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Chong Duck | 2018 cannot be withdrawn... but Google and Baidu say "this year is worth the world"

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To the 13.8 billion-year-old universe, it is just a superimposed layer of light and glimpse, but to you and me, it is a year that is destined to never return. At the intersection of all kinds of sorrows and joys, I have no other time except this life. All I can do is to travel long distances to return to the truth and live in this precious world. The sun is strong and the water waves are gentle.

As "Miracle Boy" said, be a kind person, because everyone's life is not easy...

May you and I be hit At times, remember your preciousness and resist malice; when you are confused, firmly believe in your preciousness. Love what you love, do what you do, obey your heart, and ask no questions.

2018, cannot be withdrawn; 2019, it is worth it! Meow~


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Before you know it, it's time to say goodbye to 2018.

How many goals did you achieve at the beginning of the year?

Read more books

I got an offer from Dream School

Get a job

Or are you still with your sweetheart?

Anyway, Junjun used to be confident Flag

now looks like this...


Although 2018 is nearing the end,

Google and Baidu have not stopped and released the annual Hot search list.

Today, Junjun will take a look with everyone, what are you caring about in the coming year.

In the World Cup, Megan becomes the global traffic king

The most valuable is of course

Google’s hot search global rankings, and those who can be on this list are naturally

world-class Traffic.

And the top spot with the most traffic is the four-year

World Cup. It seems that the whole world misses the exclusive World Cup eating fried chicken, drinking beer, and staying up late to watch football. Of the day.

In the next four years, Jun Jun looks forward to breaking the penalty curse of

The Three Lions of England Create new miracles~

On Google’s global search list, Jun Jun also saw an old acquaintance of ours-ranked 6th

Princess Megan.

In addition, the "

Royal Wedding (Royal Wedding)" related to her is also Won the 4th in the news category list.

And on the character ranking list, sheIt even won the championship.

In 2017, people all over the world are searching for

"Who is Megan".

Unexpectedly, one year has passed, and her heat has no intention to drop.

Although Prince Harry has his name on

Baidu’s "Annual International Event" by virtue of his wedding , But Megan is even more popular all over the world.

From the drama family to the century wedding, from the announcement of pregnancy to the feud with Kate’s wife, Every time Megan appears, there is a real topicality.

Considering that next year will give birth to the royal baby, Megan will continue to dominate Google next year, the momentum is still very fierce~

Anyway, the big thing that Britain can compete with her for headlines is probably only

Brexit, right?

Aunt Mei: It’s okay, don’t just cue me...

2018 makes people learn to say goodbye

They all say that 2018 is

the lost year, which is on the list The above is also reflected incisively and vividly.

There are 7 deceased people on the list, including

hip-hop singer Mac Miller, "the father of Marvel" Stan Lee, scientist Hawking, and founder of Kate Spade etc.

In addition,

The martial arts world lost Jin Yong, the host industry lost Li Yong, the United Nations lost Annan, and international politics lost With Bush, the comic universe has lost its cherry seeds...

Cheng Ying in Jin Yong’s pen once said:

Look at these white clouds gathering and dispersing, dispersing and gathering, the separation and reunion of life are like this.

Familiar people are leaving one by one, as if the handover ceremony has been completed, they handed the world to us.

2018 not only made us lose a lot, but also taught us how to say goodbye and how to grow.

"The Story of Yanxi Palace" becomes the hottest TV series of the year

On Google’s global hot-searched TV series rankings, Jun Jun unexpectedly discovered domestically popular TV series

" "Strategy of Yanxi Palace" has become a phenomenal drama worldwide in 2018.

The domineering sister Wei, the tender queen, the hateful Erqing, and the affectionate Fu Heng , And the most scumbag in the history of the big pig's hoof dry small four...

Jun Jun now thinks about these images as vividly as he did when he was chasing a drama.

Although everyone has mixed praise and criticism for "Strategy of Yanxi Palace", it cannot be denied that it does indeed have a great influence on a global scale. It has been broadcast in more than 70 countries and regions.

Last year’s big hits

"The Name of the People" is still a bit worse than it.

It seems that the experience of watching a drama does not divide national boundaries.

Everyone is tired of watching TV dramas where the plot is procrastinated, and good people always swallow their anger.

Sister Wei, who has a bad temper, fits the psychology of the current audience, and it has become popular all over the world!

The Chinese in 2018 looks like this


The overall list released by Baidu presents the scene of international and local battles.

This yearThings are getting more and more concerned. In addition to the Sino-US trade dispute on the list,

Putin begins his fourth term, international crude oil prices fall, the historic meeting between South Korea and North Korea, and Saudi Arabia admits that the reporter has died In fact, all the people talk after dinner.

101, skr, and koi are often talked about by young and old.

As for the hotly discussed topic, it is not surprising that Fan Ye and Dong Ge are on the list.

It’s just

Apple conference how did it become the champion?

Cook, after the New Year’s trouble, remember to pay an advertising fee to Baidu...

What I have to mention in the Baidu classification list is this year's

Top Ten Buzzwords.

Compare Sogou

and the version launched by "Bite Chinese Characters" , Jun Jun can’t help but sigh,

There are so many buzzwords this year! ! !

I don’t know how to forward this koi, skr, really fragrant, not worth it... Which sentence is best to describe your 2018?

In Jun Jun's mind, the most impressive buzzwords are still them...

And Baidu’s official review video also sums up the Chinese people’s year:

We have lost it

But I got it too

We have been sad

But I have also cheered.

The sad and happy 2018 is no different from every year in the past.

On the other hand, Google taught us how to see the hopes behind the hot search, the will to make ourselves and the world a better place.

Good people and good things are worth searching.

The miraculous

Thai cave rescue

"Golden Romance"The all-Asian cast, inspiring

How to be a good...?

This is what everyone wants to know perseveringly.

After reading this year through Google and Baidu, Have you also found that

there are many things in the world worth looking forward to?

So, in 2019, we must continue to rush to duck!

Finally, Ah Miao wishes all my friends to be full of love and hope in the year of ❤️, everything goes well!

Happy New Year! We will be together in 2019~

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