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Interesting interpretation of university majors is coming: accounting students can buy stocks, archaeological students will appreciate

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Speaking of which, there are hundreds of majors in universities, and it’s impossible for parents to compare each major. Deep understanding.

For this reason, some parents may There is a misunderstanding about the profession, which leads to a wrong and funny interpretation!

Next, let’s appreciate college majors An interesting interpretation of the book, looking at the problems of the profession itself from a different perspective.

Parents’ misunderstandings of different majors in universities: accounting students can trade in stocks, and the archaeological student union can appreciate the treasure

★Accounting: Yes Stocks, financial affairs

A while ago, a parent complained to an accounting graduate student:

"Child, can you recommend me a stock? Funds are also OK. "

"It’s easy for you anyway. "

As an accounting graduate, we must admit that the accounting major’s related courses include economic law, finance We do have a better understanding of the concepts of stocks and funds.

However, this does not mean that accounting is learning to trade stocks. There is still a big difference between the two! We are just learning, not mastering and proficient.

Furthermore, accounting is not easy at all. You must settle accounts at the beginning of the month and the end of the year. Also check the corporate account books! Things are very cumbersome.

When it comes to accounting, many parents suggest that students learn to fake accounts, so that the company will value you in the future.

But in fact,Many students don’t even understand the real account !

In layman’s terms, Accounting is a discipline that studies the income, expenditure, assets, liabilities and other elements of a company. The most direct job after graduation is the cashier.

High-end accounting is to make false accounts to reduce company taxes. This is completely different from stock trading and fund purchase.

If parents really want to learn to trade stocks, they may wish to look forfinance major strong>students, this is reliable.

★There is no clear distinction between archaeology and cultural relic identification

Archaeology is an advanced subject, and many parents have different misinterpretations:

1. Archaeology is tomb robbery;

2. Archaeology is a treasure;

3. < span data-fake="1" data-diagnose-id="dbaedf3a0107b84c8770db3b83a9cbc2" data-from-paste="1">Archaeology is the study of ancient people.

In fact, these three The interpretation is biased! Especially for the second type, the university has the major of "Cultural Relic Identification and Protection". This is the profession of "Jianbao".

The research object of archaeology is the real object. That is, ancient relics and relics. This is a study of ancient human society, but it is essentially different from identifying cultural relics.

★Journalism is the paparazzi

In the parents’ impression, the students who graduated in journalism and communication are the paparazzi, who specifically expose the privacy and scandals of celebrities, and the "melons" in the entertainment industry are all theirs Break the news first-hand.

In fact, there is no problem with parents’ understanding , It's just not accurate.

There are many suspected employment directions in journalism and communication , TV stations, media companies, new media, network editors, advertising and marketing, news broadcasting, magazine copywriting planning, etc. are all suspected of this knowledge.

Traditional media newspapers, radio stations and other institutions Workers and majors may all be journalism.

★Fine Arts

Art students in college majors, in the minds of most parents, are regarded as children with poor academic performance, so they are forced to embark on the road of art.

The idea in their minds is that normal people Who can study fine art?

But in fact, some children are He is talented in art, even if he can't be a painter, it is a good choice to be a pattern designer and an art teacher.

★Civil Engineering: Porters in the Building

Parents’ perception of civil engineering is to put these children after graduation The direction of employment is equated with that of migrant workers.

They feel that after their children graduate, they just go to the construction site Moving bricks and building houses, isn’t this just civil engineering? There is no rest time all day, and the skin will be tanned.

But in fact, civil engineering students are just Studying and planning drawings is like a designer, and all the heavy tasks that need to be operated are left to ordinary workers.

That said, students who graduated from civil engineering It's not easy. I have to stay on the construction site all day, even if I don't have to work, it's very tiring.

Parents must Clarify the nature of the profession, don't misunderstand and misunderstand the profession, this will affect the child's choice and future development.

Message from Dumma

There are still many majors that are easily misunderstood in universities. Can parents find out and share them? Let us be happy together, but also give everyone a wake-up and rising posture!

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