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In 1998, O'Neill accidentally became an investor in Google. What is the value of 1 million that year?

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O'Neal, the top center in NBA history, is hailed by many fans as the most dominant inside player in history. If you don’t have an in-depth understanding of him, perhaps many people would think that "Big Shark" O'Neal should be just a tall and strong stupid man. In fact, O'Neal not only has a doctorate, but also has an emotional intelligence that ordinary people can't match. And humorous cells, this is completely opposite to the appearance of his rough man. Perhaps because of this, he was able to become one of the most popular players in NBA history.

It is said that people who love to laugh will not have bad luck. This truth is fully demonstrated in O’Neill. There is no father in childhood. O’Neill’s family life did not affect O’Neill’s warm personality, and because of this, he was fortunate enough to get acquainted with the founder of Google and became an original stock investor in Google. This is how it happened? Let me speak slowly!

In 1998, O’Neill, who came to the Lakers not long ago, stayed at a hotel called Four Seasons. At that time, there were several The unaccompanied children were playing. Out of good intentions, O’Neill played with the children until the children’s parents came out to claim it. The father of one of the children is very grateful for O'Neill's warm actions, and this person is one of the co-founders of Google. In order to express his gratitude to O'Neill, the other party expressed his intention to introduce his technology company to O'Neill and invited O'Neill to become an angel investor of the company. At that time, O'Neill was already a billionaire player. After thinking about it for a while, he decided to invest $1 million to become an original stock investor in Google. It was this unintentional act that unexpectedly made O'Neill the most successful investment behavior in his life.

So the question is, 22 years have passed, how much is O’Neill’s $1 million investment in Google now worth?

According to the latest market conditions in the US stock market, Google’s current market value has reached 1.24 trillion US dollars, becoming a world-class technology company , And the $1 million invested by O'Neill that year is now worth more than $700 million. Fortunately, after so many years, O'Neill has never transferred his shares. Now he not only owns 700 million US dollars of Google shares, but also enjoys the company's millions of dollars in dividends every year. Even O'Neill said in subsequent interviews that he had never thought that Google would one day develop to such a scale, not to mention that the US$1 million in random investment that year would increase to US$700 million today.

I have to say that O’Neal is indeed a winner in life. Whether on the court or in life, he is the king of his country. . Now that O'Neal has retired, he did not stay at home because of his wealth and reputation. On the contrary, he is still engaged in his favorite basketball careers!

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