisonous, I think

These things are poisonous! The main topic is that if you stick a map with "Principles of Economics" (Mankiw), "Macroeconomics", "Microeconomics" and other classic textbooks, we can all accept it a little, but we can't paste Adam Smith's " "The Wealth of Nations" is also fine, and it can also reflect from the side that you are interested in learning these two majors; but when I see this picture, I really say in my heart that 10,000 grass and mud horses are galloping past.... .. I have also read your explanation, but economics and finance are both rigorous and serious disciplines. If you look at them carefully, this may also reflect your ignorance of these two majors from the side.

And then, the math problem that everyone talked about. Indeed, economics and finance are both subjects that have a lot to do with mathematics, and various formulas, function charts, etc. can always torture people to death. The subject is a liberal arts and art student. To be honest, I cannot help but have a slight concern about the subject. However, I want to tell you that it doesn't matter if you are very poor in high school mathematics. University is to give you a chance to start over. In fact, you can learn all these things again. Heaven rewards you for your diligence. If you spend the time, even if Math is hardly a serious problem. Isn't high school graduation a two or three month break? These precious time can also be included in career planning, whether you are learning to drive, read classic textbooks, or make up for mathematics,

tens of millions Don't waste this precious time.

Next, from your topic supplements, self-answers, and comments, I can probably see that you have a subtle feeling about politics. So, let me ask you, do you know what a must-have requirement for a politician is? I tell you, it is the ability to unite others. Even if only from a political point of view, it is absolutely necessary to set up enemies for nothing in officialdom.

A politician, always remember to unite all those who can be united and the collective for his own use, and never set up an enemy just because of a whim. And the questioner, when you see those answers and comments that make you unhappy, you immediately retorted, and even called "idiot". For an 18-year-old young man, it is no problem to be chic and happy. But for a young man aspiring to politics, this disposition is a taboo. To be honest, the questioner commenting "thank you" under many answers is much smarter than fighting against someone you don't know. As a person who is interested in politics, you should release your goodwill as much as possible, try your best to put away your malice, always keep in mind that happiness and anger are invisible, and always demand yourself with such strict standards. What good is it for you to miss out on a whim a friend who could have given you valuable advice? Even if the other party has no value to you, why bother about it, and lose your magnanimity. It's okay for others to mock or laugh, just smile lightly, you don't need to take it to heart. Wouldn't it be better to release less aggressive hormones and more happiness-writing dopamine? The subject, you have to keep in mind that sometimes, right or wrong is important; sometimes, right or wrong is not very important. Dealing with people, nothing more than that.

As for the words that other friends said about the subject's love for money, I just want to say:

I am such a layman, and I also hope to get ten easily every day. Tens of thousands of annual salary. Big brother doesn't laugh at second brother. Haha, vulgar good, vulgar good.

The above answers are all from a glimpse, and the words of a family. The subject can choose what is good and follow it, and ignore what is bad. This depends on your own judgment as an independent adult. If it helps, it's not an honor; if it doesn't, it doesn't matter.

Finally, I wish the subject owner a bright future, and I wish all friends in related majors a smooth road in the future.


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