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Revealing the secrets of data visualization tools: How to show the proportion of comparison, achievement, and multiple indicators?

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      The relationship between data is not a simple one-to-one,Many times the data willSuperimpose each other, overlap each other, form a contrast with each other, and achieve different goals. Then, how do we visually display the comparison, achievement, and proportion of multiple indicators among data?


The most intimate

Data visualization tool

Three intuitive and easy-to-understand charts are prepared,Respectively areLeaderboard type charts, metering charts, and stacked radar charts.


Ranking Type chart: Let the summary data be arranged in an orderly manner from large to small, which is more conducive to allowing viewers to accurately receive data information.

Stacked radar chart: Different summary columns are stacked at once, which is more conducive to visual display Data overlay relationship.

Metering chart: visually show the status of data achievement. Such as actual income and target completion rate; such as the proportion of the specific income value of a certain quarter to the entire year's income of a certain place, etc.

below is a practical skills sharing:


Leaderboard type chart

Steps: Add a chart

Bar chart span>

Leaderboard type map

It is easier to see the gap between the data, such as the maximum and minimum values, by using the leaderboard type chart. Therefore, if you encounter a situation where you need to visually highlight the data gap, you can use the leaderboard type chart.


Stacked radar chart

Step: Add a chart

More Many

Stacked radar chart

Different indicators are distinguished by different colors. As shown in the figure above, three colors are used to highlight the overlapping relationship between the revenue, cost, and gross profit of the same store.

In addition, by sorting the income, you can know how many stores are Arrangement of store income. It's easy to see which one has the highest income and which one has the lowest income.


Metering chart

Step: Add a chart


Metering chart

The difference between a metering chart and a dashboard is that the dashboard can only display one piece of data, but the metering chart can display two data at the same time. The metering chart is richer in function, and the display effect is more intuitive.

As shown in the figure below, the measurement chart, we can understand the actual value of income at a glance And the target value, and the target achievement rate, so as to have a more intuitive understanding of the income situation.

How to set color attributes?

Regarding the issue of color attributes, one thing to note: measurement The color of the map is completed under "Attributes-Metering Chart Design", while the leaderboard type chart and stacked radar chart need to be set in the "Advanced Attributes



Complete the color settings under "Palette".

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