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​[Cultural and Creative Frontiers] Zhou Zhengbing: Thoughts on the Operating Mechanism of the Cultural and Art Fund _ Project

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Second, to promote the transformation of government functions is conducive to the establishment of a market mechanism in the art field.

In the traditional sense, the cultural administration has always implemented a direct funding method for the development of cultural undertakings. This funding system is a "top up The funding mechanism of "under" requires that the cultural products of primary cultural units reflect the will of the country and form a supply-led policy model. With the deepening of my country's cultural system reform, most cultural enterprises within the system are basically decoupled from the government at the organizational level, but the government's functions have not changed, and their paternalistic thinking mode has not changed. The method has not completely changed. An important performance in this regard is that the traditional financial appropriations in the form of project funds still operate within the system, which is not conducive to the formation of a market allocation mechanism for resources. The operating mechanism of the Art Fund precisely realizes the separation of decision-making and execution, allowing the cultural administration department to return to its position in function, no longer intervening in the operation of the enterprise, and no administrative allocation of financial funds, which fundamentally promotes the function of the government. Change in order to give play to the decisive role of the market in allocating resources.

Third, promoting the socialization of resource allocation is conducive to promoting artistic innovation and prosperity.

The distribution of various financial funds of traditional cultural administrative departments basically operates in a closed system within the system, often Assigned to those enterprises or projects that are not competitive within the system, and lack the necessary performance evaluation and supervision. Judging from the review results of the Beijing Culture and Art Fund, institutions and individuals outside the system account for a larger proportion, which fully indicates that the allocation of art funds has basically achieved socialization. The arena for projects with better economic and social benefits.

Judging from the completion of projects in recent years, the Art Fund supports the creation and production of many original large-scale stage art works, including many new classics with excellent artistic quality and enthusiastic social response. There are no shortage of popular dramas with a wide audience and substantial box office revenue. Many of the original projects can hardly be implemented without art funds, or they will be postponed indefinitely. These fully demonstrate that art funds are indispensable in promoting artistic innovation and prosperity. Missing role.

Fourth, creating qualified and equal market players will help Chinese culture go out.

In recent years, with the improvement of my country’s comprehensive national strength, cultural outreach has also become popular. A lot of embarrassment was also encountered during this period. Inertially relying on financial bills, one-sided pursuit of scale and sensational effect, but caused doubts and disgust due to excessive public funds investment, resulting in the lack of market players. The overseas exchange projects supported by the Beijing Culture and Art Fund in the past three years have changed this pattern to a certain extent: those projects aimed at artistic exchanges actively contact and participate in well-known art festivals such as the Edinburgh Art Festival and Avignon Theatre. Have in-depth exchanges with international art colleagues, broaden their own artistic vision, and have good interaction with international audiences, and expand the international influence of Chinese culture; those projects aimed at cultural trade are actively integrated into the local art marketing system , Serve local consumers, obtain box office in accordance with the commercial regulations of the art industry, and achieve a win-win situation of economic benefits and international exchanges. In fact, the fundamental reason for this change is that these project executives are all equal market players. In this regard, the Beijing Culture and Art Fund has successfully realized the transformation of the government's role, that is, changing from a direct participant of the market to an indirect supporter, which helps to promote Chinese culture to go global.

AboutSuggestions for further strengthening the construction of the cultural and art fund operating mechanism

First, the system design still needs to be optimized.

my country’s art fund system is, in a sense, an innovation that breaks through the existing system. It should be said, The external conditions for the implementation of this system are not perfect, especially there are gaps in its connection with the traditional system. For example, art institutions in the existing system basically come from special funds for art creation from the financial department. All newly produced projects should have their own "special funds", and those projects that are not included in the special fund plan can only be put on the shelf. Because in accordance with the relevant provisions of the fund, project funds must have a self-raised part and a proportional requirement. In fact, there are still many similar institutional problems, which require the art fund to continuously adjust and optimize the system in practice in order to better serve the development of art.

Second, the organizational structure needs to be improved.

At present, the Beijing Culture and Art Fund has established an organizational structure based on the board of directors, with separate functions in the management center It should be said that the departments and professional committees have a relatively complete framework and ensure the smooth operation of the fund. However, there is a lack of systematic systems and organizational arrangements for the management of expert committees.

For example, experts from the Beijing Culture and Art Fund are basically selected randomly. The advantage of this method is to avoid fraud and ensure fairness and impartiality of the review. However, this random method cannot bring together experts and their intellectual resources, forming an organized force to provide more effective services to the art fund. For example, the arts funds in the United Kingdom and the United States both set up professional committees in accordance with the art category at the beginning of their establishment. The National Natural Science Foundation of my country and the Social Science Fund also adopted similar practices. Professional areas such as performance evaluation provide systematic and continuous intellectual support.

Third, professional services need to be improved.

Judging from the supervision of cultural and art funds, some institutions still have "focus on business and over management" The concept of art, lack of norms and experience in art management and financial management, these are all unfavorable factors for art fund management and art prosperity. Analyzing the reasons behind this phenomenon, in addition to the manager's subjective consciousness, the lack of management ability and even managerial personnel may be the main reason. Because the system reform in the field of culture and art in my country is relatively late, whether state-owned or private institutions have been independent market entities for a short time, resulting in very limited art management capabilities for some projects. This situation is somewhat similar to the situation faced by the art world in the early days of the establishment of the British Arts Council. A large number of art institutions continue to emerge but their management capabilities are very limited. For this reason, the British Arts Council provides many targeted services and provides various arts. Management operation guide, such as "Sales and Tour: Marketing Guide for Event Tour", this guide can not only be used for project application, but also can be used for the actual operation of related organization tour. These guides and related services undoubtedly play an important role in improving the professional capabilities of performance institutions, and they are worth learning from and provide more professional services for art institutions.

Fourth, performance management needs to be strengthened. & Highly build a performance evaluation system, clarify the evaluation objectives and principles, levels and content, indicators and methods, procedures and specifications, so as to build a scientific, standardized and efficient performance evaluation system. At this stage, we must focus on solving the following key issues: First, on the basis of fully learning from the performance evaluation experience of art funds in developed countries, establish a comprehensive and feasible evaluation that takes into account economic and social value evaluation, qualitative and quantitative evaluation Quantitative and verifiable evaluation standards; second, fully respect the laws of art development, and establish scientific and efficient evaluations involving the participation of governments, artists, and society.Evaluation norms and procedures; third, make full use of the results of performance evaluation, establish an internal cycle between evaluation results and rewards and punishments, and avoid mere formalities in performance evaluation. Establish an index system and its data collection system covering major artists, participating artists, live audiences, and media influence audiences to avoid subjective performance evaluation. (BJCCT-CQH)

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