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Beijing's "first share of shed reform" Beijing urban construction: promoting shed reform, casting high-quality goods, realizing people's dream of living in peace

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It is understood that the biggest risk of Beijing Urban Construction’s “Shack Reconstruction Project for the People” lies in the demolition and relocation. Excessive demolition and relocation will significantly increase costs in all aspects. Among the shed transformation projects that started in 2017, Beijing Urban Construction The Linhe Village Shed Renovation Project completed the 100% demolition contract in just 15 days, which is called the "Linhe Speed" in the industry. The Huairou Shed Renovation Project also completed the 100% demolition contract of collective housing ahead of schedule during the award period. According to Beijing Urban Construction's disclosure of the Huairou New Town Block 03 shed renovation project, it has achieved four firsts: the first urban village shed renovation project in Huairou District; the first shed renovation project in Huairou District that realized from authorization to commencement within half a year; So far, Huairou District has the highest quality resettlement housing; Huairou District is the first urban village project in Huairou District to achieve 100% contract for collective housing within the award period. Therefore, it has become a benchmark for the transformation of sheds in Huairou District, and it has also become a benchmark for Beijing's urban construction project of “renovating sheds to benefit the people”. According to market statistics and relevant experts’ disclosures, Beijing’s urban construction shed reform project has an investment scale of nearly 100 billion yuan, and it has gradually become China’s “shed transformation aircraft carrier”.

The demolition has not moved, the resettlement first

As the saying goes, it is better to see a hundred times. In the introduction of the entourage, the newspaper reports to Huairou New City 03 The contractor of the block shed renovation project, Beijing Urban Construction Xingsheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. conducted an on-site interview.

"Golden mountains and silver mountains are not as good as green waters and green mountains". Located at the southern foot of Yanshan Mountain, with Miyun District in the east, Shunyi and Changping in the south, Yanqing in the west, and Chicheng, Fengning and Luanping counties in the north, Huairou District is a green treasure of Beijing. , The mountains are continuous, which is the green Great Wall and natural barrier of the capital Beijing. It has also become one of Beijing’s important tourist attractions because of famous scenic spots such as Yanqi Lake Paradise, Hongluo Temple, Jiugukou Jiabian Building, and Jiuyanlou Great Wall.

In 2014, the world-famous APEC meeting was grandly held in Yanqi Lake, Huairou District. The APEC project represented by the Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center and the Sunrise Oriental Hotel, known as the quintessential classic and masterpiece, is the representative building that Beijing Urban Construction Group has actively integrated into the development tide of Huairou for many years. In 2015, with a heart for the people and a social responsibility as a state-owned enterprise, in order to improve the living conditions and living environment of residents, in this rich and prosperous land, once again "make a move when it is time to make a move" to seize the opportunity The Huairou shed renovation project involving 362 courtyards and 543 households in three villages, Xiayuan, Dongguan, and Diaoyutai was won. In 2016, with the authorization of the district government, the Urban Construction Group became the main body of the shed reform project in the 03 block of Huairou, as the first work of the group's real estate development section in the Huairou area.

According to Mr. Song Benyou, general manager of Xingsheng Company, the Huairou New City Shantytown Reconstruction Project extends from Kaikai Road in the east, Fuqian East Street in the south, Yingbin Middle Road in the west, and Xinghuai Street in the north. The total land area within the scope of the reform is 23.79 hectares, of which, state-owned land is about 12.44 hectares, collective land is about 11.35 hectares, and the total planned construction area is 304,100 square meters. The three urban villages have nearly 1,000 original residents, densely populated, and the per capita living area is far below the per capita living area standard in the planning of Huairou New City. Moreover, the environment in the villages in the city is noisy, the sanitation facilities are not complete, and the conditions are also poor. The dirty, messy and poor environment here is worrying every time the germs grow in season. In addition, there are serious fire safety hazards in these urban villages, and the habitat of the residents is really worrying. In order to allow the people to have a beautiful living environment and bright housing, in the transformation of this batch of urban shanty towns, Huairou District has set its sights on the three problem-laden urban villages of Xiayuan, Diaoyutai and Dongguan, and made a big determination. Solve the major livelihood problems of local residents.

