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List of disease concept stocks and China concept stocks

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What are the major health concept stocks in China's leading health stocks? What are the super bacteria concept stocks in the leading health stocks in China? What are the domestic chip concept stocks? What are the domestic chip concept stocks?

Q1:What are the leading stocks of healthy China?

There are 61 listed companies in the Healthy China concept, of which 22 are listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and 39 listed companies are listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The leading stocks of healthy China concept stocks are most likely to be born from the following stocks: LG Health, Rongtai Health, and Yuexin Health.

Q2: The leading health concept stocks have Which

Earnings forecast. It is estimated that the company's 2015-2017 revenue will be 6.680 billion yuan, 7.48 billion yuan and 7.990 billion yuan, the net profit attributable to the parent company will be 745 million yuan, 907 million yuan and 1.031 billion yuan, and EPS will be 0.40 yuan, 0.48 yuan and 0.55 yuan. , The corresponding PE is 23.63X, 19.69X and 17.18X respectively. After the company's acquisition of Parkson Pharmaceuticals and consolidation, the company's performance has grown rapidly, and the subsequent promotion of new products is expected to provide continuous impetus. With the promotion of the Great Winbond Medical Alliance strategy, it will open up new growth space for the company. Considering the company's performance growth in the next two years, original business volume and current market value level, the company is given 25Xpe in 2016, with a target price of 12 yuan, and a "cautious recommendation" rating. Fortune Securities

Biolight (300246): Hemodialysis engine started

At the same time, the company’s overseas export business was affected by the European crisis and exchange rate fluctuations, resulting in a year-on-year decrease of 18.8% in sales revenue of the company’s products in Brazil, India, and Europe. The total amount is 40.529 million yuan, accounting for 29.1% of the company's main business income.

The layout of hemodialysis is complete, gradually showing offensiveness. In the 2015 semi-annual report, the company's hemodialysis product growth rate reached 74.2%, with revenue of 71.91 million yuan, accounting for 51.6% of total revenue, which has exceeded the revenue of monitoring equipment Proportion. It can be seen that the company's advantages in the complete layout of hemodialysis products have gradually emerged, and it has entered the channel of rapid growth and has become a new driving force for the company's development. Galaxy Securities

LG Health (300247): A high proportion of equity incentives highlights long-term development confidence

The incentives cover a wide range of targets, high performance requirements, and long-term interest binding. Incentives include company directors, executives, middle-level and core business (technical) backbones. The conditions for unlocking performance are: 1) With 2014 net profit as a fixed base, the company's net profit growth rate in 2015, 2016, and 2017 is not low, respectively Within 40%, 90%, 150%; 2) During the lock-up period, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company and the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company after deducting non-recurring gains and losses shall not be lower than the last three accounting days before the grant date The annual average level and cannot be negative. The company has not done equity incentives before, and most of the core employees do not have equity in listed companies. This high-proportion employee stock ownership plan will build a long-term The long-term bundling of multiple interests will help the company's long-term sustainable development and highlight the company's development confidence.

Advancing both endogenously and outwardly, the company is an authentic investment target for the big health industry. About 70% of people are in a sub-healthy state. At the same time, with the arrival of an aging society in China, there is a huge potential for demand in the health physiotherapy market. As the leader of far-infrared physiotherapy, the company is committed to bringing physiotherapy health concepts and high-quality lifestyles to thousands of households, and quickly deploys the big health industry through internal and external methods. The company has accelerated the cooperation in the "production-university-research" project, and has obtained medical device-related licenses; Jiang Yiwu, a subsidiary of Anhui Jinwu Health Technology Co., Ltd.Professor Tongue Diagnosis Apparatus is committed to building a remote diagnosis platform; solid wood air purifiers have begun to increase and have entered high-end hotels such as Wanda. At the same time, taking advantage of the listed company's platform, extending mergers and acquisitions and quickly integrating relevant resources, Shenzhen Zhuoxian was acquired and consolidated at the end of 2014. The recently acquired Jiugong Jianye has passed the review of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The horizontal and vertical layout of the company's large health industry is at the right time, and the effect is worth looking forward to.

"Overweight" rating. The company's big health industry layout has just set sail, this equity incentive is at the right time, and the future development is worth looking forward to.

Lepu Medical (300003): Accelerate the overall layout to create a cardiovascular ecological closed loop

The ecological closed loop has taken initial shape to accelerate development. Established in 1999, Lepu started with the vascular stent business. After rapid development before and after the listing, it experienced a low growth in 2012-13 due to the price reduction of its leading products. Since 2014, the company has rationalized its controlling rights and started anew, and established the strategic goal of "a four-in-one cardiovascular industry chain platform enterprise of medical equipment, medicine, mobile medicine and medical services", with cardiovascular disease medical treatment as the core , Build an ecological closed loop vertically. The company has both endogenous and extended, and successfully expanded from a single business area to medical devices (heart consumables and equipment, surgical instruments such as staplers, IVD), drugs (anti-thrombosis, anti-heart failure, hypoglycemic, blood lipid drugs), Rich products and business groups such as medical services (specialty heart hospitals, primary outpatient clinics, physical examination centers) and mobile medical services (telemedicine, wearable devices, health management, interconnected communities).

