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What are the things that are most afraid of being a second landlord?

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Added on October 1, 2019, I read the current highest praise answer. I write things so hard, they just copy and paste. Why I don’t have as many likes as his, I want a lot of likes too

The owner agrees and knows that the house is rented out and sublet is a must. It must be clear in the contract.

Your house has a lease term of 5-10 years, with an investment of tens of thousands of thousands of dollars, the landlord doesn’t know? Then why do you want this house, you are ready to wait for the investment to test the landlord’s sincerity?

The landlord’s liquidated damages should also be clearly stated, usually 1.5 times your investment, depending on the situation in each place

I’m a professional second landlord, let me say three points, for your reference

1. Vacancy,

The profit comes from the room, the whole rent, the share The price difference between rents comes from the price difference between the rough house and the hardcover house.

1. Heavy investment industry. Before the tenant sees the house, the landlord’s rent, intermediary fees, renovation workers’ fees, material money, furniture and electrical appliances have already been invested in. .

2. The high cost makes it impossible to tolerate vacancies, and the cost is always being paid.

Last year, the second landlord jumped from the building in Jiayuan Zhangjiang Shencheng (PS: long-term air clearance, low rental prices, huge loans, family discord and other reasons). Recently, this year’s Yayuan, one landlord, one landlord The suite was vacant for more than three months and the net loss exceeded 15,000. (PS: Just this month)

2. Neighborhood complaints, disputes

Under the premise that the rental housing is in violation of regulations, I am more worried about complaints.

1. It will be troublesome if the neighbors or both are locals, especially after the conflicts intensify

-------(There are unknown people at the entrance of the corridor When peeing, the landlord did not contact the landlord and the landlord didn’t know it, which led to the landlord’s direct complaint.

------Some landlord was very sensitive, and the sound of the water running upstairs in the bath at night said that it was too noisy to rest.

--- ---Some also feel that the elevator has to wait, people have been using it for strange reasons, and also have to complain) etc.

2. There is also a tenant dispute complaint, which depends on the handling methods of different landlords and the definition of tenant groups, etc. Depends on multiple circumstances.

This specific consultation can be paid. The focus is on tenant screening and design definitions.

The above can easily lead to a certain amount of contradiction, or a misfortune, invites a rectification notice, or 110 Come home, coordinated by the Public Security Bureau.

III. Garbage guest

1. Some garbage customers do not leave when they are due, do not pay the rent, do not pay the utility bill, and force a deposit without reason. (Intermediary fee 35%, the tenant comes once, rents again after leaving, 70% is gone),

2. Troubles, tensions between the tenants, the living room is full of yourself Goods, serious dislike of cleanliness, etc., affect other tenants,

------↗In severe cases, it may cause other tenants to be dissatisfied, move out, close the room or not renew the lease when it expires.

2. As a result, large-scale financial losses, loss of tenants, loss of time and energy were caused.

There are also some tenants who don't know why, but they can't get it with everyone, and there are many conflicts.

3. There are too many contradictions, or the tenant is really a wicked person. Call someone directly and call Lei Feng. Compulsory clearance or communication clearance.

The above three points are common personal second landlords, distributed apartments, and other traditional landlords that worry, fear, and worry about.

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