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O'Neill bought millions of original shares of Google because he likes children. After 22 years, what is the current return? _ invest

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Original title: O’Neill bought millions of original Google shares because he likes children. After 22 years, what is the current return?

Shaquille O'Neal, known as the "big shark", announced his retirement on June 2, 2011. This news has made many fans regret it. As one of the strongest centers in the NBA, O'Neal has a brilliant and dazzling basketball career. Not only was he selected as one of the NBA’s 50 Superstars in 1996, he was also selected for the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016. His strong and big man has always been a heavy presence in the hearts of fans.

O’Neal is undoubtedly an excellent player. In his 19-year basketball career, his earnings are naturally proportional to his strength. , It is reported that his total income is close to 300 million US dollars, enough for him to sit back and relax after retirement. But this is not all of O'Neal's assets. In addition to being a dazzling star in the NBA, he is also a pivotal "big man"-level figure in the business world.

Not only does he have a flexible posture and a strong body, but O'Neill has outstanding emotional intelligence and brains. With his keen vision, he has invested in many products that have made him very profitable. For example, large-scale doughnut chains in the United States, hamburger chicken chains, Papa John’s pizza and other food fields, real estate, and stocks of some high-tech companies. Among them, he is most proud of the 100 Ten thousand original shares of Google.

The opportunity for him to talk about this investment was one day 22 years ago, when he was waiting for himself at the Four Seasons Hotel My friend happened to meet a very cute child, and O’Neill, who has always been humorous and easy-going, played with this child for a while. Later, the child’s father came to look for his son. After talking, O’Neill learned that the child’s father was one of Google’s bosses. He loved the children and he thought that Google’s development prospects were very good. Soon after. Bought one million original shares of Google.

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At that time, this little money was only a fraction of the money for O’Neill. At that time, Google had not yet been listed, and the share price The price is only $85, which is not a big investment. What he didn't expect was that Google's development momentum over the past 20 years has been extremely rapid and violent, and it has soared all the way to more than one thousand US dollars per share, becoming the most rewarding stock in his hands.

Now Google’s stocks are still firmly in the hands of O’Neill. The stocks he bought in the past can now bring him hundreds of millions of investments every year, and Google will also pay him every year More than 10 million dividends. In the interview, O'Neill also admitted that it was his most regrettable thing to reject the willingness of Starbucks boss Howard Schultz to cooperate, and the purchase of stocks in Google was his most satisfying investment.

O’Neill is undoubtedly a very mindful business man, in addition to Google, his real estate, car wash center, nightclub and fitness center It also made a lot of money, and it seemed that he was born with a gold-absorbing physique. But in fact, the success of these undertakings is inseparable from O'Neill's integrity and high emotional intelligence.

In O'Neill’s business guidelines, he will not endorse and invest in anything that he has never used or disliked, and definitely does not put money in the first place. At the same time, he was well thought out. On the one hand, he obtained a bachelor's degree in business, and on the other hand, he hired a professional accountant to help with his finances.

In 2019, O’Neill has already ranked among the top ten top sports in Forbes by virtue of his business empire. Characters with complete mind, character, emotional intelligence, and luck are indeed convincing.

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