Old Beijingers have a heart of nostalgia, but realizing their dreams on the spot is just a wish for the demolished households of villages in the city. Unexpectedly, in order to make the prospective demolition households visible and tangible, and to cooperate with the subsequent demolition work to the greatest extent, the project engineering headquarters "will take precedence before the soldiers and horses are moved," the district government chose The best location in the project site, the difficulty of demolition is relatively difficultThe small Omark factory area. The actual controlling party of the plant is Huaisheng Company, the second largest shareholder of Xingsheng Company. With the strong support and cooperation of Huaisheng Company, the demolition procedures were quickly completed. In order to achieve the task target of starting construction by the end of October issued by the district government, the management team of Xingsheng Company, through multi-party efforts and coordination, obtained the preliminary procedures such as "Relocation and Resettlement House Control Regulation Approval", and successfully completed the bidding work of supervision and construction units. During the demolition process, in order to minimize the impact on the normal life of the surrounding residents, the project team carefully organized and managed scientifically, and seized all the available construction time. More than 20 large machinery and nearly 60 muck transport vehicles were used to operate at the same time. Within a month, the demolition of the Omak plant covering an area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters was completed, and more than 50,000 square meters of earth were cleared, which strongly ensured that the project started on schedule. Become the first shed reform project in Huairou District to achieve from authorization to start of construction within half a year.

For the residents who have moved to the transit residence at present, their new home in the future is only one kilometer away from the village in the city where they had been living before. The community is still familiar to them, and the neighbors around are still familiar faces. The difference is that the house has become more open and bright. In summer, there is no need to worry about heavy rain outside and light rain in the house. In winter, there is no need to heat the whole family anymore. And worrying, such an "unstoppable temptation", why not make people slam their hearts?

It is understood that the total land area of ​​the project is about 23.79 hectares, the planned investment is 3.731 billion yuan, and the resettlement housing covers an area of ​​about 4.3 hectares, with a construction area of ​​98,900 square meters. The unit area ranges from 60 to 126 square meters. There are more than ten types of units to choose from. The construction will be completed before the end of 2018. By then, more than 1,000 households will realize their dreams of living in peace here.

The Block 03 of Huairou New City, which is allocated to the resettlement house for the reconstruction of urban villages, is located in the center of Huairou District. The west side of this lot is separated by a Yingbin Road, not far from the world. The sub-venue of the Women's Conference "World Women's Forum", further west is the Huairou Reservoir-the soil of "Huaishan and Soft Water" is surrounded by green mountains and green waters. With the rapid development of foreign exchanges and cultural development projects in Huairou District In the near future, the 03 block, which can be described as an inch of land and a large amount of money, will soon be built into a residential real estate specially configured for the life of the common people.

Party building leads, considerate service

When “shed reform” has become a high-frequency language for urban development, “out of the shed and entering the building” will become shantytown residents The warmest and most touching memory in my heart. In the eyes of ordinary people, the success of this phase of the shanty reform project in Huairou District is far more than allowing the residents of shantytowns to "homeownership", but the successful operation in demolition and future resettlement work.

It is understood that although the total number of households involved in the demolition of this project is only more than 400, the types involved are diverse and the situation is complicated. Among them, there are four types of collective housing, collective non-residential housing, state-owned housing and state-owned non-residential housing. The difficulty of formulating different plans for different types of demolition can be imagined. Although there were precedents for shed reform projects in Huairou before, such as the Temple City and Science City, this was the first case of shed reform in the core area, and there were no successful cases to learn from. In addition, due to changes in the administrative personnel of Huairou District, the three villages were under the jurisdiction of the original Huairou Township to the current Longshan and Quanhe Sub-districts, which greatly increased the difficulty of demolition management. Speaking of this, General Manager Song Benyou summed up the "three difficulties"-difficult to formulate policies, difficult to implement, and difficult to communicate with others. The situation in the three villages of Xiayuan, Diaoyutai and Dongguan is very complicated, with homesteads ranging from 38 to 700 square meters, which makes compensation difficult. After replacing houses with houses, Xingsheng Company and the leaders of Huairou District formulated a reasonable demolition policy in accordance with the principle of "affordable to live in" after more than 20 discussions. In the demolition work, Xingsheng Company always adheres to the principle of “a bowl of water is equalized” and a ruler is used to measure to the end. It does not allow a household to rush to build a house cheaply, nor does a relocated household suffer a loss, and it has truly achieved the village. Balance with village, household and household.

They all say: "It is difficult to demolition and relocation, and it is difficult to go to the sky." In the face of numerous difficulties, with the strong support of the government and all walks of life, Xingsheng has mobilized the power of the whole region, the power of the system, the power of the society and the power of party building, and adopted a series of measures. First, establish the party organization at the front line of the relocation work, with party members "bearing their identities, responsibilities, and setting examples" as the main line, implementing the method of leading party members and households, and guiding party members and cadres to be on the front line. Even during the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the study of party members did not stop. Even the leaders of towns, sub-districts, and villages concentrated on the site to study at the headquarters, exchange experience and experience, and discuss the work of shed reform. In actual work, they are responsible for maintaining stability, preaching policies, mediating disputes, and serving the masses.Give full play to the role of the party organization's fighting fortress and the vanguard role of party members.

