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Secrets of recent trends: Real Madrid Technology, Junda Co., Ltd., Speedlight Accelink Technology

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Today afternoon, the market fluctuated slightly, and then began to fluctuate and rise again, and there was also a pull back action. The index also stood above the opening point, showing a trend of heavy volume and long shadows throughout the day. Is Red Thursday available? The enlargement of trading volume, with the index above the main attack, will be conducive to the phased trend reversal and upward. The intraday stocks in the two cities focused on the weight to protect the market.

The phased direction of the market faces a choice, and the medium-term direction is good . In terms of phases, although the phased direction of the market faces a choice, it is relatively more likely to choose upwards. If the market can normally phase up, the market outlook needs to further increase the volume upside, otherwise the phased direction of the market. It may be repeated. As for Thursday, there is a slightly higher possibility of the market’s normal phased upside, and it may close the day. In terms of operation, investors who focus on phased operations hold positions. If they can’t increase their volume on Thursday, they can lighten their positions, and they will be out of the game in case of a large dive; investors who focus on medium and long-term operations will hold half positions, half positions and phased positions. The operation is consistent. The quotation determines the operation mode, and the board determines the operation details.

Relatively speaking, the stock market is indeed a place where people can make money and make quick money, but correspondingly, you need keen insight and relatively professional skills to survive in the stock market for a long time. In the real stock market, the ones who lose money are always the most, and there are also many who are deeply quilted. After all, two points, stock selection and buying and selling points can not be grasped. I have been ups and downs in the stock market for more than ten years, and I have also summarized a set of own operating strategies to capture potential leaders in real time. For example, Fangda Carbon and BOE A, which I told you in the early stage, have not seen a big rise. Today, we will come first. Let’s talk about stock selection ideas, take the following picture as an example:

Seeing Rongsheng Petrochemical, this stock began to adjust sideways after a wave of gains. The main force took the opportunity to clear out unreliable retail investors and lavishly attracted to the hands. On the 27th, the stock began to break through the pressure above, and the moving average showed a long position. Arrangement, KDJ Golden Cha. After I explained, the stock rose by 20.87% in 3 trading days. The weak market can also seize the opportunity. The key is not how the market is, but whether the self has enough desire to make oneself more One step forward!

Poly Real Estate, the shares were issued on November 14 The stocks were selected according to the stock selection method and explained to everyone on the same day. You can see that the stock price of the stock fell after a wave of shocks. On November 14th, MACD and KDJ formed a golden cross. I saw it and gave it to the fans as soon as possible. Friends posted an explanation. After the explanation, the volume can be enlarged. There are obvious signs of the main force entering the market. Then the stock price began to rise against the trend. Since I finished the explanation, the current increase has reached 24.52%.

Many people always complain that their stocks are not profitable and cannot choose good stocks. In fact, there are still a lot of bull stocks. After learning the stock selection ideas that I explained, there is no such problem. The key lies in whether you are willing to learn, if you are willing to learn, I am willing to give it all. Today, the stocks that are similar to Fenghua Hi-Tech’s trend are selected through the strategy of the market today:

The success rate of the stock selection method has been witnessed by old fans. The later trend and analysis of this stock will be announced later. I believe that all the old fans who have learned my stock selection idea It's clear where to look, so I won't make detailed reviews here. This method is relatively simple, and friends who are interested in this method can inquire. Finally, for the recent good stocks have been selected, friends who are interested, naturally know where to look! If you have a stock quilt or a friend who doesn’t know how to pick stocks, you can communicate with me. I will definitely help and answer your questions.Confused. Believe that we can be lifelong mentors and helpful friends, I wish the stock market a bright future!

In addition, I will continue to update the future trend of [Real Madrid Technology, Junda Co., Ltd. Speed ​​Technology] in the circle cm17515, and welcome everyone to communicate with me.

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