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Positive travel history: Twenty years ago, players’ favorite game magazines were already cool, and some continued to make money after transitioning.

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2. Three heroes fighting for supremacy

In the late 1990s, with the increasing expansion of the game market, some people with a good sense of smell have already discovered business opportunities in it , So three of the most well-known game magazines were born in this period.

Electronic game software: 1994-2012

The animation pioneer was originally an animation company, because the boss found that games are more profitable. Started to try the game business, and acted as an agent for the localization of games such as "Swallowing the World 2" and "The Second Super Robot War". As a result, I was tired and half-dead money did not make a lot of money.

Although the initial battle was not successful, the company boss still felt that the game had something to do, so he wanted to make a game Magazine books, not only can make money, but also promote their own games. In this way, "GAME Concentration Camp" was born in June 1994.

This "GAME Concentration Camp" is the predecessor of "Electronic Game Software" ("Diansoft" for short).

The professional production of electronic soft, and the editing with heart will soon make the electronic soft In addition to the magazines that players must buy every month at that time, special issues produced by Diansoft, such as Agent Huang's "Fighting Book" and Magician's "Introduction to Game Making", have also become players' collections. As the influence of the magazine increases, editor Long Ge, Agent Huang, King, Mollusk, and Red Army have become idols of many players.

Group photo of early electronic software editors

2000 With the advent of the Internet age, Diansoft has repeatedly reported rumors of the suspension of publications, but it has always been strong. Until February 27, 2012, the news of the suspension of publications suddenly broke out on the Internet. There is no commemorative content of the suspension.

The fall of "Video Game Software" not only surprised readers, but also made other colleagues feel that winter is coming...

Home computers and games: 1994-2013

At the time, it was able to compete with electronic software Next is "Home Computers and Games" (referred to as "Home Appliances"), which is different from Diansoft in that home appliances are more focused on PC platform games. And when other magazines were writing bulletin-style content such as strategy and information, Dagou, the editor of home appliances at the time, wrote a lot of humanistic care and in-depth topics.

To put it in exaggeration, if other game magazines are dull meeting records, home appliances are the emotional "confidant."

However, because of the conflict between in-depth articles and the publishing environment and the development of online information, The business of "Home Computers and Games" is getting increasingly difficult, finally officially announced the suspension of publication on October 8, 2013, and the joint publication of November and December became the final parting.

Popular software: 1995-present

In addition to games, the content of "Popular Software" (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongsoft") also covers software, hardware, network, digital and other content, so it is not only a mentor to game players, stillMany enlightenment teachers of computer novices. Because "Popular Software" focuses on PC games, their game list has witnessed the historical moment of the domestic game "Legend of Sword and Fairy" surpassing interstellar and dark.

In 2012, Zhongsoft suffered a loss for the first time. In 2013, the issue was withdrawn due to continuous loss. In 2014, the joint issue of "ePlay Computer Game Shinkansen" borrowed the other's issue number to continue publishing. Later, in order not to be eliminated by the Internet age, Zhongsoft raised funds online, and then used the raised 2.03 million to transform into an online media , Became the only game magazine among the Big Three to successfully cross the robbery.

3. Battle of the princes

After the Big Three expanded the market, investors who followed the trend invested in the creation of game magazines. Around the millennium, countless game magazines swarmed out like aunts after they heard about supermarkets delivering eggs.

Video games and computer games: 1996-2003

In 1996, Diansoft editor King left Diansoft because of inconsistency with the creative concept of the editor-in-chief at the time. A month later, he found the gold master and created "Video Games and Computer Games" (referred to as "Diansoft"). Electricity"). Although Diandian was a rising star, because the content was in line with the tastes of hardcore players at the time, it quickly gained a foothold in the market.

Because of the relationship with soft power, the reader has always given readers a feeling of "South Murong, North Qiaofeng", "You chicken, basketball and I bloom"......

Unfortunately, the funder of Diandian is very unreliable. After earning money, it swells up, not only dictating the operation of the magazine In fact, the screenwriter’s salary is often deducted. At the end of 1999, Diandian continued to have editors quit their jobs. When the funder found out that these old editors were not good enough, Diandian was already exhausted. So in May 2003, "Video Games" "Games with Computers" announced the suspension of publication. At that time, the leading game magazines in China were just like that.

Software and CD: 1998-2010

The predecessor of "Software and CD" was "Modernization". In 1998, the magazine cooperated with Taiwan Zhiguan Games and changed its name to "Software and CD".

Although it’s not too late for "Software and CDs" to be a game magazine, because computers were not popular at the time, the magazine’s reputation was slightly inferior to electronic soft and electric, and when computers became popular, players didn’t have to I bought a magazine...After all, the Internet media is faster, so in September 2010, "Software and CD" announced an indefinite suspension of publication.

