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Ping An Securities Financial Terminal Enhanced Version V2.13 Official Version

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Introduction to Ping An Securities Financial Terminal Enhanced Software

Ping An Securities Financial Terminal Enhanced Edition is suitable for Windows users. Ping An Securities Financial Terminal Enhanced Edition is a new revision recently launched by Ping An Securities Financial terminal. This software includes functions such as high-speed quotation, market, discovery, hot data, fast trading, etc. It provides a comprehensive securities investment solution that integrates market quotation, trading, information, research and decision-making, and Ping An Securities Finance Terminal displays new stock information in a calendar mode , Integrating rich content information and data centers covering 12 major sectors, providing services to investors in multiple levels, multiple dimensions, and multiple methods. Suitable for all types of securities investors, welcome to download and use.

Ping An Securities Financial Terminal Enhanced Edition Installation InterfacePing An Securities Financial Terminal Enhanced Edition Login Interface

Ping An Securities Introduction

Ping An Securities Co., Ltd. is an important member of Ping An (Insurance) Group Co., Ltd. of China. Its predecessor was the securities business department of Ping An Insurance founded in August 1991. It currently owns Ping An Financial Intelligence Investment Management Co., Ltd., Ping An Futures Co., Ltd., Ping An Trading Co., Ltd., China Ping An Securities (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., and Ping An Pan Hai Capital Co., Ltd. have five subsidiaries. As of June 2016, Ping An Securities had a registered capital of 8.574 billion yuan, net assets of 24.717 billion yuan, and total assets of 102.103 billion yuan.

Ping An Securities Financial Terminal Enhanced Software Layout

Ping An Securities Financial Terminal Enhanced Edition Recommended by Authorities

Ping An The enhanced version of the securities financial terminal integrates comprehensive and powerful product functions and thoughtful product experience, which will surely bring investors a more extreme financial management experience.

Ping An Securities Financial Terminal Enhanced Edition User Interface

Features of Ping An Securities Financial Terminal Enhanced Edition

1. Layout customization, showing personality

Layout customization allows users to set the analysis interface of the software into multiple analysis windows according to their needs, so that users can view more information on the same layout. Users can also save, export or import customized layouts, and communicate with other users about customized layouts.

2. ETF analysis to capture more arbitrage opportunities

Through the superimposed comparison of indexes and ETFs, grasp the changes in the relationship between discounts and premiums, and capture more arbitrage opportunities

3. Mobile chips, precise distribution

Mobile chip distribution helps you stand from the perspective of the dealer, get a complete overview of the long and short hands, and clarify the amount and price of chips distributed among shareholders, especially the dealer In the hands, to determine the nature and trend of the stock market, and predict the timing of the rise! Remind to distribute chips to the dealer when "the rise is weak", and to quietly pick up the dark horse of the future when "things are going to be reversed"!

4. Trading system, colorful candlesticks

Through the trading system instructions, this system can help you mark eye-catching buy and sell signals on the candlestick chart, and you can change A good analysis of the historical laws of a certain stock to predict the future. Automatically identify various typical K-line combinations! A specific K-line mode often has a very accurate indication function. The system provides many commonly used colorful K-line formulas. When a certain mode is selected, the system will automatically identify the K-line belonging to that mode on the K-line chart, which is clear at a glance. In addition, the system also supports the highest and lowest point indication.

5. Precise restoration, powerful function

The unique and precise automatic restoration processing ensures the absolute continuity of technical analysis! When ex-rights, it accurately considers the impact of bonus shares, allotments and dividends on the stock price, so that the analysis of technical indicators is more accurate and complete. It supports all cycles of restoration, pre-restoration and post-restoration, and supports the maintenance and display of the rights and information database to further eliminate the influence of ex-rights on the trend.

6.Smart stock selection, screening dark horses

The Ping An Securities Financial Terminal online commission software smart stock picker provides you with five options: conditional stock picking, customized stock picking, smart stock picking, plug-in stock picking and comprehensive stock picking In the stock model, you can quickly select your favorite stocks, no matter from the technical or fundamental aspects. You can also combine multiple conditions of different analysis periods for combined conditional stock selection, and save the stock selection results in the section.

7. Comprehensive indicators, endless magical uses

The online commission software of Ping An Securities Financial Terminal includes various classic and popular technical analysis indicators, tools and methods, and there is no lack of original analysis. Technical research results. Various analysis methods are extremely flexible and convenient, allowing you to use them as you wish. At the same time, it can dynamically adjust the technical parameters of any analysis index. During the adjustment process, the picture changes can be previewed, and the real WYSIWYG is what you get.

8. Data maintenance, simple and fast

Operations such as obtaining supplementary data, sorting out data and so on. The after-hours shift of the data of the day can be conveniently closed. When there is insufficient data for stock selection and testing, the system will automatically prompt.

9. Time and space tunnel, the situation reappears

The time-sharing replay can reproduce the dynamic effects of intraday trading. It quickly replays the time-sharing trend chart from the opening of the market to the current time in the market, and the playback process is completely consistent with the actual trend change. Users can quickly browse the redrawn trend chart, stock changes, split transactions, handicap changes, changes in trading volume, and transaction amounts.

10. Comprehensive information, seize the opportunity

The information tool allows you to express your personal opinions on the client side and keep abreast of important market information. You can also collect valuable information, and quickly find out the information you need through inquiry search.

Ping An Securities Financial Terminal Enhanced Edition User Interface

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