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22 years ago, O'Fang bought millions of original stocks of Google because he liked children 22 years ago. How big is the return now?

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Speaking of O'Neal, the legendary NBA player, I believe that the first thing that comes to mind is the impact that was like a "big shark" back then. In order to effectively prevent O’Neal’s offense, each team will send him free throws at all fouls. This is not only an affirmation of O’Neal’s strength, but also the inability to limit his offense. The helpless move.

With such unique strength and talent, O'Neal also has 10 years of dominance in the NBA, and in nearly 20 years of his career, he has won 3 FMVP and 3 times. Star MVP, 4 NBA championships, 2 scoring champions, it can be said that O'Neal's NBA career is not only a super giant, but also unsurpassed like a legend.

With so many achievements and dominance, O’Neal’s salary in the NBA will certainly not be low, only in 2004- In the 05 season, his annual salary has reached 27.7 million US dollars. This salary may be compared with the current super giants. Perhaps the book data is a little insufficient, but you should know that it was more than ten years ago! Its salary can be said to be no lower than it is now.

At that time, O’Neill, with an annual salary of 10 million yuan, was also the top richest man in the United States. Although he was huge, he was relatively Compared to most players, O’Neal’s business acumen can be said to be very good, not only earning huge commissions in the league, but also having extremely high achievements in other industries, and according to O’Neal’s own expression, the most satisfying One investment was to buy 1 million original shares of Google in 1998. Such a decision was the most satisfying decision for me.

Dating back to 22 years ago, although O’Neal was already very rich, he did not slacken off, but was very He is keen on all kinds of investments. Almost all industries have O'Neill's figure. The fundamental reason for being able to "get acquainted" with Google should start from a child.

As we all know, although O’Neal’s size has always been large, his heart is very humorous and funny. Children are also very fond of them. When O’Neal was waiting for friends at the Four Seasons Hotel, a child caught O’Neal’s attention. O’Neal, who is friendly and loves children, also played with this child in his free time. Went up, and what O'Neill did not expect was that the child’s father turned out to be one of Google’s bosses.

So, because of the kid’s "matching", O’Neill had an intersection with Google and talked with his father In the middle, the two also have a feeling of seeing each other late. The more tempered the two, they finally talked about Google. And O’Neill, who is keen on investing, didn’t take this project too seriously, and in the end he just bought it casually. The millions of original stocks were already an astronomical figure, but for O'Neill's worth at the time, it was only a drop in the bucket!

In this way, O’Neal became one of Google’s shareholders. Although many years have passed, O’Neal has never given up These original stocks, I have to say, how long-term and vicious is O'Neill's vision, time flies, and now 22 years have passed, so how much money can O'Neill make from it?

According to US media reports, the current market value of Google’s original stock is about $1412 per share, and O’Neill bought it at will. The millions of original shares under the shares now have a value of 800 to 1.2 billion. In addition, as one of Google’s shareholders, O’Neill will also have an annual dividend of more than 10 million.It’s no wonder that O’Neill would call this kind of investment the most satisfying decision. However, if O’Neill knew that Google can be so powerful now, I believe it would certainly not just buy a million. The original shares.

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