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So, with this Tongdaxin custom data, what are the benefits for our intraday and after-hours review?

One can see the hot spots in the intraday market in real time, and we can use the A-share gain list at any time to see what the subject of the best votes is. You can also use the A-share growth rate list to know what themes are currently rising.

Two, can you understand the continuity of yesterday’s hotspot today? After categorizing Tongdaxin's custom data through programming and database methods, according to the reason for the daily limit, there are currently more than 140 custom sections, and then after the closing of the day, I put the hotspots in accordance with the size of the hotspots under the Tongdaxin software. , And then just click in the intraday to know how the sector is rising today.

Three, we can clearly know which leader of each hot topic is. In the technology section above, we put the leader (marked with "****" axis research technology) at the forefront. We know that the sector leader is an important indicator of the subject matter, and its trend determines the continuity of the sector.

Fourth, the custom data of Tongdaxin helps me to look at stocks from the perspective of the overall situation. In the past, my biggest problem was that only self-selected stocks were in my eyes, and I would not think about votes and votes from a global perspective. The impact of time and the position of self-selected stocks in the market.

With the above custom data, we can ensure that when we buy stocks, we try to buy hot topics as much as possible. Let's talk about how to create custom data in Tongdaxin.

One: First of all, we must do a good job of collecting external data from Tongdaxin. With Tongdaxin external data, we can import it into Tongdaxin software, create a new text file on the desktop and name it "netflyercn.txt" ". Each row in it is the Shanghai and Shenzhen identification code, stock code, and custom data. The identification code is 1 for Shanghai Stock Exchange and 0 for Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Tongdaxin custom data is what we want to display in Tongdaxin. Separate by "|", the Sina blog "I only buy one lot" collects the reason and time of each daily limit of all stocks in the past 5 years, and keeps it updated every day.

Two: Open the Tongdaxin software, here is the 2020 Tongdaxin Financial Terminal V7.47 paid version, free version There is also a custom data function, but the style of the menu is different. Open Formula -> Custom Data Manager in the menu bar, then select New, write "netflyercn" in the data name, and click OK.

Three: Let’s import the external data we have just customized, double-click the newly created "netflyercn", and click "Import" , Import the newly created "netflyercn.txt" on the desktop into Tongdaxin's software.

Four: Back to Tongdaxin’s viewing interface, right-click on the top row, and select "Insert column". Then, right-click on the newly created column name, select "Select Custom Data", and select the "Recent Hotspots" we just imported. In this way, our Tongdaxin custom data will be imported.

The custom data of Tongdaxin can not only be displayed on the column, but also on the daily line or time-sharing. I will write down the process when I have time. Interested friends can communicate with me .

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