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88 traps in the stock market (27-34)

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Psychological trap 27, the nature of gambling. Many people are gambling, happy to make money, and sad to lose, but after losing, they still want to win back, so they often place heavy bets. And what they call investment is actually gambling. We say that there is still a big difference between investment and gambling. Investment is doing things with high probability repeatedly, or doing things that are obviously beneficial to them, such as economic growth and going public. The company’s performance is growing, so long-term investment in his stocks is a high probability of making money, but gambling is not. Gambling usually has no guarantee of probability. It is often only a 55-open situation. The stocks he bought have no performance. There is also no margin of safety, just betting on one direction, looking at which direction the stock will go tomorrow, next week, or next month. The economist Keynes said that for a person who has no gambling sex, it is too boring to eat a bowl of rice. For those with a gambling sex, the stock market will be full of charm, but these people need to do so. Pay the price. An expert told me that if you invest in it as a job, it is painful, but you can make money. If you treat it as a pastime, as a consumption, it is very interesting, but you also have to pay for it. , So it depends on how you look.

Psychological trap 28, perfectionists, Virgo is a perfectionist, always want to achieve the ultimate perfection, this kind of person is very suitable to be a product manager, His requirements are very high, and the things he has made are definitely better, but investment is not necessarily. He is always pursuing perfection, so he often cannot find suitable investment objects, either because the profit is not good, or the debt ratio is high, or The cost is high, or the profit is unstable. Every company has some problems. It is hard to find a stock that is satisfactory in all aspects. The valuation is still high, so this is a mistake that many of our beginners are easy to make. After studying and learning countless valuation methods, and was in trouble. The stocks he selected were either inappropriate or the indicators were super high, so he was messed up, and he had no idea how to invest. In fact, This is the same as looking for a partner. When you like his advantages, you have to tolerate his shortcomings. The beautiful-looking ones do not care about the family, the family-conscious ones don’t make money, the money-making temperament is big, the temper is too clingy, and no one is perfect. If you really want to be perfect, how can you marry you? The same is true for stocks. For stocks with perfect indicators, the price has long gone up. Therefore, finding the perfect investment target is an unrealistic fantasy in itself, and it will not bring you success.

Psychological trap 29, irresponsible for his behavior, some people are particularly annoying in life, because he never admits that he is wrong, what happened, Mistakes are all other people's, and all others are sorry for him. This is especially true in investment. He bought the wrong stocks, the method was not good, the broker recommended him incorrectly, or he yelled at the experts for misleading him. In short, he did not make any mistakes. It seemed that he would feel much better in this way, but he didn’t know. , The lost money has nothing to do with other people's half a dime, it's all his own. In all likelihood, this kind of person is spoiled by his family when he was young, he is good at shirking responsibilities, and he always feels that he is the core of all things. However, it is difficult for such a person in the workplace to have the opportunity to develop, and in the investment market, it will make him lose everything. He always relies on others, so he doesn't reflect on himself at all, and he won't improve. Then the same mistakes may be made repeatedly until they are lost. In the end, he lingered for a while, and when no one was to blame, he would definitely say that the Chinese stock market was really bad. It is because of this broken stock market that I can't make any money.

Psychological trap30, once you make up your mind, never change it. This kind of person is called stubborn opinion in our words. Of course, this thing is a double-edged sword. When you have enough knowledge and enough experience, this is called independent thinking, but when you are still a novice, , But it is called overpowering. They can't listen to different opinions, are unwilling to absorb different opinions, and even automatically ignore views that are leftward with their own opinions. Invest in stocks only in your own way. His mind is closed and he doesn’t want toWilling to accept anything new, not reading books or reading newspapers, this kind of god-like self-confidence will cost him heavy losses, and the stock market will surely wipe out his last trace of pride. So we need to evaluate ourselves comprehensively, try to keep an open mind when studying, and think independently when thinking. God-like self-confidence should be based on knowledge and logic, not on self-proclaimed arrogance.

Psychological trap31, depressed by nature, modern people are getting more and more depressed. The main reason for depression is lack of happiness and lack of interest. Then they are full of pessimism about everything, and pessimism is not good at investing, because you always feel that there will be troubles in the future. In fact, investment masters are optimists. They believe that all kinds of problems will be solved, and the economy will still be. Rapid growth. That's why they dare to invest, and they dare to buy the bottom. If you always see the problems but not the positive factors, it is difficult to have the courage to invest. Shorting on Wall Street is called short, which means short in English. It also tells you that when you are short, when you are pessimistic, it is an extremely short-term abnormal situation, and most of the time, you should actively go long. To put it bluntly, the investment market is still a market dominated by bulls.

Psychological trap 32, arrogant self-defeating, we watch TV series, fall in love, if the male protagonist finds a rich girl, in the end, in all likelihood, it will break up, because he always feels worthy Not up to others, proud self-esteem is at work. This is actually a manifestation of low self-esteem, and it is also true in the investment market. Almost everyone who enters the stock market makes a small profit and then loses a lot. You usually enter the bull market and take advantage of it, and then you are waiting to get rid of the cheek gang and do a big job. At that time, the bear market will make you suffer heavy losses. Since then, your self-esteem has been destroyed. Many people always try to prove themselves in the subsequent market, but the more you toss, the more you lose. The reason is simple, because it is already a bear market at this time. Therefore, stocks cannot be bought every day. If you want to really prove yourself, you should lay out in the bear market and sell at the high point of the bull market. Instead of buying and selling frequently in a bear market. The more you trade in a bear market, the more you want to prove yourself, the worse you will lose.

Psychological trap33, fear of success, in fact everyone wants to succeed, but they always It is fear of heights. For example, after a good analysis, the company's stock has also risen. We have made a lot of money, but at this time we are fidgeting and always want to settle for peace. This is the so-called fear when it rises. Some people are even calm when they are not making money, but not calm when they make money. The result was to ride a big white horse, but was quickly beaten out. Therefore, Lao Qi always advocated that the trend and value should be used together. First judge the value of the company, hold it as long as the value is reasonable, and judge the trend when the value is exceeded. If the trend is not broken, there is no need to stop profit immediately, just do a good stop profit. The strategic plan is just fine.

Psychological trap 34. Blindly optimistic, many people have achieved academic success and career success, so they naturally believe that their investment will not be bad, and they often hear some news. Place an order right away, lacking rigorous analysis, and unwilling to learn. This kind of over-optimistic personality always makes him easy to buy. The result is conceivable. In reality, he is taught one by one and charged high tuition, but he may be too successful in other places, so he still can’t To change this frizzy personality, these people Lao Qi gave them a term called wealth porter, working hard to make money in the workplace and shopping malls, and then they were all allocated to the stock market for a second time. It is precisely because of their existence that they feed too many professional investors.

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