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Top 100 ACG industry events, rediscovered 2019

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"Rediscover 2019, and then insight into 2020."

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2019 is really an extraordinary year.

In this year, the

game industry has recovered due to the influence of the version number, and auto chess and two-dimensional games have become the mainstream;

the animation industry ushered in The 5 billion box office "The Devil Boy of Nezha", the original works have become more and more Chinese; the

e-sports industry has won more recognition from the government and large companies, and FPX won the championship again in S9. People are excited;

the live broadcast industry Douyu listed panda ceases operations, and accompany play has become a new focus;

video platform supports interactive dramas, and increases investment in online functions;

Derivatives set off a national boom, and popular games, claw machines, lolita/jk uniforms/Hanfu, etc...

Looking back, some events caused us to fall into excitement, hesitation, and sorrow at that time. Complex emotions such as, expectation, etc. also leave nodes on the development trajectory of the entire industry, ending the past and affecting the future.

The reliable editorial department (ID: kpACGN) selected 100 items from hundreds of major events that occurred in the ACG industry worldwide in 2019, which also involved a relatively large impact on ACG. Big industry-related industries. It is hoped that from these 100 events, we can see the development trajectory in 2019 and gain insight into certain trends and opportunities in 2020.

(Note: The following rankings are in no particular order, try to arrange them in chronological order)


1. Tencent Interactive Entertainment and Riot Games announced the establishment of a joint venture company "Tengjing Sports"

"Event Review" On January 10th, at the "Competing for the Future" 2019 China League of Legends E-sports Ecological Leadership Summit, Tencent Interactive Entertainment and Riot Games announced the establishment of a joint venture company "Tengjing Sports ". In the future, Tengjing Sports will be responsible for the operation, brokerage, venues, derivatives and other projects of related events in China including "League of Legends".

2. "White Snake: Origin" is released, counterattack with word of mouth

"Review of the Incident" On January 11, the animated film "White Snake: Origin", co-produced by Chasing Light Animation and Warner Bros., was released in mainland China. Relying on high-quality production and well-known folklore stories, it caused word-of-mouth fermentation on social networks, and the final box office was 440 million yuan, which made a good start for the outbreak of domestic animated films in 2019.

3. "Dota Auto Chess" became popular

「Review of the incident ""Dota Auto Chess" is a custom game developed by the domestic studio "Giant Bird Duoduo" and embedded in "DOTA2". After its launch, the highest number of online users quickly exceeded 100,000, becoming the most popular game in early 2019. Popular games have also triggered an auto chess frenzy in the game industry this year.

4. E-sports players and e-sports operators adult club releases new professions

"Review of the incident" On January 28, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security initially identified 15 new occupations to be released, including e-sports players and e-sports operators .


5. Activision Blizzard announced layoffs, the size of the layoffs is nearly 800 people

"Review of the incident" February 12, local time Activision Blizzard announced the fourth quarter and full-year performance report of 2018. On the same day, the earnings call announced Blizzard’s restructuring plan for this year, which will cause Blizzard to lay off nearly 800 employees, accounting for 8% of the company's total employees.

6. Alibaba's shareholding in Station B

"event review"

b>On February 14, Alibaba submitted a report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, announcing that it will acquire nearly 24 million shares of Station B through its wholly-owned subsidiary Taobao China, accounting for approximately 8% of the total share capital of Station B.

7. "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" won the 91st Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film
< /h3>

"Event Review" On February 25th, Beijing time, the Oscars ceremony was held in Los Angeles, USA. The Marvel series "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" won the best animated feature film.

8. "Glasses Factory" BANPRESTO announced its dissolution and merged into a subsidiary of Bandai

"Event Review" On February 22, the official website of BANDAI SPIRITS issued a merger announcement. The "glasses factory" BANPRESTO announced its dissolution, and BANDAI SPIRITS will inherit all the copyrights, businesses and brands of the glasses factory.

9. Japanese GALGAME game developer minori closes down

「Review」 On February 28th, the Japanese beautiful girl game brand minori announced its bankruptcy. It will stop developing new works and disband the production team, and only retain software download sales, after-sales business and other departments. Minori was established in 2007 and has launched classic GALGAME such as "eden*". The OP animation of the early works was produced by Makoto Shinkai.

10. "Notice on the Upgrade of Online Audiovisual Program Information Filing System" is released, and two major online film and television dramas will be filed and announced before the broadcast

"Review of the incident" In February, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued the , Micro-movies and other network audio-visual program information filing system" added a new "key network film and television drama information filing system module", and made corresponding adjustments to related information filing methods. From February 15th, key online film and television dramas need to be filed and publicized twice before they are officially broadcast.

11. PSV stop shipping

"event review"At the end of February, netizens discovered that various models of PlayStation Vita (PSV for short) on the PlayStation website had ended production. The previous two models that were still in production have now also been added to the "End of Production List" list. So far this game console, which was launched in December 2011, has officially withdrawn from the stage.


12. ByteDance acquired Shanghai Mokun, a subsidiary of Sanqi Mutual Entertainment, to accelerate the layout of the game industry chain

"Events Review" On March 12, Shanghai Mokun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Mokun") changed its legal person to Zhang Lidong, senior vice president of Toutiao, and its major shareholder changed to Beijing Chaoxi Guangnian Information Technology Co., Ltd. .

13, Bandai’s animation companySUNRISE established the Shanghai office

"Review of the incident" On March 13, @Bandai Namco China announced on Weibo that Risheng ( Shanghai) Brand Management Co., Ltd. ("SUNRISE Shanghai") was established on March 1. SUNRISE Shanghai is chaired by Makoto Asanuma, and Daisuke Yamada is the director and general manager. It is mainly responsible for the management and application of copyright and copyright of animation images. And to promote the development of all aspects of IP-related businesses.