Practical technology for game consoles: 1998-present

"Game Console Practical Technology" (hereinafter referred to as "UCG"), the original source of UCG content output was mainly the translation of articles from foreign, European, American and Japanese game media. Although it is a bit shameful, it is It is a window for domestic players to understand the world in an era of underdeveloped information. Later, with the addition of editors such as Murong Fei, SOUL, Shaluo, Winner, Polygon, Saga, etc., the content has undergone earth-shaking changes, and UCG's popularity has reached a new height.

After entering the new millennium, UCG is also facing the impact of online media. At that time, UCG chose to take the initiative. In 2005, the official website "Game City" was established. The number of users of the website reached 500,000. It was the most popular game website in China at that time. Unfortunately, the website was closed without warning and the editorial team was disbanded. When the website was reopened, the forum that could be talked about was deleted and turned into a website where only books can be bought. Its popularity plummeted and it was completely closed in 2010.

The first transformation failed...

Group photo of the editors after the disbandment of the game castle

In 2011, UCG began to embrace the Internet again and established an official Weibo. The official account was opened in 2013. In 2015, the former UCG old editors Titan, Gouki, Raiden and others established game websites to cooperate and share resources, thus realizing the transformation from paper media to online media.

Game Day: 1999-2009 strong>

The original "Digital User·Game Day" founded by the telecom editor dragon was referred to as "Game Day." The main strategy has made the magazine the first choice for many hardcore players.

In January 2009, due to changes in the domestic environment and investors' feeling that they were not making money, they chose to stop the publication.

Computer game strategy: 1999-present strong>

According to the official statement, "Computer Game Guide" (hereinafter referred to as "Dian Gong") is the most influential game magazine in East China.

Dian Gong should be the magazine that knows how to follow the trend the most among many game magazines. At first, they mainly made console game content. Later, online games rose but many magazines were reluctant to do online game content. , Because many editors feel that online games are too kimchi compared to console games, and they are only games played by junior players.

Those people did not see that the great wheel of the times has turned... but Dian Gong saw it, so they increased the length of online games and attracted a large number of online game readers.

When the domestic players hadn’t been exposed to "Stone Age", the editor of Electric Attack I have played "Stone Age" on the Taiwan server and have conducted a lot of reports on the game. Many of the first batch of stone players in China are Amway who were attacked by electricity. Later, Dian Gong also directly cooperated with online game merchants, and included online game clients in the magazine, which was very attractive to players who only had a download speed of tens of KB at that time.

Although the content of electronic attack heavy online games and brisk entertainment has made some old readers dissatisfied, but However, Diangong gained a firm foothold in the early days of the online media outbreak. Later, with the rise of mobile terminals, Diangong chose to stop publication in 2014 like a strong man breaking his wrist, and switched to APP to become an e-magazine, once again catching the train of the times. .

ePlay computer game Shinkansen: 2002-present

"ePlay computer game Shinkansen" (hereinafter referred to as "Shinkansen") was born in the Internet era. It can be said to be the child of choice, because the main online game Shinkansen Not only does it cooperate with Taiwan’s game media, it also gets exclusive support from the popular Korean game magazine "Net Power".

When the mobile era came in 2013, Shinkansen immediately launched the mobile project , The following year and "Popular Software" shared the issue number, and then the Shinkansen gradually faded out of the player's field of vision. Although the Shinkansen is still alive, it has been "reborn", Because the Shinkansen has basically become a current affairs magazine, there is very little game-related content...

The younger brother suddenly felt that the Shinkansen had a feeling of "washing white" ashore.

Game base: 2002-2011 strong>

The biggest advantage of "Game Base" compared to other game magazines is that it has a well-known American game websiteThe content license of, can receive the latest global game information in the first time. However, success is also authorized, and failure is also authorized. Later, due to authorization problems and the impact of the Internet, the Gaming Base, which had declining profitability, lost its issue in 2011.

The last words:

Although the magazine closed down, the relationship between editors and games did not end there. For example, Ye Wei, who wrote for the "Video Game Guide", later became the chief planner of Ubisoft Shanghai, a major home appliance company. Dog later became the editor of NetEase, and many UCG editors went to Tencent...

UCG Group photo of the editors

Brother: The ability is limited. There are so many game magazines on the market. Forgive me for not being able to review them one by one. These game magazines have disappeared due to various reasons. It is not that they did not do well but that the times are changing. As Xiao Yuechen, editor of "Popular Software" said: "It's not that the paper media has no hope, but we Wrong way!"

A positive question: What was your favorite game magazine back then?

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