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Holding 1 million original shares of Google, and signing TNT right after retiring, how much can O'Neill make money?

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Speaking of O'Neal, everyone is no stranger. He may be the most dominant and most incomprehensible center player in NBA history. Starting from entering the NBA in 1992 and announcing his retirement in 2011, O'Neal has created his own legend-4 championships, 1 regular season MVP, 3 FMVPs, 2 NBA scoring champions...

There is no doubt that O'Neal as a player is very successful. Entered the NBA as the top pick and ended his NBA career with the Lakers retiring his jersey. He was selected into the NBA Hall of Fame in 2016 and enjoyed the treatment of the Miami Heat's retired jersey. It can be said that although O'Neal's NBA career has been displaced from six teams, he has achieved outstanding results and performed well.

O'Neal's personal strength on the court and his historical position in the NBA are well known and recognized. But, do you all know how much money O’Neill, who seems to be "criminal", can make money?

In 2011, O’Neill announced He retired and soon signed a multi-year contract with TNT TV. By signing a contract with TNT TV station, O'Neill achieved "re-employment". In other words, he makes money as a commentator and can basically avoid the danger of sitting and eating.

Just two years later, the founder of a software company, Vivik Ranadivi, set a record Acquired the NBA team Saramento Kings from the Marouf brothers for $534 million and became the new owner of the team. According to media reports at the time, O'Neal and the team reached an agreement to buy some shares. This also means that O'Neal invested in the Kings and became one of the shareholders of the Kings.

However, these are just small operations after O'Neill retired. O'Neill's most famous investment was in 1998, when he bought 1 million original shares of Google! At that time, Google was far less famous than it is today. In 1998, O'Neal was introduced to buy 1 million original shares. How much money has it made now?

According to data circulating on the Internet, the value of O’Neill’s stock has already exceeded 700 million US dollars. It is worth mentioning that the dividends and other benefits that O'Neill has received over the past two decades are countless. There is no doubt that even if O'Neill loses his job, as long as Google maintains a healthy development, O'Neill can get a lot of dividend income every year.

In addition, O’Neill also holds shares in high-tech companies such as Microsoft and Oracle. These companies have developed well in recent years, and it is natural for O'Neill to make profits. O'Neill's investment is not luck, he relies on personal strength. Not only rich, but also "mind".

Why is O'Neal so powerful? The reason is simple. O'Neal has a business acumen. In 2005, O'Neill was awarded a master's degree in business at the degree awarding ceremony of the University of Phoenix. There is no doubt that O'Neill is a life winner with a double harvest in theory and practice!

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