14. "Love, Death and Robots" is online

"Event Review "On March 15, Netflix launched the animated short collection "Love, Death and Robots", which consists of 18 short films of 5-15 minutes, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, comedy, etc. After the series of animations went online, they won unanimous praise from audiences all over the world. So far, the Douban score of the film is 9.1 points, and the IMDb score is 8.1 points. NETFLIX also announced in June that "Love, Death and Robots" will confirm the renewal of the second season.

15. Disney's US$71 billion acquisition of Fox

"Event Review"On March 20th, in the early morning Eastern time, Disney announced that it had officially completed its acquisition of Fox. The acquired businesses include: Fox’s film and TV program production department, entertainment content cable TV network and international TV business; IP such as X-Men, Avatar, and The Simpsons; TV platforms such as FX Cable Network and National Geographic Channel; others held by Fox Company’s shares, etc.

16. Google releases cloud game service Stadia

"Event Review" In the early morning of March 20th, Beijing time, at the Game Developers Conference (GDC2019) held in San Francisco, Google announced the news about the cloud gaming platform Stadia and a handle that works with the Stadia platform. Through the Stadia platform, players can run console games and stand-alone games on mobile phones, tablets and other devices without hardware restrictions.

17. Tencent UP2019 conference released more than 20 new game trends, animation will explore lightweighting

"Event Review" The UP2019 Tencent New Cultural and Creative Ecological Conference was held in Beijing on March 24 with the theme "One Flower, One World". Tencent Games announced the latest developments in more than 20 games. In terms of animation, Tencent Animation will continue to explore content forms such as “manga animation” and launch “lightweight” animation content that young people love.

18. Apple releases Apple Arcade game service

"Event Review"On March 25th, Apple held a spring conference in California, USA, and released four service products, Apple News+, Apple Card, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade is a game service launched by Apple. After subscribing to the service, players can freely experience all the selected games, including game features and subsequent updates.

19. EA company layoffs on a large scale, with the number reaching 350

" Event review"On March 27, Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, issued a statement on the official website, officially announcing that the company will carry out large-scale layoffs. In order to adapt to the rapidly developing market environment and deal with future challenges and opportunities, EA plans to lay off 350 employees out of 9,000 employees worldwide.

20. Shanda Game is renamed Shengqu Game

"Event Review"On March 29, Shanda Games announced the unified use of "Shengqu Games" as the company's brand from March 31, 2019, and the launch of a new brand identity. In the future, Shengqu Games will act as the company's new brand main body and carry out external business activities.

21. Panda live broadcast ceases operation

"Event Review" On March 30, the official website of Panda Live announced that it "will officially bid farewell to everyone." Since the panda live broadcast entered the closed beta on September 21, 2015, it has been running for a total of 1,286 days. Although Panda Live was suspended, in the second half of 2019, it still caused a lot of trouble for the boss behind it, Wang Sicong.


22. The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued the "Administrative Regulations on Programs for Minors"

"Review of Events" In early April, the "Administrative Regulations on Programs for Minors" It was approved and announced at the administrative meeting of the State Administration of Radio and Television on February 14, 2019, and will come into force on April 30, 2019. The "Administrative Regulations on Programs for Juveniles" provides a number of instructions for the production and broadcasting of programs for minors on radio, television and online platforms, including special frequency channels for minors, daily broadcasts in the Internet area, or domestic and foreign on-demand programs. The proportion of cartoons shall comply with the regulations of the State Council’s radio and television authority.

23. The National Bureau of Statistics officially classifies e-sports as a sports competition

"Event Review" On April 9, the National Bureau of Statistics released the "Sports Industry Statistics Classification (2019)". Among them, "sports competition performance activities" category includes "e-sports" sports.

24. Cai Xukun’s studio sends a lawyer’s letter to station B

"Events "Review" On April 12, Cai Xukun’s studio Weibo forwarded the lawyer’s notification letter sent by Shanghai Zhengce Law Firm to Station B. The lawyer’s letter stated that there were a large number of content on station B that seriously violated the rights of the client, and clicked The amount is high, the spread is wide, and the impact is very bad. After receiving the notification letter, station B is required to immediately delete the above-mentioned infringing content and disconnect the link to the infringing content. Station B replied to the incident that night, stating that Station B has always attached importance to protecting citizens' privacy and reputation rights, and that legal issues are handled by professional personnel. It is believed that the law has its own arbitrariness.

25. The game version number declaration is officially restarted

"Event Review"On April 19, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television announced in the "Approval for the Publication of Domestic Online Game Works" the basis for setting up game declarations, licensing conditions, quantity restrictions, licensing procedures, licensing periods, and a catalog of materials to be submitted , Application and other related information, and released two application forms, "Application for Publication of Domestically-produced Computer Online Game Works" and "Application Form for Publication of Domestically-produced Mobile Game Works." This heralds the restart of the declaration of domestic games.

26. Sony enters the Chinese animation market

"event review"

b>On April 19, "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" reported that due to the continuous expansion of China's animation market, Sony decided to fully enter the Chinese animation market. Aniplex, a subsidiary of the Sony Group, will upgrade its Shanghai office to a local legal person and begin operations in May. At the same time, it will increase its staff and expand the company's business areas. Sony will also cooperate with Chinese companies to jointly develop animation and game IP.

27. Dispute between Xiaoming Taiji and Friends Manke

"Review of the incident" Because the comic "Fight Break Sphere" was launched on Tencent Animation, on April 24, Xiao Ming Tai Chi issued a statement stating that Zhiyin Manke had violated the contract due to issues such as the delivery of the work, and had been in accordance with the contract on April 19, 2019. The agreement was made to apply to the arbitration committee for arbitration. Zhiyin Manke issued a statement on April 25, stating that because Xiaoming Taiji failed to pay the license for more than 30 days overdue, his behavior constituted a fundamental breach of contract. Xiaoming Taiji Guoman Co., Ltd. has no right to use or authorize a third party to use the previous The information network dissemination rights of multiple works in the agreement between the two parties. On April 26, in Xiaoming Taiji's new statement, it was pointed out that Zhiyin Manke "fully fulfilled its contractual obligations" was not true, and repeated negotiations with Zhiyin Manke regarding this situation were unsuccessful.

