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The NBA investment wizard is James? Look at O’Neill, the Google stock I bought 22 years ago is now worth 700 million

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In the impression of most fans, NBA stars are representatives of super-high salaries and profligacy off the court. Indeed, there are some stars in the league who can earn more than hundreds of millions of dollars in salary during their professional period. However, they couldn't stand their squandering and they ended up in bankruptcy. However, there are still some stars in the league who are very good at making business investments, relying on their influence and keen business sense to make a lot of money in business investment. Among them, LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal are definitely two of the representative figures.

Although After joining the Lakers, James signed a large contract with the other party of more than 150 million US dollars, but the vast majority of James’ income is not actually a player’s salary. In terms of business investment, he has already earned more than his personal salary over the years. Several times the income. In the early years, James founded a headphone brand called LRMR. This headphone company also cooperated with the famous Beats company. After the latter was acquired by Apple, James made a lot of money on this investment. .

In addition, in 2012, James also invested in the famous Premier League club Liverpool, when James only spent For $2 million, they got about 5% of Liverpool’s shares. As Liverpool won the Champions League last season, their commercial value has approached $3 billion. James has made a profit from this investment alone. Multi-billion. In addition, James also established his own brokerage company and invested in real estate. He teamed up with Warner Films to film Batman, Friends and other film and television works. His most profitable business was bought for only US$1 million in 2012. The pizza brand BlazePizza.

After about eight years of development, BlazePizza has grown into the second largest pizza restaurant in the United States with annual sales The amount has reached 400 million U.S. dollars. As for the reason for the rapid development, on the one hand, BlazePizza's price is lower. Compared with other pizza restaurants, the price of BlazePizza is more than $15. BlazePizza's pizza basically only costs 5-10 U.S. dollars; in addition, they The ingredients are also very fresh, customers can watch the entire production process, which also allows them to quickly develop

Of course Compared with O’Neill’s investment, James’ investment seems to be insignificant. In 1998, O’Neill bought 1 million original Google shares. After 22 years of development, Google has become the most successful in the world. The latest market value of technology companies has exceeded 960 billion U.S. dollars, and O’Neill’s investment has earned him 700 million U.S. dollars in revenue, which is almost 700 times more than 1 million. Stock dividends, it can be said that O'Neal's investment is definitely the most successful investment case in the NBA!

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