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[Reading Notes] "The Way of Happiness"

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You can’t feel happiness if you are busy and busy every day; after instant enjoyment, you feel more empty and boring; life has no purpose, meaningless and hopeless...

I believe there are a large number of people in today’s society who have had it. Similar thoughts, how long have we not praised from the bottom of our hearts: "I am so happy!"

The book "The Way of Happiness" tells us that happiness can also be learned and cultivated, leading to The road to happiness is not as difficult as we thought.


Excerpted quotations

Sometimes we do need to use some methods to remind us Those things that you know but have forgotten. Humility brings an open mind, while pride brings arbitrariness. Opportunity lies in the dilemma. ——Albert Einstein The word "happiness" in English comes from the Icelandic word "happ", which means luck or opportunity. It is also the source of the word "happenstance". Aristotle once said: "Our habits make us. Excellence is not an act, but a habit." Psychologist Martin Seligman called being shrouded in the shadow of the past as "learned nothing Emotions trigger actions, which give us motivation for behavior. No matter what kind of sorrow, trial or setbacks we encounter, we should feel sincerely happy and grateful for or ourselves. The difference between humans and animals is that humans are spiritual. In the "Oxford English Dictionary", spirituality is called "to really feel the meaning of things." Abraham Maslow firmly believes: "If one cannot listen to one's own heart all the time, one cannot choose the path of life wisely." Psychologist Carl Jung said, "Meaningful things are more valuable than meaningless things, no matter how small they are." Goethe: "No matter what you can do or what you want to do, act! Courage itself contains wisdom, miracles and strength." The goal is the meaning, not the end. Courage in itself does not mean that there is no fear, but to feel fear while still acting. Byron: "All people who want to be happy must learn to share. Happiness is a pair of twins." Aristotle: "Happiness can only depend on yourself." Human happiness depends on three factors: genetics, and Environmental factors related to happiness, and actions that can help us achieve happiness. Daniel Kahneman, "The proper use of time may be the most important for enhancing happiness." A kettle with a lid cannot hold water. The inner sense of value is an attitude of acceptance, an attitude of accepting happiness. If we can be born at the age of 80 and then slowly move towards the age of 18, then life will be extremely happy. ——Mark Twain "Creativity at the gunpoint is usually the fate of being shot." To resolve conflicts is to think about whether there is a way to solve this problem and a solution that can bring happiness to oneself and the other party. If you want to change the world, change your body first. ——Gandhi

Reaping insights

As he grows older and experiences more, he always asks himself what is the meaning of life? If one day you want to leave this world, what kind of mentality is hope? What kind of evaluation? Is it full of satisfaction and happiness, lamenting that this life is enough? Still regret, regret and hold your eyes closed? In reflection, I found that I have a deep sense of anxiety. What is happiness? I don't want to choose the latter to leave. I wanted to pursue happiness, to find happiness and meaning, so I chose Taylor Benshahar's "The Way to Happiness: Harvard University's Most Popular Happiness Class". Just like what I wrote in "To Chinese Readers", I thank this book for awakening things that I have buried in my heart but have forgotten. These methods have made me feel happy again.

Come and talk about some of my favorite ways to feel happiness.

1. Thanksgiving. Life is suffering. How can we not be grateful if our lives are so convenient and rich in resources? Everyone is selfish. Shouldn't we be sincerely grateful while receiving help from others?

2. Meditation. I like to look at this in conjunction with fully accepting myself. It is a process of internalized reflection. Having this kind of awareness is a good start. You can jump out of your thoughts anytime and anywhere, and look at your emotions and behaviors from a higher perspective like an outsider., And then reflect on the feedback and fully accept the self who may be imperfect, think of a better way to iterate thoughts and behaviors, next time if there is a similar scene, you may not help but praise your progress.

3. Heart flow. This is a state of selfless devotion, provided that there is a clear goal. We often say how time is so fast, that's how it feels. I often have this experience in work or study that I like, I am responsible, and have a certain degree of challenge and not too difficult.

4. Plan. Develop a personal growth plan and a professional growth plan, combine with MPS to find your own position, and design the direction and plan through the target, the effect will be better. For example, for myself, one of the plans is to read ten books in 2020, including at least one philosophy, one education, and one product.

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