28. "Avengers 4" premiere day ticketThe total box office is over 500 million, and the total box office is the world's largest box office in movie history.

"Event Review" "Avengers 4: Endgame" April It was released in mainland China on the 24th. According to relevant box office statistics, the first-day box office pre-sale exceeded 200 million yuan (the final first-day box office was 534 million yuan), making it the movie with the highest first-day pre-sale box office in Chinese film history. On July 22, according to US Box Office Mojo data, the global box office of "Avengers 4: Endgame" was US$2.7902 billion, which officially surpassed the US$2.7897 billion of "Avatar" and became the world's No. 1 box office in film history.

29. Opening of the 15th China International Animation Festival

「Review of the event "On April 30th, the six-day 15th China International Animation Festival kicked off in Hangzhou Binjiang Baima Lake Animation Plaza. In addition to the main venue of Baima Lake, the Animation Festival has set up 12 sub-venues in the city, holding five major sections including exhibitions, forums, business, competitions, and events, and a total of more than 50 colorful activities.


30. "Peace Elite" is online

"Event Review" On May 8, the game "Peace" developed by Tencent Photonic Studio and published by Tencent "Elite" officially launched the public beta. So far, the problem that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Stimulating the Battlefield cannot be realized due to no version number has finally been solved. "Peace Elite" lived up to high expectations. According to the "May 2019 Mobile Data Report" released by gamma data, "Peace Elite" had a turnover of more than 1 billion yuan in the first month of its launch, ranking first in the game's revenue list of the month.

31. IQIYI World·Conference is held, the third phase of "The Sky Plan Starts"

"Event Review" On May 9, the 2019 iQiyi World Conference was held in Beijing. In this event, iQiyi launched the third phase of the "Sky Project". Comics, light novels, excellent overseas works, high-quality film and television scripts, and content adaptations of web majors, web dramas, comics, etc.

32. "Father of Calabash Baby" Mr. Hu Jinqing passed away

"Event Looking back"On May 13, Hu Jinqing, an animation director known by the public as the "father of the gourd baby", died at the Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital at the age of 83. In 1984, Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio created a script outline based on the folk tale "Seven Brothers". At the end of 1985, the "Seven Brothers" film crew was formally established, with Hu Jinqing as the director and styling design. Between 1986 and 1987, the production of the first part of the series "Brothers Calabash" was completed; between 1989 and 1991, the production of the second part of the series "Little King Calabash" was completed. The gourd doll series of animations have aroused widespread repercussions and are deeply loved by children.

33. The country’s first case of illegal business operation by a Danmei author was sentenced, and the author of the work was sentenced to 4 years in prison

"Review of the Incident" On May 15, the first-instance verdict of the "Mr. Deep Sea" case, which was called "the country's first case involving an illegal business operation by a smashed American author" by many media, came to a conclusion. The court found that Tanmei author Tang Xin was guilty of illegal business operations and sentenced to four years in prison. The Taobao shopkeeper involved was sentenced to three and six months in prison, and the printing factory operator was sentenced to two and six months in prison. Tang Xin's father, Tang Shijun, said he could not accept it and would continue to appeal.

34. Lian Shang Literature acquires Man Man Manga

"Event Review"On May 17, Lian Shang Literature announced that it had completed the full acquisition of Manman Comics, with the purpose of increasing the animation sector and improving the source of the IP ecology. Wang Ling (Shui Lanse), the founder of Manman Comics and a senior serial entrepreneur in the field of comics, will join the Lian Shang Literature team and become the Vice President of Lian Shang Literature and the General Manager of Man Man Comics.

35. Tencent held a global digital ecology conference, and Tencent announced the layout of the animation industry chain

"Event Review" May 21, 2019 Tencent Global Digital Ecology Conference was held in Kunming. In the "ACG Special" section of the conference, Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent Group, said that Tencent has built a complete animation industry chain: comics and animation works are cultivated on the platforms of Tencent Animation and Tencent Video, transformed into each other, and then passed through wave holes. Excellent creators of ACG in the planet community made a second creation to realize IP.

36. Jinjiang was investigated and the starting point was interviewed

"Review of the incident "On May 23, Jinjiang Literature City was investigated and dealt with by Beijing’s “anti-pornography” department. Suspected of spreading obscene and pornographic information, neglected investigation and control of online publications, and failed to perform reasonable review obligations, Jinjiang Literature City was ordered to stop updating relevant columns and channels, and pursue the legal responsibilities of producers, uploaders, and disseminators in accordance with the law. On May 20th, the Shanghai Cyberspace Administration of China, together with the Municipal “Anti-pornography” Office and the Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, reported that the starting point Chinese website under the Reading Group had not fulfilled its obligations to manage the illegal and illegal information published by users, and spread the wrong orientation and vulgar pornography. Issues such as novels require comprehensive rectification.

37. TI9 tickets sold out in one minute

"Event Review""Dota2" annual international invitational tournament TI9 will be held in Shanghai in August. On May 24th, on-site tickets were officially opened for purchase on Less than a minute after the sale, all tickets were sold out, causing dissatisfaction with some players and doubts about the behavior of the black box scalpers.

38, 14 short video platforms and 4 online video platforms have launched the "Youth Anti-addiction System"

"Review of the incident" On May 28, the State Cyberspace Administration of China announced that it will coordinate and guide the watermelon video, good-looking video, small video for all people, Bilibili, Miaopai, Bobo 14 short video platforms such as Video, Have You Seen it, Weishi, AcFun, Meipai, Xiaoying, Pear Video, First Video, Weibo, and 4 online video platforms including Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku, and PP Video , Before the "June 1" Children's Day, the "Juvenile Anti-addiction System" was launched. In addition to the previously piloted Douyin, Kuaishou, and Volcano small video platforms, 21 major domestic online video platforms have launched the "Juvenile Anti-addiction System".

