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Taicang partition agent manufacturer’s special office partitions are elegant, generous, fashionable, style and color that can better reflect a company’s corporate culture. Office glass partition walls on the market mainly use aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles and are divided into double glass high partitions. There are two kinds of single glass high compartment. So, do you know the benefits of office glass partition walls? 1. Good sound insulation, office glass partition walls have very good sound insulation effects. 2. A variety of colors are available for you to choose from, each material has a variety of colors, and components of different colors can be used together. You can even provide any color and texture finish material. 3. High-quality imported venetian blinds can be installed inside the two-layer glass, which is not easy to get dirty and does not need to be cleaned. 4. During use, the positions of doors, windows, physical modules, and glass partitions can be changed at will, and they can be recombined and reused. After the materials are disassembled, the damage is small, and the cost of frequent office relocation can be greatly reduced. 5. Installation is faster than ordinary glass partition walls. So far, it has become a green building energy-saving product platform. Export green building energy-saving technologies, products, construction, services and overall solutions; at the same time, as the initiator of "industrial decoration", he has been focusing on the research and development of new indoor energy-saving decoration technologies and high-compartment material production technologies. With more than 10 technologies including inventions, office partition manufacturers have introduced a variety of inorganic decorative materials through the Green Building Alliance and integrated various zero-formaldehyde products. Under the premise of various decorative effects. Introduced the "zero formaldehyde decoration" service, and solemnly, created a precedent for the domestic "zero formaldehyde decoration" service. The characteristics of glass partitions are fully analyzed-08-23. The role of partitions for enterprises-08-23, the characteristics of glass partitions are fully analyzed, 33 times, the characteristics of glass partitions are fully analyzed for the indoor effect of glass partitions, and the glass materials to be selected for two glass partitions.

6. The inside of the door frame is pre-installed with a sealing strip for sound insulation and airtightness. The door bottom sealing strip can be added to make the sound insulation effect better. 7. The imported glass door lock can be installed in the middle, which is very convenient to use. 8. Fire-resistant and fire-resistant. The office partition system is composed of metal structures. Materials such as glass and color steel plates are also fire-resistant. When the internal structure of the compartment system is a steel structure, the maximum fire resistance limit is 30 minutes, 60 minutes or Longer time.

9. The effect is fashionable, elegant, concise and exquisite. 10. There is no pollution and odor emission, and it can be used immediately after installation . 11. The internal structure allows easy cable laying. It does not need to be buried in the wall, the maintenance and replacement of the cable are more convenient, the strong and the weak electricity are separated, and the cable trough can play a shielding role for the signal line. 12. A variety of material choices, you can choose double glass partition plus venetian blinds, or color steel plate, gypsum board, melamine board, fireproof board, cloth fleece, etc. 13. The construction noise is small. Will not affect the work of people around. Office panoramic glass distance is bound to become a new trend in office decoration and office glass partitions because of its effective integration of the advantages of other distances. When panoramic glass distance has unlimited potential in huge shopping malls, the overall requirements for glass distance products in office decoration are also increasing. ,certainly. In addition to the above, the construction of the future is also appropriately important. For companies, no marketing can replace them. Products have two major advantages. The second advantage of products is the surrender to the souls of customers. "This is one, this is one. Even worse,” Dickens’s famous saying came to the glass distance work facing competition is still applicable. With the advent of "intelligence integration", office panoramic glass distance is an inevitable trend. The advantages of ultra-white glass in the application of office glass partitions.
Taicang partition agent home mobile partition wall decoration tips-07-30

What are the installation steps for office glass partitions? -08-12 Office partition manufacturers are here to popularize the partitions that are often sold on the market. There are swing doors and sliding doors. But only people in the industry and those who have used it know it. The sliding door is actually veryIt is easy to break, so if you can use a swing door at home, use swing door as much as possible. 2. The shower partition is generally only installed on one side. Generally, the family only needs about 3 to 4 square meters. 3. The partitions are composed of glass, hardware, pulleys, profiles, and water blocking. What are the installation steps for office glass partitions? What are the installation steps for office glass partitions, 27 times , 1 dozen glass glue, firstly stick paper tape on the glass along the circumference, according to the requirements of the design, the various glass glues are evenly hit between the glass and the small keel. After the glass glue is completely dry, tear off the paper tape. 2 Install the glass on the small keel according to the specifications of the glass according to the design requirements. Vacuum glass distance, 2. According to the information of the distance structure. Aluminum frame glass distance, stainless steel frame glass distance, steel frame glass distance, wood frame glass distance, plastic steel frame glass distance, steel aluminum structure glass distance, steel wood data structure glass distance, frameless pure glass distance, 3. Structural data standards. 50 glass distances, 80 glass distances, 85 glass distances, 100 glass distances, customized special specification structures, etc. 4. According to the track method, fixed glass distance, glass distance, folding glass distance, 5. According to uneven standards. High glass distance, low glass distance, screen distance. 6. According to the function and nature of glass, fireproof glass distance, ultra-white glass distance, glass distance, artistic glass distance, etc. What is the difference between movable partition and wall? In today's home decoration, apart from the common fixed distance outside.



Home mobile partition wall decoration skills


Home mobile partition wall decoration skills With the development, mobile partition walls have brought great convenience to people's work and life, especially in cities. Mobile partition manufacturers share home mobile partition wall decoration skills! Active partitions are also called movable partitions, partitions, movable panels, movable screens, movable partitions, movable screens, movable soundproof walls, movable walls, sliding doors. With the development, the mobile partition wall has brought great convenience to people's work and life, especially in the city, the role of the mobile partition wall is more obvious, whether it is an office or your own home, the mobile partition wall can be used according to needs Dividing large spaces into small spaces or connecting small spaces into large spaces at any time can play the role of multiple functions in one hall and multiple uses in one room. With its unique charm, high happiness index and vast employment space, this city makes more and more people stop and stay. Many people work and settle here. Mobile partition manufacturers will share some information about home mobility. Partition wall decoration skills, I hope to help you. The construction and installation process of the mobile partition wall is: elastic line → drilling → planting reinforcement, vertical board → wall panel fixing → door and window reinforcement → water and electricity installation → wall plastering → maintenance. Among them, the link of punching and vertical slab is particularly important. When drilling holes, use an electric hammer to drill two rows of holes with a diameter of 6mm, a spacing of 200mm, and a depth of 60mm on the roof, wall and ground according to the drilling position line. Clean up the debris. When the office partition manufacturer tells you that the vertical board should be installed according to the position line of the movable partition board, the Φ4 steel wire implanted in the floor and the GJ core board steel wire should be lapped and bound. The lap length is not less than 300mm. The zigzag steel wire mesh is firmly tied to the core steel wire.

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