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How much do you earn now when you are in your 30s?

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88 years old, 31 years old, coordinates in Dongguan, home in Hunan.

The current salary is 10K + the e-commerce operation dividend is 20% (currently the actual dividend is 0).

Small county town, there are houses, bought in installments, and will be paid in 2021.

Travel: Baojun 510.

In the future, I hope that my family will be healthy, become a qualified designer, and establish my own company and brand.

(I know a lot of great gods, I’m not too embarrassed to say. Forget it, you don’t know me anyway.)

Profession: I’m a designer, I don’t think I can be called a designer. Education: I think about it? Did not graduate from high school. I took an adult college entrance examination, but... I came out very early.

At the beginning, I worked as a CAD draftsman in an electronics factory. Later, I was obsessed with graphic design and worked in an advertising company for a year and a half of graphic design. I was a completely newbie. At that time, I went to PS for a month of self-study.

In 2008, he worked as a draftsman in a furniture factory with a salary of 1,800. At that time, I would be a little bit of CAD, 3ds max, and PS. I applied for a furniture manufacturer to do renderings, but I should have been successful. At that time, 3ds max made renderings became popular. I remember buying a thick copy of "3ds max7 from entry to master".

Factory for 11 years, the salary is 3800. In the process, I became fascinated by interior design again, and wanted to design a warm home for everyone. Now think about it, too young.

In 12 years and a friend, both in 88 years, I plan to get an interior decoration in my hometown. As you can imagine, after three months, nothing happened.

In the second half of December, I went to a furniture factory to do furniture drawing. The company was lifeless and messed up all day long. Think about it as a saying: When a job is not stressful for you, you should change jobs.

In the second half of 2013, I changed to work in a decoration company. At the end of the year, love and break up.

In 14 years, the company had a project in Xinjiang. I went to Xinjiang to change jobs and locations. I mainly wanted to change my mood. Southern Xinjiang, coordinates Korla. Salary: 5000. The scenery in Xinjiang is super beautiful, and I personally like places with few people. Because I didn't like the feeling of doing engineering, I resigned at the end of the year and got married.

Southern Xinjiang scenery:

In 15 years, with friends, I want to have a little trouble by myself, design products, and then produce them and sell them on Taobao, and put them in offline furniture stores. As a result, due to funding issues, nothing went away. In the second half of the year, the little lover was born and had little work.

In 16 years, I went back to the furniture company to draw for a salary of 5500. I found that I went around and came back again. Work is easy, and I start to think about life. What am I doing and what is suitable for me. At that time, I thought: I am more introverted and not suitable for business; I am more delicate in my mind, think about it, I should do design and design with my own heart. Then I determined what my generation should do: design, and make everyone's life better through products. Then I thought about how happy it would be to see the products I designed one day in the market.

In 17 years, at the beginning of the year, I resigned. In April, due to the invitation of a friend, I joined Tmall Furniture Co., Ltd., doing furniture product development + graphic design (concurrently purchasing). The company is very small and just started. We develop products by ourselves, send out samples, produce, return for packaging, and then send them by express.

Salary: 7000 + bonus

In the second half of 18 years, I resigned and welcomed my second lover. Due to the invitation of a friend, I joined the current company, doing furniture e-commerce design + operation + other positions (embarrassing). I am the only one in the e-commerce department at the moment.

There are so many running accounts, in fact, I have some thoughts:

1. Find your own position, accept your imperfections, and find a career that suits your personality.

2. Persist in continuous learning, give priority to learning knowledge related to your career, no matter what your academic qualifications are.

3. Learn to control yourself, think hard, and do it hard.

4. There are always things and people that let us choose. We don't have so much energy and time. After thinking about the decision, accept it, work hard, and look forward.

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