39. Universal Studios Beijing announced that it will officially open in 2021

" Event review"On May 31, the director of the Management Committee of Beijing’s Tongzhou District Cultural Tourism District revealed that the infrastructure construction of the Beijing Universal Studios project will be completed by the end of 2020. After a period of trial operation in the first half of 2021, an official date will be selected. Open the park. Universal Studios Beijing will introduce seven major parks including "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter", "Transformers' 3D Adventure", "Minions 3D Roller Coaster" and "Jurassic Park", as well as float tours during the day and water at night. Performance.


40. "Tomorrow's Ark" has a turnover of over 600 million yuan in the first month

"Event Review" released according to gamma data in "May 2019 Mobile "Data Report", "Tomorrow's Ark" in the first month of online turnover is expected to exceed 600 million. "Tomorrow's Ark" is a two-dimensional strategic business game produced and published by Eagle Corner Network. It will be publicly tested on May 1, 2019. The game once topped the Apple App Store China bestseller list on May 30.

41. "The Original God" was caught in a plagiarism storm, and it won the version number on October 23.

"Review of the incident" On June 8, Mihayou released the PV of "The Original God", and the first closed test of file deletion was opened on June 21. During the test, a large number of players questioned "The Original God" Excessive use of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" and "Neil: Automata". On June 25, the production team of "Yuan Shen" published "A Letter from the Production Team of Yuan Shen to Players" on TapTap, expressing that they learned advanced technology to bring a better gaming experience and lower barriers to entry. Multi-player. This is the consistent aim of Mihayou's games. On October 23, "The Original God" won the online game version number.

42, E3 2019 is held, "Zelda" sequel announced

"Event Review"From June 11th to 13th, the E3 2019 Game Show in Los Angeles, USA was held. Major game makers have released news about new games during E3: Microsoft announced that it will launch a new host Scarlett at the end of 2020; Nintendo released a new trailer for "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild".

43. Fan Luyuan serves as the president of Youku

"Event Review"On June 18th, Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong announced a new round of organizational structure upgrades and appointed Fan Luyuan (Mu Huali) as the president of Alibaba Entertainment Group, responsible for Youku, Alibaba Pictures, Damai, and Interactive Entertainment.

44. Blizzard Global Gaming Director resigns

"Event Review"On June 18th, Blizzard’s global e-sports director Kim Phan announced his resignation on Twitter. During his tenure, Kim Phan was responsible for the e-sports competitions of Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft and World of Warcraft, as well as third-party competition cooperation.

45. The Hainan government will build the "Hainan International E-sports Port" and launch the "Six Seas" to support the development of e-sports

"Event Review" On June 20, the Global E-sports Leadership Summit and Tencent E-sports Annual Conference were held in Hainan. At the meeting, Sun Ying, director of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Film and Sports of Hainan Province, stated that the Hainan government will build the "Hainan International E-sports Port." The special support policy "Six Hainan" was also released at the meeting. Hainan will gradually improve and launch corresponding support in terms of funds, talents, taxation, entry and exit, competitions and communication.

46. "Gintama" is over

"Event Review"On June 20th, the long manga "Gintama" created by Japanese manga artist Sorachi Hideaki released the final episode and officially ended. "Gintama" began serialization on "Weekly Shonen Jump" on December 8, 2003, and then moved to "JUMP GIGA" to continue serialization, and then to the Gintama App for serialization. Until June 20 this year, the final word: Chapter 704 was released.

47. "Spirited Away" will be released in mainland China on June 21

"Event Review" On June 21, "Spirited Away" was officially released in mainland China, and finally won 475 million yuan in box office. In 2001, Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki created "Spirited Away" and broke into the 26th place on the IMDb Top 250 best film list. It is the highest-ranked animation so far, and won the Golden Image Award, Oscar, and Annie Award in one fell swoop. It is also the only animated film in the world that has won both Oscar and Golden Bear awards.

48. The number of iQiyi members exceeds 100 million

「Review of the incident " At 5:13 on June 22, iQiyi announced that the number of real-time members exceeded 100 million.

49. The tenth anniversary of bilibili, the animation of "Three Body" starts

"Event Review" On June 26, at the 10th Anniversary of Bilibili, Station B officially announced the start of the animation of the science fiction novel "Three Body", and announced the concept version of the PV. The animated version of "Three Body" will be produced by Yihua Kaitian, and jointly produced by Station B, Three Body Universe, and Yihua Kaitian, or it will be released in 2021.

50. Japanese head virtual idol "Kizuna Ai" enters China

"Event Review" On June 30, Japanese head VTuber Kizuna AI (Kizuna AI) held its first offline official birthday party. The birthday party officially announced that Kizuna AI will officially enter the Chinese market and announced the Chinese version. Image and "Chinese Love". On December 18, AC Niang released a video linking with Kizuna Ai. The video indicated that Kizuna would be stationed in acfun. Kizuna Ai created a channel on acfun the next day.


51. "Chen Qingling" "Full-time "Master" live-action drama hits hot summer vacation

"Review of the incident" The live-action drama "Chen Qingling" and "Full-time Master" adapted from the novel are in the summer It went online and became popular, sparking a new wave of industry attention to IP adaptation of live-action dramas.

52. The total number of users of Kuaikan Manga exceeded 200 million, and the animation of the manga "Popular Heartbeat" was officially launched

"Review of the Incident" On July 1, Kuaikan Manga announced that the total number of users exceeded 200 million, and the number of registered users exceeded 100 million. At the end of the same month, the animation of "Punching Heart" was officially launched. "Puzzling" is an exclusive serialization of youth love comics in Kuaikan Manga since March 2016. It tells the story of young girls living under the same roof, experiencing youth ignorance and growing up troubles, encouraging each other and growing love. , Created by ※kid years old.

