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For stimulus, the hacker blacked the stock chart into a vertical middle finger, and the narrator was confused at the time.

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Today everyone will talk about a small-cost high-scoring brain-burning movie, "Who am I without an absolutely secure system" Jin Jin is a network An investigator of the Security Bureau, she was investigating a hacker organization f4 that belongs to a Russian gang recently. When the investigation was at a loss, the male protagonist Xiao Ming came to the police station to surrender and said that he could help find f4, so Xiao Ming began to tell his story , Our male protagonist is a grandmother with a withdrawn personality and dementia. She started programming at the age of 14. In hacker circles, Xiao Ming’s hero is Marquez. Through Marquez, Xiao Ming learned a lot of skills. The three laws that Marquez had the deepest influence on him. First, no system is safe. Second, you can win if you dare to do it. Third, in virtual spaces and real parties, Xiao Ming met her first love, Xiao Mei, when he met her first love, Xiao Mei, in virtual spaces and real parties. When he was worried,

He decided to hack into the school system to obtain the exam content, but was caught by the security guard and fined for charity When I was working, I met the hacker Xiao Hei, Da Pang and Brother Glasses formed a hacking organization. At this time, Sister Blond asked Xiao Ming, why should I trust you? Xiao Ming said all his identity information, and also told the fact that she was barren. Only then did Jin Jin believe him. Soon after the establishment of Xiao Ming and their organization, they did some impressive things. The trend chart turned into a vertical middle finger, and the narrator was blindfolded in the middle of the discussion. In addition to working on the stock trend chart, they also controlled the lights of the medical building and so on. But when they were complacent about it, because Marquez mocked them on the Internet, saying that they were just children playing house, Xiao Ming and the others decided to hack into the National Intelligence Agency,

Let Marquez look at them with admiration. They learned that an aunt in the Intelligence Bureau liked cats, so they sent him a virus-laden cat picture and stole four passes. , So the next day the intelligence bureau’s printer kept pouring out mocking papers. Xiao Ming also copied confidential documents by the way. In the evening they came to the bar to celebrate, but Xiao Ming found that Xiao Hei and Xiao Mei were hooked up together, and he was angry. The energy file was handed over to Marquez. Unexpectedly, Marquez made sure that the file was sold to a foreign hacker organization. It turned out that Marquez was a member of f4. In order to prove their innocence, Xiao Ming and the others tried their best to find Marx. They talked about Marquez. To join f4, Marques don’t let them hack into Europol to prove themselves, but in the course of the action, Xiao Hei accidentally injured his hand with a nail. After a lot of hard work, they finally succeeded. When the task was handed over, Xiao Ming I took out a virus-rich file,

I hope I can locate the position of Marquez. Who knows that this routine is not only The daybreak was broken by Marquez, but Xiao Ming, who was exposed and fled back to the hotel, found that his companion had been shot to death. He had no choice but to turn himself in. He wanted to join the witness protection program. With the cooperation of the police, Xiao Ming pretended to be Marquez and went everywhere. To ruin his reputation, the real Marquez found the Tibetan Mastiff, but he was tracked back by Xiao Ming and his location was found. Then Marquez was arrested by the police and the f4 organization was also arrested. My sister suddenly thought of the wound on Xiao Ming's hand, but Xiao Ming said that Xiao Hei was injured, so Sister Blond approached Xiao Mei to find out the situation, but Xiao Mei said that she hadn't seen Xiao Ming for a long time. Xiao Ming's doctor told Sister Blond. Xiaoming’s mother has a split personality, this disease may be inherited,

And Jin Jin learned that no hotel has ever been shot dead. , So Jin Jin thinks that Xiao Ming has a split personality, and Xiao Hei is of course only a fantasy, so Xiao Ming cannot join the witness protection procedure. But in the end, Sister Blonde moved her compassion. She let Xiao Ming Hei enter the system, erased her files and let him go. When the camera turned, Xiao Ming and Xiao Hei and others appeared on the ship fleeing abroad. It turned out that Xiao Ming was deliberately Let Sister Blonde think that she has a split personality, so as to ensure the safety of all of them. Although Sister Blonde has realized the truth of the matter, it is obvious.Of course it was too late. This low-cost movie has been reversed many times. It is a very good movie. Those who like it can go to see the original movie. Okay, I'll see you next time on the show.

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