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Big guys also have great wisdom. O'Neal bought Google's original stock 22 years ago, and now he has made a lot of money

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"Big Shark" O'Neal is the only super center in NBA history that can be compared with "Marshal" Chamberlain. He has a huge height and weight, but without losing speed and skill, he won 4 championships in his career and won countless numbers. Honor, calling him the most successful center ever on the court is not an exaggeration. O'Neal’s success is not limited to basketball. He has also developed well in the entertainment industry and has also made huge fortunes in the business field. Today, I will not talk about O'Neal playing basketball, and talk about how his most successful investment made hundreds of times.

Investors have a dream, that is to buy 10 times shares, 100 times shares, as long as they can buy such big bull stocks, Can get huge returns with very little investment and realize the financial freedom of life. Of course not everyone can have such vision and luck, but O'Neal is one of the winners. O'Neill owns shares in Google, one of the most successful companies in the world, and is 1 million original shares, held for more than 22 years, and is now worth more than $1 billion.

In this era, vision seems to be more important than hard work. O'Neill holds shares of Google and has earned $1 billion in 22 years. We look back at O’Neal’s NBA career. His salary is definitely the highest income level among stars. The total salary of his basketball career in 19 years is 290 million US dollars. O’Neal’s highest salary in a year is 27 million US dollars. Even if this standard is put in the current NBA, it is also It's definitely a high salary. After retiring, O'Neal showed the temperament of being a big man and great wisdom. Not only did his income have not declined, on the contrary, he earned higher and easier than when he was a player. O'Neill's investments are in catering, real estate and high-tech fields, and his annual endorsement fee for catering investment alone is as high as 20 million US dollars.

Of course, O’Neill’s most successful investment comes from Google’s original shares. Originally, O’Neill’s stock price would not exceed $85 when he bought Google, but now Google The stock price jumped to $1,456. O'Neill holds 1 million original shares of Google, and the cost of the stock will only be lower. Coupled with the company’s annual dividends, his holding cost should have been negative for a long time. Now regardless of the rise or fall of Google’s stock price, O’Neill can sit back and relax every year. Getting a lot of dividends, this small life is really enviable.

The reason why O'Neill was able to buy Google’s original stocks stems from his vision on the one hand, and his good luck on the other. In 1997, O’Neill came to the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. While waiting for someone, he was recognized by a child. He was humorous by nature and played with the child. This way he met the child’s parent, and the parent was from Google. One of the founders, this parent was deeply attracted by O'Neill's kindness and enthusiasm, and introduced O'Neill to invest in a Google company that had great potential at the time. After a series of inspections, O'Neill made a decisive move, bought 1 million shares, and became one of Google's partners. It is precisely this investment that has made O'Neill's rich and comfortable life now.

Regardless of the appearance of O'Neal's top five and three rough, he did not expect that his mind is so savvy, his mind is so delicate, and coupled with the courage to shoot when he should shoot, he is simply the NBA A successful example of a retired star. What do you think of O'Neill, the "Big Shark"? Welcome to leave a comment and let's chat together.

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