During the relocation process, the party branch of Xingsheng Company heard that the families of several villagers within the relocation area were in difficulties, and took the initiative to cooperate with the Quanhe Sub-district Party Working Committee to carry out the donation activity of "Liancun Helping to Lighten the Happy Dreams of the People in Difficulties" , Spontaneously donated funds to raise funds, formed a helping pair with 13 low-income families, issued condolences to them, and sent rice and cooking oil. Low-income households have said that the government and urban construction are all about the people, and I believe that with the government supporting everyone, our future will not be bad. Secondly, to provide considerate service. The team in charge of demolition and resettlement conducts a household survey of the residents who will be relocating to understand the specific situation of each household, the status of their family members, and even the ratio of the elderly to the children. After completing the work of understanding the family situation, I went to the house to discuss solutions. In the case of families with special circumstances, the staff of the demolition office will patiently explain and explain according to the actual situation, so that the demolition households can feel the care and warmth of the government. Third, the communication method of the staff is very user-friendly. When encountering the masses’ incomprehension, the staff will keep up with them, adhere to the mass interest orientation, fully understand the masses’ needs, and respond to the masses’ concerns. Always adhering to the work style of "demolition and relocation have a time limit and service endless", the staff walked into the hearts of the demolition residents with true temperament and affection, putting people first and keeping the bottom line. Fourth, before the staff implement the demolition and resettlement work of the shed reform project, because Xingsheng Company hires a professional demolition company to train relevant office personnel on demolition business, laws and regulations, and business processes, they have a thorough understanding of the policy and relatively effective execution. Relatively enhanced. According to the residents, "The people at the people's headquarters have a thorough understanding of the government's policies this time. Then, when you analyze it, they are all right, and you are convinced."

In the face of the country’s tightening of financing for the real estate industry in the external environment, Xingsheng Company relies on Xinghua’s intellectual power, After continuous running-in and negotiation, the credit lines of the two banks were successfully obtained to ensure the smooth progress of financing. As the Spring Festival approached, the bank lending line dropped sharply. Existing financing was far from meeting the demand for demolition compensation funds. In order to allow contracted villagers to receive demolition compensation funds as soon as possible, Xinghua Co., Ltd. sent charcoal in the snow at the critical moment and took the initiative to provide 120 million of its own loans that should have been repaid. Have funds to ensure that villagers receive compensation for demolition before the Spring Festival. Xingsheng Company made a concerted effort and made all-out efforts. In just one week, the company organized the demolition and auditors to work together to increase the intensity and successfully completed the original collection of the relocated persons, the audit of the demolition agreement, and the report; the company's financial department also synchronized Advance, complete the verification of the basic information of the demolition agreement, ID card, and audit report, and make the passbook of demolition compensation funds to ensure that the issuance is carried out as scheduled, and to send the most affordable and heart-warming gifts to the villagers in the old city before the Spring Festival.

Song Benyou, general manager, said: Shantytown reconstruction is a ethical and popular project that benefits people’s livelihood. We will provide considerate services to help the people calculate their economic and long-term accounts, so that they can truly understand the policy. We actively support and cooperate with the smooth implementation of the shed reform policy. With a highly responsible attitude and first-class construction standards, the project is built into a high-quality project with high quality, beautiful environment, complete supporting facilities, complete functions, and suitable for human settlements. It is our work philosophy And responsibility.

As a young enterprise that has only been established for more than a year, the Xingsheng team has used the excellent tradition of "particularly able to endure hardships and especially able to fight" of the Urban Construction Group to overcome the difficulties of less manpower and more tasks and adopt the AB angle work system , Cultivate business "all-rounders" and improve the efficiency of demolition and relocation. Xingsheng company manager Song Benyou, party branch secretary Wang Yi, and deputy manager Tang Xiaodong, three leaders squeezed in an office less than 5 square meters in the headquarters for on-site scheduling, 5+2, white and black. In the tough battle to start the award period ranking, the company's leadership team led all employees to sleeplessly and fully cooperated with the guarantee. Even during the long holiday of November, all the employees of the company will cancel their holidays...

Xingsheng company adheres to the brand concept of "Quality·Life", in all aspects such as the layout design of the relocation house, the location arrangement, and the configuration of surrounding public facilities. , Taking the villagers' thoughts as the starting point and ending point. He was praised by the Secretary of the Huairou District Committee as "the most high-end resettlement house in Huairou at present, a model of the new era of ecological community!" All the efforts of Xingsheng people have worked hard day and night, from the praise of the leaders and the smiling faces of the people, they get the greatest In return, the company has no complaints or regrets.

