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How to look at and how to obtain free and practical stock trading tools and data?

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In the recent update diary, I tried my best to post some data source maps. I am curious as to where these data came from. In fact, they are mainly obtained through the Oriental Fortune website, and of course there are also on the computer. I will probably talk about how the data on the Oriental Fortune website is obtained, and what the meaning of these data is.

The data center of Oriental Fortune Online is actually very easy to use. It is very practical whether it is looking at funds or research reports. The most important thing is free + comprehensive.




Comment: Northbound funding dynamics. Everyone knows that in the past two years, northbound funding has become a short-term indicator of the market. Basically, the market where the northbound is in net purchases is likely to rise, and the northbound is in net sales. The market is easy to fall. If the northbound capital flows in but the market falls, the market outlook is also prone to reverse. Therefore, northbound funds have become an important indicator of market judgment.

Main concern: 1. Net purchase of northbound funds. 2. The inflow of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets also determines which market is hotter in the short term. 3. Furthermore, it is possible to observe the industry rankings of northbound capital inflows, and to pay attention to the industries and individual stocks purchased in the northbound for a long time, which will be more beneficial to long-term investors.




Comment: The same is the flow of funds, this main flow counts all the main forces, including public offerings and private placements , Social security, pension, foreign investment, etc. In addition, the flow of funds in the industry is also market-wide, which is also of great reference significance, and is similar to that of the north direction.

Main concern: whether the main net inflow or outflow of the two cities, the rate of outflow, it is best to make statistics daily and weekly, this main dynamic will be very relevant to the trend of the day, when the main net inflow of funds into the market has a high probability It will rise. When the outflow of funds may fall, it may also rise (not as precise as the north direction), but as long as the outflow is very large, the probability of a big fall is very high. In terms of industry, just like northbound funds, it is very suitable as a reference for medium and long-term funds.



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Comment: In addition to the stock price, you also need to buy a stock Knowing the valuation in the market, this belongs to the medium and long-term holding direction that must be paid attention to. It is not possible to treat the stock price of individual stocks in a single way. Whether he is high or low in the industry or in the entire market can only be known by comparing it.

Main concerns: 1. The level of individual stocks must first be compared with the valuation in the industry. 2. Secondly, compare with the market valuation. Only then can you know whether your stocks are expensive or cheap. You can't just look at stock prices.




Comment: Short-term investors love it most, and capital is the best booster to promote stock prices. Similar to the previous industry, short-term capital gains in continuous inflows are prone to rise or change from decline to rise, and conversely, continuous outflows are also prone to fall or change from rise to fall. The stock price may be deceiving because it can be used to control funds to make a graph, but the inflow and outflow of funds cannot be deceived. After all, they are all real money operations. No one will make fun of funds, including institutions.

Main concern: It’s best to look at the inflow of the industry, and note that it is an industry-specific opportunityWill still be a stock opportunity, the industry will last longer and the opportunity will be greater. If it's just the inflow of individual stocks, it should be noted that the duration may not be so long.




Comment: The research report center is available for free research reports from major institutions. A must for medium and long-term holdings. The significance of the research report is to pay attention to the logic of the researcher and know where the hot spots of individual stocks are. Only when you understand individual stocks and industry funds can you hold it and hold it well.

Main concern: It’s best to look at the industry first from top to bottom, and then pay attention to individual stocks. After all, just like the focus, industry opportunities come with higher sustainability.




Comment: The previous one is the research report, this is the performance report, which is also very important. Refer to the research report the opinion of.

This is the content shared this time. Of course, there are similarities in the software of individual stocks. You can refer to it. I won't introduce it this time. If necessary, I will recommend how to look at the software next time.

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