Simultaneous development of endogenous and extension, financial platform assists, and guarantees future development. 1) Enormous endogenous growth momentum: successful development of the grassroots market, rapid growth of new stents, and rapid increase in the volume of drugs brought about by bidding. The development of the new product is smooth, and the dual-chamber pacemaker is expected to be approved within this year. 2) Active extension development: The company adopts an active capital strategy to achieve strategic goals. Since 2014, it has carried out nearly 20 mergers and acquisitions or equity participations, and its business layout has been significantly accelerated. 3) Establish a financial platform to boost business development. In September this year, Lepu Finance was established to provide financial leasing, commercial factoring, financing guarantees and other financial services for the company and upstream and downstream enterprises. This move will strengthen the company's influence, broaden financing channels, and drive business development while obtaining financial profits.

The fixed increase is approved, and the supplementary funds will also strengthen management incentives. On August 28, the company's fixed increase was reviewed and passed unconditionally. It will supplement the company's working capital and ease the thirst for funds. The issuance of more than 20% of the additional issuance quota is the actual controller and management of the company, demonstrating the management's confidence in future development.

The management team is determined to forge ahead, enter a new round of high growth period, and upgrade to the "strongly recommended" rating. In the short term, the medical device business will grow rapidly, driven by NANO stents, grassroots market development, IVD and consolidated stapler companies, and the pharmaceutical business will grow rapidly, driven by heavy bidding and consolidated Xindonggang’s increased performance. In the mid-term, the acquisition of the remaining shares of Lepu Pharmaceutical and the successive listing of new products have become a new growth engine. In the long run, medical services and mobile medical services will be new growth points. The company’s management team has a clear strategy. Taking into account business progress better than expected and recent consolidation factors, the 2015-2016 EPS is adjusted from 0.70, 0.88 to 0.71, 0.95 yuan (0.66/0.89 yuan after additional issuance and dilution), and the one-year target is raised The price is 48 yuan (previously 40 yuan), and the rating is upgraded from "recommended" to "strongly recommended". Ping An Securities

Wanda Information (300168): Sichuan passed a good news, a milestone breakthrough in remote expansion

The company obtained the right to construct and operate a medical and health service platform in Sichuan Province. According to the announcement, the company will be responsible for the first phase project of the population health information platform established by Sichuan Province with an investment of 37.7 million yuan. After the success of the project, the Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission will grant the company the right to operate platform-based health services. Before the end of the year, the company will basically complete the investment and construction of the first phase of the platform project, and realize the interconnection and interoperability with all municipal population health information platforms that have been built. Based on the platform, the company will provide value-added operation services such as data and applications in a market-oriented manner, and provide medical and health services to nearly 100 million people in Sichuan Province.

From a single point breakthrough in Shanghai, to a multi-point blossom across the country. The Shanghai health management cloud platform model created by the company based on the three-medicine linkage has completely optimized the entire process of patients’ medical services from health management, health prevention, diagnosis, treatment, medical e-commerce to third-party payment. This time, it has been recognized by Sichuan Province. Once again, it verified its industry status and advanced model. We judge that after many years of careful polishing of internal and external extensions, the company's ecological closed loop has taken shape. It will be the first to land in Shanghai in the second half of the year, and then it will enter the stage of national promotion.

Q3:What are the pharmaceutical stocks?

Use the Great Wisdom Software to click "Sector Index" to find "991028" and "Medicine", Click the "+" sign in front of it, all coming out are pharmaceutical stocks

Q4:What is the concept of super bacteria

Lianhuan Pharmaceuticals

Q5:What are the domestic chip concept stocks?




Ignore The above formula. Open Tongdaxin software, input "XP" Tongdaxin keyboard wizard will pop up, select "chip concept" according to your needs, press Enter to see all the stocks of this concept. Last little bit to adopt it.

Q6:What are concept stocks?


Concept stocks are relative to performance stocks. Performance stocks need to have good performance support. Concept stocks rely on a certain subject matter such as the concept of asset restructuring and the concept of three links to support prices. Chinese concept stocks are what foreign investors call for all Chinese stocks listed overseas because they are optimistic about China's economic growth. It is also said that China concept stocks are "all lies made up to make people believe their lies."

2. Concept stocks are relative to performance stocks.

Performance stocks need to have good performance support. Concept stocks rely on a certain subject matter such as the concept of asset restructuring and the concept of three links to support prices.

China concept stocks are the name for all Chinese stocks listed overseas because foreign investors are optimistic about China's economic growth.

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