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A 32-year-old Fudan female doctor’s end-of-life testimony: the two most important things in life! _ Life

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She is the excellent returnee doctor Yu Juan. After learning of her illness, she wrote a book about her life perception after she fell ill- "This Life Is Unfinished", which brought countless people Here comes the revelation.

At the end of her life, Yu Juan often thinks about why people live?

She said in her blog:

The life goal thing is desperately rushing forward, can not help but say that it is a stupid thing done by a fool.

"If there is a fixed number of days, I will live my days well. If the sky never stops me, then cancer is really a wake-up call: Why do I have to be as diligent as I have been in the past thirty years.

I only knew when I was sick that people should base their happiness on a sustainable long-term life goal instead of Just look at the short-term fame and power situation. Fame and power situation, nothing is not hard, but there is nothing you can take. "Living is king, so remember it. ”

Death knows everything is empty, maybe people can only see the meaning of life until the last step! Just like Yu Juan As said, there is nothing that fame, wealth and power can take.

At the critical point of life and death, she felt:

You will find that any overtime (long-term staying up late is equal to chronic suicide) puts too much pressure on yourself and the need to buy a house and a car , Are all clouds.

If you have time, spend time with your children and give your parents the money for the car Pair of shoes, don’t try to change to a big house, stay with someone you love, and stay warm.

Yu Juan: There are three most painful things in life: bereavement in old age, bereavement in middle-aged age, I lost my mother when I was young. If I go away, my parents, husband and children will face these pains, so I have to live strong.

At the end of the story, Yu Juan died for a long time.

This life is not completed, these five words are endless regrets.

However, people who walk the same way as Yujuan are getting more and moremany. Of course, not including you and me.

Thanks to Yu Juan for turning herself into eternity at the last moment of her life and alerting the world.


Love life

After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, the rich man ransacked cash in the hospital. What's the point of asking for money?

This is a desperate and hysterical scene of throwing money... When a person’s life is at an end and cannot be saved, what is money? At this moment, in his eyes, these banknotes are paper slips...

Feelings : Health comes first, health is king! Without health, other things such as: Wealth, reputation, status, face, luxury, small third, luxury cars , Famous houses... are all clouds!

The body is the capital of the revolution. Regardless of whether you have money or not, you have to spend money to take care of yourself. Only if you are healthy can you eat well. . Stay alive and cherish...

Please exercise more and pay attention to your health. It is uncertain who will work for whom.

A high-end mobile phone, 70% of the functions are useless;

A high-end car, 70% of the speed is redundant;

A luxury villa, 70% of the area is free;

A bunch of civil servants, 70% are for food;

In a university, 70% of professors are nonsense;


A lot of social activities, 70% are boring and empty;

A house of clothing and supplies, 70% are idle and useless;


No matter how much money you earn in your life, 70% is left for others to spend.

Conclusion: Life is simple and clear, just enjoy life and hold 30%.

Life is like a game field. The first half will increase according to education, power, position, performance, and salary ratio; the second half will be based on blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar, The ratio of uric acid and cholesterol decreased. In the first half, take advantage of the trend and obey orders; in the second half, things are artificial, accept your fate!

If you are not ill, you must have a physical examination. If you are not thirsty, you must also drink water. You must rest when you are tired, be content if you are not rich, and exercise no matter how busy you are.

A piece of clothing is worth 1,000 yuan, a small ticket can prove it.

A small car is worth 300,000 yuan, and the invoice can prove it.

A house is worth 5 million yuan, and the real estate certificate can prove it.

Only health can prove how much a person is worth.

Health is your protection.

So please don’t use a calculator to calculate the money you spend on health.

In this life, you must have a sum of money to spend, either on early maintenance or on later treatment! The choice is yours!

Health is an asset , No health is called inheritance!

In reality, that's it! If you have money, you don’t have money to spend, and people who have life don’t have money to spend!! This society is reality!

Which bed is the most expensive in the world?-hospital bed!

In this world, someone can drive for you and make money for you, but no one can get sick for you! You can find everything you lose, but there is one thing you can never find if you lose it, and that is life.

What do people live for? success? hapiness? value? happiness?


Finally, I will give you four more sentences to understand that you will live a long life:

1, 95% of the people in this world die of illness, and only 5% of people die of old age. In most cases, you are the former too!

Everyone should never be lucky, don’t be blindly optimistic, the people in the hospital today were the same as you and me yesterday!

2, Many people are reluctant to invest in health protection for themselves, but there is a truth you have to understand: 60% of families will be due to your illness, and children and grandchildren will become sellers or even borrow money to help. You pay the debt you owe the hospital.

At that time, you were probably unconscious and didn’t know anything, so caring for yourself is to reduce the burden on your family!

3. If you don’t pay attention to health preservation today, tomorrow you are destined to raise a bunch of doctors! Sadly, it doesn’t work if you raise a doctor. Sadly, many people don't even have the opportunity to raise a doctor.

The King of Hades told you to leave three shifts, and will never leave you until five shifts! For example, Luo Jing, Wang Junyao, Jobs and others have made the best proof!

4. The truth that the world does not understand: 80% of people will leave the money they have saved The last year of this world was handed over to the hospital, and in the end I was very unwilling to hit the road!

Your health today does not mean that you will be healthy tomorrow, nor does it mean 10 years later, as it is today, the process from quantitative change to qualitative change may not be so painful, so it is very important to establish a healthy mindset!

Loving your family starts with loving yourself. Only by loving yourself can you be able to love others, and a healthy body can protect your family from wind and rain... . ..

Regardless of men For women, you should treat your body well and cherish yourself first, so that you can love life and career.

So, no matter how hard you are, no matter how tired you are, for your family, smile and say: It’s time to rest Now, without the body, everything is a cloud. If you agree, please forward and share.

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