Casting high-quality goods, realizing people’s dreams

At the groundbreaking ceremony on October 18, 2016, Chen Daihua, chairman of Beijing Urban Construction Group, said that he participated The shed renovation project in Block 03 of Huairou New City is the first work of the Urban Construction Group's real estate development section in the area. Beijing Urban Construction Group will give full play to the design, development, engineering, gardeningThe advantages of a complete industrial chain in one, taking the benefit of the people as its own responsibility, meticulous planning, meticulous construction, meticulous management, with the heart of national craftsmanship, using emotion and wisdom, and striving to make the project a high-quality project that can withstand the test of time, a reliable project , Satisfactory project, let the Beijing Urban Construction Real Estate brand take root and inheritance in this hot land of Huairou; then Wu Tao, assistant manager of Beijing Urban Construction Co., Ltd., current deputy general manager, and chairman of Xinghua Company, also expressed his opinion on behalf of the investors, as the main body of development, shares The company and Xinghua Company will do their best to live up to expectations, inherit the mature experience and model of the joint-stock company in the transformation of shanty towns, and build the project into Huairou District with first-class design, first-class quality, first-class management, and first-class speed. Highlight projects and high-quality projects, complete this glorious mission on time and maintain quality, hand over a satisfactory answer to the government and the people, and contribute to the urban construction and regional economic development of Huairou District.

Xingsheng people take leadership requirements and common people's expectations as their own responsibility. In the construction process, they boldly try, according to the design concept of combining Chinese and Western, and make full use of the European-style thick Chinese aesthetics. Using BIM technology (Building Information Modeling), build a three-dimensional building model based on various relevant information data of construction projects, and simulate the real information of the building through digital information simulation. It combines the construction unit, design unit, construction unit, supervision unit and other project participants on the same platform to share the same building information model. It is conducive to the visualization and refined construction of the project, so that some unnecessary links can be avoided in advance in the drawings.

During the construction process, they also used aluminum alloy formwork technology for construction. Compared with traditional formwork, aluminum alloy formwork is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and will not cause on-site pollution, which is conducive to civilized construction. The concrete poured with aluminum alloy formwork has good appearance and high quality, and can achieve the effect of fair-faced concrete. Because the aluminum alloy formwork is light in weight and easy to install, the weight per square meter is only about 22kg, which can be installed manually without the cooperation of a tower crane. The most important thing is that this can save a lot of time.

Green, comfortable, safe and convenient living conditions are certainly what everyone yearns for. Xingsheng Company fully considers residents' feelings and innovatively incorporates green energy-saving and environmentally-friendly design. The solar water supply system on the roof of the residential area adopts a series connection method, and the hot water is stored in a centralized manner, and the heat is exchanged by households, which can meet the domestic hot water needs of more than a thousand homeowners. Compared with the use of gas or electric water heaters per household, the use of this set of solar products can reduce carbon emissions by 96 tons per year, which is about 38 tons of standard coal, and the energy consumption saving rate reaches more than 80%. It can be said that in every detail, Xingsheng Company is building with the spirit of craftsman. After the completion of the project, it will not only greatly improve the quality of life of the villagers in the city, but also further promote the new urbanization process of Huairou. With its high-end construction quality and superior geographical location, it will create a new "window" and city for the image of Huairou. The new "landmark" of construction.

Around the project, there is also an 18-class elementary school and two kindergartens. The Huairou District Museum and cinema will also be located in the community, and other public facilities are also readily available. In addition, to everyone’s surprise, Xingsheng Company fully considered the particularity of the shed reform, and equipped the resettlement houses of the project with an underground storage room almost 1:1 to meet the special needs of ordinary people for storing agricultural tools and other sundries.

In the entire shantytown renovation in Block 03, from land requisition and relocation to the creation of conscientious products, Xingsheng Company and the Huairou District Committee and the government played a game of chess in the whole district to coordinate the promotion of shanty reform work, and melt the "hard ice" with true feelings. "On the basis of adhering to the principle, provide "five-star service" for the residents of the shed reform, so that each problem can be solved. Nowadays, among the shed reform projects blooming everywhere in Huairou District, based on the successful experience of the shed reform project in Block 03, Xingsheng Company has won wide recognition from the Huairou District Government and various commissions and bureaus. On November 30, 2017, Xingsheng Company Officially obtained the approval documents issued by the Huairou District Government for the implementation of the main body of the shantytown renovation land development project in the urban villages (Dazhong Fule, Xiaozhong Fule, Kaiyuan Road East and North Binhu Street), which is a smooth succession to the 03 block shed After the implementation, the Group's real estate development sector's second shed renovation project in Huairou. So far, the authorized projects of Beijing Urban Construction Xingsheng Company have exceeded half of the entire Huairou shed reform project. In the process of setting up the banner of urban construction and striving for the benchmark of Huairou, it has truly won the hearts of the people and achieved efficiency through “demolition”. , Changing the old look of the city to a new look. People from all walks of life spoke highly of the state-owned enterprise responsibility and brand strength of the Urban Construction Group. "Reliable urban construction" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in Huairou. (Author: Tai Ran Mu Hui)

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