53. The animation of "Love and the Producer" is officially launched

" Event Review"On July 9, "Love and Producer" officially announced the animation decision, and released the animation character design drawings and the first PV. The animation of "Love and the Producer" will be produced by MAPPA, with Shunhisa Kai as the director, and the animation role dubbing actor will be consistent with the game.

54. The operator of Japan’s largest pirated comics website "Manga Village" was arrested

"Review of the Incident" On July 9, Hoshino Romi, the operator of Japan's largest pirated comics website "Manga Village", was arrested at Manila Airport in the Philippines and will be forcibly returned to Japan for trial.

55. The stand-alone game IP "Fantasy Three Kingdoms" will be animated soon

"Event Review" On July 10, Taiwanese game maker Yu Jun Odin announced the establishment of a "Fantasy Three Kingdoms" animation production committee with Zhibao International, Station B, and Tongyuan Creative. The production is based on the "Fantasy Three Kingdoms" game. An animated drama based on the plot.

56. Various video platforms have successively released interactive video standards and launched interactive video creation functions

"Event Review" In July, the interactive video function was launched on station B, and UP owners with more than 10,000 fans were open to apply for the internal test qualification. Tencent Video released the technical standards and open platform for interactive video, indicating that through this platform, interactive content production, creation, release and data monitoring can be realized for creators and developers. As early as the iQiyi World Conference in May this year, iQiyi was the first to release an interactive video standard and plans to launch an interactive video platform.

57. Douyu is listed on NASDAQ

「Review of the incident "On July 16, local time in the United States, Douyu was officially listed on the Nasdaq under the stock code "DOYU". The opening quoted price was $11.02/ADS, down 4.17% from the issue price of $11.5. Based on this calculation, the market value of Douyu at the opening was approximately US$3.582 billion. Douyu CEO Chen Shaojie and platform anchors PDD, Xuxu Baby, Female Stream, YYF and others participated in the bell ringing ceremony.

58. Shanghai announces the list of the first batch of e-sports players, 88 players are listed

"Event Review" Recently, the Shanghai E-sports Association announced the list of the first batch of e-sports players, including "League of Legends", "Glory of the King", "FIFA ONLINE4", "Royal War", " 88 players from the 7 competitions of Dota2, Hearthstone, and Warcraft 3 have registered as e-sports athletes. Successfully registered e-sports athletes will enjoy the six rights granted by the Shanghai E-sports Association.

59. Japanese Kyoto animation was set on fire, 36 people were killed

" thingA review" On the morning of July 18, the first studio of animation in Kyoto, Japan suffered arson, killing 36 people and injuring 33 others. The arson suspect is a 41-year-old man named Shinji Aoba. According to Japanese media reports, almost all the original paper materials of Kyoto Animation were burned, but the server on the first floor was not burned out. With the help of experts, the original data in the server has been successfully restored. These data include part of the original paintings that have been digitalized, storyboards, and some new works.

60. "Nezha: The Devil Child Comes into the World" was released in mainland China, with a box office exceeding 5 billion

"Review of Events" On July 26, "Nezha: The Devil Boy Comes into the World" was released in mainland China, and finally won a box office of 5 billion, becoming the highest-grossing theater movie in China in 2019 . "Nezha's Devil Boy Comes into the World" is directed by Jiaozi, and is jointly produced by Caitiaowu Pictures, Cocoa Animation and October Culture.

61. People's Daily Online’s "Game Appropriate Age Reminder" platform was officially launched, 21 games participated in

"Event Review" July 26, The People's Daily Online "Game Age Reminder" platform was officially launched. 21 games including "Jian Wang 3" participated in the age-appropriate reminder. Among them, 8 games such as "Zhengtu" are classified as 18+ age-appropriate games. People's Daily Online stated that the platform was launched to showcase the basic content and latest revisions of the "Game Age Reminder Draft", companies participating in the "Game Age Reminder Initiative", games that mark the age-appropriate reminder, and the revision of the age-appropriate reminder by all parties in the society. Comments and suggestions.

62. Station B acquires Chaodian Culture

On July 26, Station B announced It has signed an agreement with Chaodian Inc to acquire its major shares in order to broaden the commercialization capabilities of Station B. Chaodian Culture plans and operates BML (Bilibili Macro Link), BW (Bilibili World) and other offline performing arts and exhibition activities, and also involves UP prime brokerage and IP derivative business.


63. The 2019 ChinaJoy ended, the leaders of relevant departments encouraged excellent games

"Event Review" In early August, the 17th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition The curtain came to an end in Shanghai. During the 4-day exhibition, over 360,000 people participated in this grand event focusing on the "game industry". At the exhibition-related activities, Guo Yiqiang, director of the Publishing Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department, expressed his hope for the game industry in the new era: encouraging excellence, curbing mediocrity, eliminating inferior products, promoting transformation and upgrading, and making boutique production a common pursuit of the entire industry.

64. Qiao Biluo Incident

"Event Review"7 On the 25th, the face-covering anchor "His Royal Highness Qiao Biluo", who has 100,000 fans on Douyu Live, broadcasted "Overturned Cars", which aroused heated discussions in the society. On August 1, Douyu announced the permanent closure of the live broadcast room of "His Royal Highness Qiao Biluo". On August 6, the Online Performance (Live Broadcast) Branch of the China Performance Industry Association announced the third batch of anchor blacklists to the public. Among them, "His Royal Highness Qiao Biluo" was listed for a five-year ban.

65. Sunac's strategic investment in Dream City Culture

「Review of the event "On August 21, Sunac Culture Group announced that it has officially landed its exclusive investment in Dream City Culture, a well-known domestic animation IP incubation and commercial operation company, and realizes strategic holding of Dream City Culture. Established in 2006, Dream City and its subsidiary holding companies have launched many well-known cartoon characters such as Ari, Xiaolu Almond, Luo Xiaohei, Pi Dizi and so on.

