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197. Multi-party guns through the Golden Triangle

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Section 197: Multi-party cannons through the Golden Triangle

The FAW car has risen up today, as shown in (Picture 197-1). Let’s analyze it: first draw a long-distance [high-point connection] between point a and b in the figure, and then draw a short-distance [high-point connection] between point c and point b, so that An intersection is formed, and the closing price below the intersection is its fulcrum. Draw a vertical line on the fulcrum and add a circle to show the stock price structure. When we analyze stocks, we must analyze its structure and structure, just like analyzing anything, we must clarify its structure.

Figure 197-1

The structure of this stock is now clear. In the larger interval below the two [High Point Connections], the stock price is in a latent state, and it is currently hitting the angle formed by the two lines. The included angle is called the [Golden Triangle]. In the figure, the two males and one female K-line figure is called [Multiple Cannon Crossing the Golden Triangle]. Now the stock price is rushing through the [Golden Triangle], it is the time to buy.

I’m going to talk about [Multi-Cannon], two male wires are clamped with one Yin wire, and the amount is increased. This is a typical [Multi-Cannon] situation. What is its market significance? On the first day, I started to pull up, then gently put it down to see if anyone spit it out, let the stock price go back up, and then go up again. Here comes a lot of twists and turns, washes the plate, and then rises again. Pull up, wash the plate, and then pull up, forming a high line on the K-line graph is a Yang line, washing the plate is a Yin line, and then pull it up is a Yang line, such a set of standard "multi-sided cannon" graphics, this is a strong signal. If this kind of signal happens to appear in the [Golden Triangle], it is called [Multiple Artillery Crossing the Golden Triangle]. If the stock price has not rushed past or is still in an angle, then it is called [Multiple Cannons in the Golden Triangle] and [Multiple Cannons in the Golden Triangle].

Guangtong Technology is a large theoretical system. For example, the stock price structure I just talked about, it talks about the sector, the four quadrants of the stock price, and now it talks about the [Golden Triangle], so that the entire stock structure Get it very clear, and then talk about the final formula. [Multiple cannons through the Golden Triangle] is a final formula and a buy signal. This is for sure.

Someone brought me a book. The book said how inaccurate after testing [Multiple Cannon]. I think the author of this book is nothing more than to belittle others to brag about himself, and his methods are not very popular and not very tricky. We talk about [multi-party artillery]. Only in this state [two yangs and one yin] is called [multi-party artillery]. And the author of this book called the two males and one yin in the downtrend as a multi-party gun. As long as there are two males and one female, it is called a multi-party gun. Then he uses computer statistics. Of course, the statistics are 10 years. Many cannons won't make much money. This is not knowing stocks, just like children. Adults say that people have two legs. Children understand that both legs are human, and even chopsticks are human. Isn't this a joke?

Now we have a clear analysis, [Multi-party shooting through the Golden Triangle] is a typical buy signal, how should we operate it? You have to consider this for yourself, we are just talking about this principle. I am not a stock critic, and I will not ask you to buy or sell any stocks. I am a real fighter, and I can tell you that I am buying this stock, and we are only making objective news reports.


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