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Suggestions|New Year's money is coming! You should guide your children to manage money like this!

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With the continuous improvement of family income, the amount of children's New Year money is increasing, and the desire to control the New Year's money is becoming stronger and stronger. "Who manages the New Year's money" and "How to spend the New Year's money" have become hot topics in parent-child discussions around the New Year. Zhou Lin, who works in the media, is a new mother. This year, she has prepared "New Year Red Packets" for babies who have not yet reached their full moon. In order to prevent the child from asking about her New Year's Day money when she grows up, she also deliberately left a New Year's Day money account for her baby. "When she goes to elementary school, she will take care of herself."

However, not everyone is like Zhou Lin when it comes to how to deal with the baby’s New Year’s money. Clear thinking. "

The child hasn't remembered anything yet, and the new year's money is handed over to the child for financial management? Or wait." Xiao Zhang, who works at a network technology company, said that he wanted to buy a copy for his son Growth insurance, but still hesitating, because the child is still too young after all.

According to the advice of financial experts, In fact, you can give your children some financial education from the age of six. The age of six to twelve is the period of cultivating the concept of financial management for children. Therefore, in many developed countries such as Europe and the United States, parents will develop their children's financial outlook in stages according to age.


conservative parents

Bank deposit interest is risk-free

The reporter learned from multiple banks Until now, regular savings is still the first choice for parents to manage their new year's money. Industry insiders suggest that the threshold for regular savings is low and the return is relatively low. From the perspective of income alone, if the funds are temporarily not used, the longer the deposit, the better, because long-term savings can earn multiple times the short-term interest.

The reporter calculated the account. Take 5,000 yuan for the New Year's Eve money as an example, deposit it for 1 year, calculated at 1.5% by the central bank, and only 75 yuan interest after maturity , Indeed there are so few friends. If the deposit is fixed for 5 years, then the annual interest rate is 2.75%, and you can get an interest of 726.3 yuan after maturity.

If a parent has questions, can I open a new year's money account for my child? The reporter learned from the bank that minors under the age of 16 can also open an account, but they still need a parent’s ID card and the child’s account book and other documents.


Shrewd Parents

Let the "red envelopes" fly for a while

"The New Year's Eve red envelopes happen to be used as pocket money for the child in the coming year." Ms. Hu, who lives in Shizhu New Garden in Nancheng, always regards the New Year's money as her daughter’s pocket money, saying that it can make more money. "Fly for a while."

Forget it, her daughter receives four or five thousand yuan in red envelopes each year. The principle she set for her daughter is that she can buy herself favorite things,Or invite classmates to eat, but the account must be kept.

"If the pocket money is not overspend, you will get extra rewards." Ms. Hu said that this will cultivate her daughter’s awareness of financial management and let her daughter Know how to save, and get rewards from reasonable saving, the effect is good.

In the interview, some parents questioned this. This approach seems shrewd and reasonable, but it also hinders the child's idea of ​​making money be money. After all, learning to "throttle" requires brainstorming, and "open source" will increase wealth.


Guiding parents

Please "Little Ghost" to be the master

Ms. Yan, who works in an insurance company, said that she would guide her 16-year-old son to appropriate exposure to risky financial products. Since last year, she has encouraged her son to buy some banking financial products and asked him to try various "baby" Internet fund products.

"Now children have realized that one of the principles of financial management is not to put eggs in a basket." In addition, she also suggested that her son buy some education insurance for the future. "Our financial education is to give advice and let children make their own choices."

For these guiding parents, zhijianlicai experts applaud and It is recommended that parents guide their children to clarify their own financial needs, and determine reasonable and appropriate financial needs and goals based on their own financial amount, financial purposes, risk appetite, investment expectations, etc. At the same time, diversify configuration and diversify risks.


New Year’s Money Show

After 70, Liu Jun is 38 years old strong>

"New Year's money" to buy snacks

"New Year's money is a huge sum of money in childhood, although that The amount of money back then and what the child gets now is not worth mentioning." He recalled that when he was a child, he and his friends went to the county town to buy stationery after getting the New Year's money, but they were hooked off by the melon stall on the roadside, so they bought all the snacks for the New Year's money.

Zuo Xiaohui 32 years old born in the 1980s

Depositing "New Year's Money" in the bank

Zuo Xiaohui, who grew up in the United States, has always received new year money in the US dollar with a higher exchange rate. From elementary school, under the guidance of his parents, Xiaohui opened an account in the bank. In the account, there are not only the annual new year's money but also the wages earned from various holidays.

Millet high one after 00

"New Year's Money" "Making Money"

Both of Xiaomi's parents work in the financial industry. Since he was 8 years old, his annual New Year's money has been around 10,000 yuan. He recalled that at that time his father started to take care of the New Year's money for him, and then repay him a fixed interest every year to make "money make money". When Xiaomi entered high school, there was already a nearly six-figure "capital accumulation" on the account. At present, 16-year-old Xiaomi has been exposed to stocks under the guidance of his parents.


expert advice

Help children determine financial goals

Jin Yan, a financial expert and financial manager of the Agricultural Bank of China, believes that there is no best, only the best financial management method for her children. Before choosing a financial management method, instruct children to consider risk tolerance, determine financial management goals and time spent on funds.

If you purchase wealth management products, you should choose a large-scale, strictly risk-controlled state-owned bank. It is necessary to fully understand the types of wealth management products, and also need to allocate assets reasonably and mix multiple products.

She suggests to try the fund fixed investment. In the current environment of declining interest rates, deposit interest rates are low, and inflation may lead to negative interest rates. However, the fund regularly invests a fixed amount of monthly investment, and the investment amount is low. The liquidity is higher. Although the short-term net value fluctuates greatly, continuous investment can equalize the cost of holding, enjoy the increase in the net value of the fund and fund dividends, and achieve wealth growth.

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