66. "World of Warcraft" nostalgic service is launched globally, Blizzard shares rose 5%

"Event Review" On August 27, the "World of Warcraft" nostalgic server was officially launched worldwide. On the first day, the servers of the national server were all full, and popular events such as players collectively asking for leave and lining up to kill monsters were staged, triggering discussions among netizens. That day, moveAs Blizzard's share price returned to $52, an increase of nearly 5%, a new high in 2019.

67. Dota International Invitational OG won the LGD third place

"Event Review"DOTA2 International Invitational, yes One of the world's largest e-sports events. This year is the first time it has come to the Mercedes-Benz Center in Shanghai, China to host a competition. In the final, the European team OG defeated the North American team TL and successfully defended their title. This year's TI9 prize money has reached a new high. The total prize pool is about 240 million yuan, and the champion OG prize is 110 million yuan. Five Chinese teams KG, RNG, VG, NB and LGD entered the main game. Only LGD entered the semi-finals and then lost to TL in the loser group and won the third place. This is also the first time the Chinese Dota has missed the TI finals since Wings won the championship in 2016, the worst record in three years.

68. Tencent invests US$125 million in Kuaikan Comics

「Review of the incident "On August 27, Kuaikan Manga announced that it had received a new round of investment of US$125 million from Tencent. Next, I will continue to develop independently and strengthen cooperation with Tencent in related business departments. Since its establishment in December 2014, Kuaikan Manga has gained over 200 million users and over 40 million monthly active users.


69. Watermelon video was sentenced to take down the "Glory of the King" video, and Tencent’s headline game battles escalated

"Review of the incident" September 9th, Watermelon The video announced to users that it would no longer upload video content related to "Honor of Kings". The cause of the incident was that Tencent sued Toutiao, arguing that Watermelon Video disseminated a large number of "Glory of Kings" game-related short videos and obtained huge profits, infringed on Tencent's copyright and constituted unfair competition. The court held that the watermelon video has the possibility of infringement and unfair competition, and the current related infringements continue, which may cause irreparable damage to the applicant. Therefore, it is required that Watermelon Video stop disseminating videos containing the game screen of "Honor of Kings" on the platform, and watermelon Video is required to issue notices for users to stop disseminating and uploading game videos of "Honor of Kings" in a conspicuous manner for 15 consecutive days.

70. After Nike released the LPL uniform to cause controversy, League of Legends reached cooperation with OPPO and LV

"Review of the incident" On September 9, Nike released a customized team uniform at the LPL finals, which caused a lot of controversy. Nike dissatisfied the team and fans in team uniform cooperation, and did not affect the cooperation of other brands of Riot Games. On September 23, Louis Vuitton announced its cooperation with Riot Games to customize an exclusive trophy travel hard case on S9. On September 30, Riot Games officially announced that it has become a long-term global smartphone partner of "League of Legends" with OPPO. Around the three major global events of the League of Legends: the global finals, the mid-season championship, and the All-Star game, the cooperation will start from the current S9 and last until 2024.

71. Zhihu opened an account with @ZhihuAnimation and obtained partial authorization from Guomanan

"Review of the incident" On September 15, the official account of Zhihu @Zhihu Animation began to update, uploading the "Rainbow Cat, Blue Rabbit and Seven Heroes" animation complete set and opening a special topic. According to the introduction of the special page, The animation has been authorized by Guangzhou Hongmao Lantu Animation Technology Co., Ltd. In addition, Zhihu Animation also uploaded animation works such as "I am Jiang Xiaobai" and "The Legend of the Great Wall", and stated that in the future, "discover more professional and interesting ACG content".

72. The light text light novel website is suspended, and Baixiong Reading announces rectification

"Review of the Incident" On September 23, the official website of Qingwenqing Novel issued an announcement stating that due to non-resistant factors, the website ceased operation on September 23, 2019. On September 3, the founder of Baixiong Reading Guo Xiaochi released a Weibo, saying that the platform has encountered some difficulties in content review and will take some time to rectify. It is uncertain when it will be restored but will not be shut down, and will negotiate and deal with the serialized works.

73. League of Legends "Game of Genting" has over 33 million monthly active users worldwide, and Chinese players have the highest enthusiasm.

"Review of Events" September 26 On March, Riot Games announced that the global monthly active players in the Genting Game model exceeded 33 million, and the most enthusiastic players were Chinese players. Since the launch of the Genting Game Mode, the game time of Chinese players has increased by 35%. In addition, since the release of Genting Game, players have accumulated 1.725 billion hours of game time. In the past 30 days, Genting Game has been used for 720 million hours.


74. Tencent video "China Good Stories" series presents National Day, and Huamengwayu and others participated in the production

"Event Review" During the National Day, Tencent Video continued Many animated short films such as "One Dream", "Happy Season" and "Looking Up at the Stars" have been launched, focusing on letting Chinese animators tell China's stories. These animated short films have different styles, including 2D, 3D, ink, freeze, oil painting and other forms of expression.

75. "The Return of the Great Sage" single-player game is online, and the bad reviews are rampant

"Event Review" was jointly developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), October Culture, and Oasis Games. The game "The Return of the Great Sage", adapted from the movie of the same name, was rated as one of the most disappointed games due to its poor quality after it went live. one. The PPT-like game cutscenes, the role and mode of the game are single, and the hitting feel "makes people go back to before 2004", but it is sold at a 3A price of 199 yuan. In addition to over-marketing, the game "The Return of the Great Sage" was launched and received a lot of negative reviews, even the director of the B station up, Ao, had to delete the promotional video.

