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Learn to trade stocks or learn computer, and those who study finance will trade stocks? These five majors are easily misunderstood

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As the saying goes, "professionals do professional things", if someone is engaged in a job that has little to do with their major, they will be considered unprofessional or even questioned. For example, if an engineering student becomes an editor in a newspaper, he will be considered to be underserved, and many people will doubt his writing ability.

In fact, college majors do not determine the types of jobs people will be engaged in in the future. Students majoring in physics will engage in financial work after graduation; college students majoring in computer science will engage in legal work after graduation; graduates majoring in Chinese will engage in art and design work. We are surrounded by people who work across majors and fields, and they do well in fields unrelated to their majors.

When it comes to people's subjective perceptions of majors, these five majors are easily misunderstood.

Architecture major

People's first impression of architecture majors is that they should be able to Work on the construction site, starting from basic work such as moving bricks, transporting sand, mixing cement, pumping steel bars, etc. After accumulating experience, work as a project leader.

This is a great misunderstanding. Architecture is a discipline that integrates engineering technology and humanities and arts, and is a very profound engineering major. It is necessary to study engineering courses such as mechanics, materials science, structure science, and electricity, as well as art courses such as design science and aesthetics. Each course is difficult to deal with. After all the courses have been mastered, and the knowledge needs to be applied in a comprehensive and coordinated manner, the perfect building can be designed.

Geology major

A geology major complains, just tell others about her Professional, people will give sympathetic eyes, and then say: "in the future, pay attention to safety in the mine." Some relatives persuaded him to apply for postgraduate studies in other majors, saying that graduates majoring in geology would have a hard time in the future, carrying a bag and digging everywhere.

Geology is one of the five basic disciplines of natural science, and its research content is very broad. The environment on the earth that is closely related to our lives is its research category, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, glacial movements; how crystal gems are formed; oil All kinds of energy exploration... to learn mineralogy, petrology, mineral deposits, geohistory, geotectonics, geophysics, structural geology and so on. When necessary, geology graduates go down wells, but basically not to dig things, but to observe exploration and collect materials for research.

International trade major

When I hear the words "international trade", it gives people a kind of "high-level" "Dashan" feeling, many high school students apply for this major with these four characters in mind. Many people think that international trade majors have economic knowledge and international vision, and can carry out international business and trade work well. Whether it is a state-owned unit or a private unit, there should be a great need for this kind of talent.

However, the reality is very cruel. There are very few college students who can really make achievements in the field of international trade. Most of them are struggling on the edge of employment. In addition, there are too many things to study in the international trade major, and many college students of this major think that "the international trade major is very unprofessional".

Mechanical major

A mechanical college student attended a high school reunion, and the students thought he could operate Machine tools, a classmate who runs a factory at home also asked him to help debug the machine, and several female classmates asked questions about juicers and juicers, but he didn't know it at all. The scene was quite embarrassing.

Mechanical majors have a lot of learning content, covering a wide range of areas, such as measurement technology, hydraulic and pneumatic technology, electrical theory, mechanical drawing, advanced mathematics, manufacturing technology, single-chip principle, etc. It is not a simple repair of various mechanical.

Finance major

“My parents often call me to ask me about stock trading”, a financial It's hard to study a professional university. Since I went to college, except my parents, There are also seven aunts and eight aunts, who will ask her a lot of questions about financial management, what stocks to buy to make money, whether to buy gold and silver, or whether to buy insurance.

Although stocks and gold are indeed related to finance, for a college student, the knowledge learned in books cannot support him to make objective and correct judgments. In addition, finance is much more than just stock trading.

To sum up, everyone should not make subjective assumptions about various majors, which will bring unnecessary trouble to college students.


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