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Huawei HUAWEI WATCH GT2 watch real use experience, do not regret it

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As an animal lover who has loved cats and dogs since I was a child, I have wanted to raise small animals since I was a child. I did raise a white cat when I was young, but that was many years ago. Now that I have a wife and children, it’s impossible to raise them anymore, because my wife is allergic to hair... but my daughter is just the age of kindergarten. Children at this age can raise them by raising small animals. Love and hands-on ability. After thinking about it, let’s raise fish. The wife doesn’t object, and the daughter strongly supports it. Just do it!

In the beginning of the choice of fish tank, I found that there is a smart fish tank that seems to be very friendly to novices like us. After that, I locked it between Xiaopei petkit and Xiaomi and made a long choice. *Considering that Xiaopei is a brand specializing in the development and manufacture of pet products, I finally chose this Xiaopei Origin Aquarium which was just launched. I declare in advance that as a first-time fish farming user, there are still many shortcomings, and many detours have been taken halfway, please don't laugh at me...

[Unpacking and product details]

One of the special features of Xiao Pei’s Origin Period fish tank is that in addition to the fish tank, it also comes with two landscaping packages, which need to be purchased separately, eliminating the need for our novice users to purchase additional landscaping. For the troubles of objects, you must know that landscaping is not easy. Stones, sandstones, sinks, etc. must be planned for the background, and then go to the flower and bird market to choose one by one. Xiao Pei has arranged everything for us, please give me a thumbs up!

The items in the box are as follows: Xiao Pei’s origin fish tank, three-in-one modular top cover, no induction electric adapter, drain hose, activated carbon filter cotton and nitrosify.

The modular top cover is placed on the fish tank as shown in the picture. It can be covered directly without a buckle design. The purpose of this is to make it easier to disassemble and maintain.

Open the lid on the left. There are mainly three modules integrated here, namely a quadruple filtration system, a spray oxygen generation module and a feeding system.

Continue to open the lid of the quadruple filtration system. There is a large space here. Before the first use, you need to put the activated carbon filter cotton and nitrification into it. The red cover on the side is used for draining water. Open the cover and insert the drain hose. No operation is required, and the drain is fully automatic.

The spray oxygen generation module has 6 drainage holes, and uses water circulation and silent mode to produce oxygen.

The maximum and minimum water levels are marked on the glass extension. It is recommended not to exceed the MAX* maximum water level when filling.

The power adapter is non-inductive, in other words, the fish tank will not leak electricity, so it will not hurt the children!

The lighting system of Xiao Pei’s original fish tank is very interesting. It uses full-spectrum LED lights with a full color gamut of 1600w, which forms a variety of colors for the scenery in the fish tank. Its light module is a lamp-like structure, and the light will automatically turn on when the silver lid in the picture below is opened.

On the right side of the top cover is a circular touch switch. Touching the circular area with your finger changes the color of the light; the circular area in the middle is tapped once to turn on the light, and tap twice in succession. The water pump switch, touch sensitivity and system response are very fast.

[Experience in installation steps]

Since Xiaopei’s original fish tank adopts a highly integrated modular design, the installation process is * simple. Here we mainly talk about the use of the landscaping package based on personal experience.

The landscaping bag is a separate packaging box, which contains many things, such as large and small stones, sand, etc. Some friends say that these things can be sold for money? There are so many on the riverside... In fact, if you want to really create a beautiful underwater world, the selection of sand and gravel is one aspect. In addition, this type of sand that is placed under the water for a long time needs to be used strictly. , Otherwise it will have a huge impact on the fish's body. Buying a landscaping package is obviously more friendly to novice friends, ready to use, eliminating the trouble of finding and cleaning in the early stage.

If you don’t know how to make landscaping, you can actually go to station B to watch the official landscaping explanation video. I personally think it’s relatively simple. Now Sprinkle sand on the bottom, and then put a few big stones at will according to your own aesthetics, and then put some small stones on it, **the basic underwater scenery will be arranged It's proper.

It looks like a random arrangement, isn’t it simple? That's right, it's that simple, of course this is just *basic landscaping method. If you want to grow aquatic plants in a fish tank, it is not impossible, but you need to do this:

Spread one layer first sand , then spread A layer of aquatic plant mud, then randomly sprinkle some aquatic plant seeds, and then cover with a layer of sand.

The aquatic plant mud and various aquatic plants need to be purchased separately. Let me tell you that PDD is very cheap.! Hahaha! !

It is very particular about pouring water into Xiaopei’s origin period fish tank. If you fill it directly, it will easily destroy the underwater scenery you have made, so here is a little trick for everyone: find a bigger one. The plastic paper is cushioned on the bottom of the tank, and then water is slowly injected. With the blocking effect of the plastic paper, the water flow will not damage the scenery.

There is a saying called "Fish fish first raise the water", most of the fresh water in the fish tank is tap water, the tap water contains a lot of * residual harmful substances residual chlorine, these residual chlorine is harmful to ornamental fish , They will destroy the gills of the fish. My suggestion is to just fill the tap water, let it rest for about three days, keep the pump on for a few days, and you can put the small fish in three days later!

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