76. League of Legends pushes six IP games, LOL mobile game national service reservation begins

"Event Review" On October 15, reservations for the League of Legends mobile game were opened. Taptap reservations exceeded one million on that day, and five other League of Legends IP games were released in one go: "Genting Game" and " League of Legends E-sports Manager, LOL card strategy game "legends of runeterra", first-person tactical shooting game "Plan A", fighting and RPG games under the League of Legends worldview. At the same time, "League of Legends Mobile Games" and "League of Legends E-sports Manager" have already begun reservations in China.

77. NetEase "Harry Potter" and "Chen Qingling" mobile game reservations are online

"Event Review" On October 30, Warner Bros. and NetEase announced that they would jointly launch a new mobile game called "Harry Potter: The Awakening of Magic", which is a fusion In a card game with role-playing elements, players can start their own adventure as the protagonist of the "Harry Potter" story. On October 31, the original mobile game "Chen Qing Ling" opened an appointment, which was jointly developed by NetEase Games and Xin Pai Media.

78. Guangguang Media released a quarterly report, and its profit increased by 4 times over the same period last year.

"Event Review" On October 24, the Q3 financial report released by Guangguang Media showed that during the reporting period, revenue was 1.29 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 128.65%; net profit attributable to listed companies reached 1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase An increase of 463.33% in the same period last year. This achievement is not only in the leading position among traditional private companies, but also one of the few in the entire media sector. Guangguang Media stated that the increase in profit was mainly due to the excellent box office performance of films such as "Nezha: The Devil Child Comes Down", which increased its film business revenue.

79. "Overwatch" and "Operation Wilderness" will land on Switch in October

"Event Review" On September 5th, Nintendo announced that the NS version of "Overwatch" will be officially launched on October 16th. "Overwatch" legendary version will be launched in retail physical and digital versions. Suggested prices It is US$39.99 (RMB 285). Players who pre-order before October 16 will getNS version of the black widow skin, 3 months of NS online service membership, 15 (legendary, classic, original) skins and hundreds of game props. At the same time, NetEase "Operation Wilderness" is also determined to land on Switch in October 2019.

80, "Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker" mobile game public beta

"Events "Review" On October 31, Tencent’s National Comics IP "Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker" mobile game public beta, produced by Tencent Northern Lights Studio, endorsed by Di Lieba.

81. China Mobile Games went public in Hong Kong, with a turnover of 1.274 billion Hong Kong dollars on the first day

"Event Review" On October 31, China Mobile Games Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Mobile Games") was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. On the first day of listing, after opening lower at HK$2.81/share, it quickly rose, reaching a maximum of HK$3.17/share, and finally closing at HK$2.89/share. The closing price was up 2.12% from the issue price of HK$2.83 per share, and the transaction amount on the first day reached HK$1.274 billion, with a market value of HK$6.534 billion based on the closing price.


82. Japan’s annual box office champion "Weather Children", which was released on November 1 in mainland China with a box office of 281 million

"Event Review" November 1 On July 1, "Weather Child" was released in mainland China, with a box office of 281 million yuan. According to Japanese media statistics, the animated film "The Child of the Weather" directed by Makoto Shinkai became the most popular theater movie in Japan in 2019, with a total box office of more than 14 billion yen. Although it was the hottest in Japan during the year, it was a step backwards compared with the box office record of more than 25 billion yen in "Your Name", directed by Makoto Shinkai.

83. FPX won the League of Legends S9 champion LPL strong defense

"Event Looking back" On November 10th, FPX defeated G2 3-0 and won the League of Legends World Championship for the LPL Division. After IG won the championship last year, LPL defended the title strongly. Next year S10 will be held in China again, and the final will be settled in Shanghai.

84. The total sales of Bubble Mart on Double 11 reached 82.12 million, and the trendy play market grew rapidly

"Event Review" The total sales of Bubble Mart’s flagship store on Tmall on Double 11 reached 82.12 million, a year-on-year increase of 295%, ranking in the Tmall toy category (toy + model play) First, more than 2 million trendy toys have been sold.

85. The bilibili 2nd National Innovation Conference officially announced the latest progress of 40 animation works

"Event Review" On November 17, the 2nd National Innovation Conference of bilibili announced 27 new works and the latest developments of the previous 13 works. The press conference also announced the latest data of Guochuang's works on station b: In 2019, bilibili launched 104 Guochuang works, and the total broadcast time of Guochuang District exceeded 300 million hours, an increase of 125% year-on-year. For the first time, MAU in the Guochuang District of Station B surpassed the Fan Opera District and became the largest professional content category of Station B.

86. The "Notice on Preventing Minors from Indulging in Online Games" was officially implemented, and the payment services for online games for minors were regulated

"Review of the incident" On November 19, the National Press and Publication Administration issued a notice on preventing minors from indulging in online games. With the official landing of the notice, more cities will continue to implement anti-addiction measures for minors in online games. The notice requires minors to ban online games from 22:00 to 8:00 every day, and no more than 1.5 hours a day on weekdays. For paid services provided by the same online game company, the recharge of online games under the age of 16 shall not exceed 200 yuan/month, and the single recharge shall not exceed 50 yuan.

87. Netease comics stopped serving

"Event Review" On November 22, Netease Comics announced that it will be permanently suspended after 12 o'clock on December 31, 2019. According to the announcement, most of the works of Netease comics have been transferred to the Bilibili comics update.

88. "The Wind Guardians" won the Golden Rooster Award for Best Art Film, "The Wind Guardians 2" is in preparation

"Event Review" On November 23, the 32nd Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards Ceremony was held in Xiamen, Fujian. The film "The Wind Guardians" won the Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards. "Best Fine Art Film" award. The next day, Tao Hong, the producer of The Wind Guardians, posted on Weibo that the sequel was being prepared: "This award is undoubtedly the biggest encouragement when we are preparing for Wind Guardians II."

89. Ultraman joins the Marvel Universe, and the linkage comic will be launched in 2020

"Event Review" On November 24, at the Tokyo Comic and Animation Expo, Marvel officially announced that it has reached a cooperation with Tsuburaya Co., Ltd., and will launch Marvel's "Ultraman" linkage comics in 2020-"Ultraman Multiverse" comics and And graphic novels.

90. "Demon Slayer" won the first place in the sales of comics in 2019, surpassing "One Piece"

"Event Review" On November 28, the Oricon public trust list released the 2019 comic sales rankings. The annual sales of "Demon Slayer" comics exceeded 1.9 million copies of "One Piece" and ranked first, becoming This year's sales champion. Prior to this, "One Piece" had won the championship for eleven consecutive years.

91. was listed in Hong Kong in December, with ByteDance, Mihayou, Lilith, and Folding as cornerstone investors

"Event Review" Xindong Network was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 12, with an issue price of 11.1 Hong Kong dollars that day, and a net fundraising of 628.9 million Hong Kong dollars. The opening price of the day was 11.98 yuan, an increase of 7.9% from the issue price. The share price of subsequently declined, and the market value was still nearly HK$5 billion. As of September 30, has operated 42 games, including 12 paid games. In addition, operates TapTap, China's largest gaming community and platform, with an average of 17 million monthly active users. Its game ratings have become the most authoritative reference standard for China's mobile game industry.


92. Unauthorized dissemination of "One Piece" caused a loss of ten million yuan to a comic company. The founder of a well-known comic network was arrested

"Review of the incident" On December 5th, a man was arrested by the People’s Procuratorate of Fengxian District, Shanghai on suspicion of copyright infringement on suspicion of copyright infringement, for reprinting "One Piece" comics simultaneously through the website and official account without authorization. .

93. Bank of China’s Nintendo Switch was released, and Tmall’s sales broke 10,000 in an instant

"Event Review"12 In the early morning of the 10th, the National Bank Nintendo Switch, which is represented by Tencent, was sold on online and offline channels such as Tmall,,, and Shundian. According to data released by @Tmall Speaker on Weibo, as of 10 a.m. that day, Switch sales on Tmall have exceeded 10,000 units, of which 75% are users under 30. On December 4, the Nintendo Switch product launch conference was held in Shanghai, and it was announced that the Nintendo Switch will be officially launched in mainland China on December 10, with a price starting at 2099 yuan.

94. Station A brand upgrade, positioning "hard core second element"

"Event Review" On December 5, the Kuaishou ACG Photosynthetic Creators Conference with the theme of "Connecting Every Dimension" was held in Wuhan. Wen Min, the general manager of Station A and the person in charge of the vertical category of Kuaishou 2D, officially announced the brand positioning of Station A as "a hard-core 2D entertainment community gathering young people" and the upgraded version UPThe main support plan "2020 Plan", Kuaishou two-dimensional vertical category will launch "Kaishou original animation" and "Guoman support plan", and announced the integration of content and user level with station A. Earlier, station A announced in August that it would pour 570 million in resource rewards to support outstanding UP owners.

95. The International E-Sports Federation was formally established in Singapore, with Tencent as the founding partner

"Event Review" On December 16, the Global Esports Federation (Global Esports Federation) was formally established in Singapore. Tencent has become the global chief founding partner of GEF, and its independent business brand Tencent E-sports will undertake the strategic cooperation promotion matters in the cooperation with GEF. The main purpose of GEF is to make the development of e-sports more standardized and comprehensive.

96. The Central Propaganda Department: The version number has been approved for 1,468 models, which will improve the approval process and curb excess supply

"Event Review" On December 19, the 2019 China Game Industry Annual Conference was held in Haikou City, Hainan Province. Feng Shixin, deputy director of the Publishing Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department, introduced in his speech that since this year, the National Press and Publication Administration has approved the publication and operation of 1,468 games, which basically meets the normal development needs of enterprises. In the next work, the relevant departments will focus on protecting minors. People are physically and mentally healthy, a sound working mechanism that pays equal attention to approval and supervision, enriches the ideological and cultural connotation of games, promotes a high-quality boutique strategy, and promotes the Chinese spirit in a win-win cooperation.

97. "One Comic" APP is officially launched

"Review of the incident "On November 29, the app for the comics platform "Yiben Manga", a young man subordinate to Guangxi Caijoya, was officially launched. According to the official introduction, "Yiben Manga" is committed to providing high-quality serial creation for comic creators. The environment and content are deeply cultivated, and great progress has been made in the fields of IP development and content payment. At present, 52 comic works such as "Mr. Miao's Flowers on the Other Shore" and "Dali Temple Journal" have been launched on the platform.

98. Feng Timo settled in station B, the first day of the broadcast broke ten million in popularity

"Event Review" On December 23, Feng Timo's live broadcast debut at station B. That night, the peak popularity of Feng Timo's live broadcast exceeded 10.23 million, and the volume of barrage was 452,000. During the live broadcast, his fans rose by more than 400,000. Prior to this, Feng Timo announced the signing of station B at his birthday party on the 19th. In addition, Feng Timo also participated in the New Year's Eve party at Station B as a guest performer. As one of the most popular and influential anchors in China, Feng Timo has been attracting attention since Douyu stopped broadcasting in September.

99, Comicup25 launched in Shanghai, the number of people hit a new high, 2400+ stallholders participated in the exhibition

"Event Review" From December 21st to December 22nd, CP25 was launched in Shanghai. According to official data, there were 130+ corporate booths, 25 creator booths, 2400+ Doujin booths, 130+lolita booths, and dozens of fanzones, the number of visitors to the two-day exhibition hit a record high.

100, bilibili New Year's Eve party PK Four Davids TV, live watch popularity exceeds 80 million

"Event Review" At 8 pm on December 31, bilibili's first New Year's Eve party was broadcast live online. As the first video platform to test the waters of the New Year’s Eve party, bilibili cut from the perspectives of games, animation, e-sports, national style, etc., combined with the preferences of platform users and the classic feelings of the 80s and 90s to carry out a series of program arrangements, presenting a deep experience. "The most beautiful night" loved by young people.

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