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Seeking U.S. stock brokers? Which one has the lowest commission?

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Is there any commission lower than 0?

Directly list more than a dozen Hong Kong and US stock brokers, and the lowest one can achieve zero commission.

Most of the information is queried from various official websites. Because some brokers are too opaque about commissions, there may be lower channels, but this can also be used as a reference. If there are any mistakes or omissions, please correct me:

13: Guosen Hong Kong: Hong Kong stocks 2.5 minimum of 100 Hong Kong dollars, 0.3% of US stocks, minimum charge of 15 US dollars;

12: Fangde Securities: Hong Kong stocks 1,000 2.5, minimum 100 Hong Kong dollars, 0.2% of US stocks, minimum $20 or no less than 0.006 $ per share;

11: Yisheng: Hong Kong stocks 2.5 thousand, minimum 50 Hong Kong dollars, US stocks 0.01 US dollars per share, minimum 0.99 US dollars ;

10: There are fish: Hong Kong stocks Qianyi, minimum 50, US stocks $0.01 per share, minimum $2.8;

9: Alpha International: Hong Kong stocks 10,000, minimum 3 Hong Kong dollars, US stocks $0.01 /Share, or 0.5% of the transaction volume, minimum $1/transaction;

8: Futu: Hong Kong stocks 3, minimum 3 Hong Kong dollars, US stock commissions 0.0049 US dollars per share, minimum 0.99 US dollars;

7: Huasheng: Hong Kong stocks 10,000 3, minimum 3, US stocks minimum 0.0049 US dollars / share, minimum 0.99 US dollars / transaction;

6: Xueying: Hong Kong stocks 10,000 3, when the transaction value is less than 60,000 Hong Kong dollars, charge 3 HKD/transaction, US stocks $0.003/share, minimum $0.99/transaction, maximum not more than 1% of the transaction amount;

5: Tiger: Hong Kong stocks commissions are as low as 2.9 million, and US stocks are as low as $0.99/transaction ;

4: Long Bridge: Hong Kong stocks 2.8 million minimum 15 HKD, US stocks 0.0088 USD/share, single transaction minimum 1.88 USD;

3: Dongcai International: Hong Kong stocks 2.5 million, minimum 5. U.S. stocks 0.49 cents/share, minimum 0.99 U.S. dollars per transaction;

2: Ed: Hong Kong stocks 2.5 million, minimum 100, U.S. stocks 0.8%;

1: Zunjia: All Hong Kong and US A shares have zero commissions.

Of course, choosing a US stock brokerage firm is not just a factor of commission. For example, brokers with zero commissions are not limited to Zunjia. There are also Robinhood in the United States. Several brokers such as Deutsche Ameritrade also have zero commissions. However, the main markets of these brokers are overseas and there is almost no investment in China. The Chinese official website and even Chinese services are not available. , This is very troublesome, unless you are originally overseas, you still have to choose carefully.

In addition to commissions and Chinese services, security also needs to be guaranteed. If you can't even guarantee the safety of your funds when you invest, what about investing? We must know that the U.S. stock market is a more open market, and various securities companies can find agents to access the U.S. stock market, which also leads to a mixed situation of brokers.

How to ensure safety? Does it depend on the conscience of brokers? Forget it, rely on strong supervision. If there is no supervision, then it is better to speculate coins. Some friends once bought Dogecoin on the exchange. Later, Dogecoin soared and thought that wealth was free. As a result, it was discovered that the exchange had already run away and wealth became a dream bubble. Therefore, it is very important to choose a licensed brokerage firm. Holding these licenses means being subject to strict supervision, which is also a guarantee of safety.

Take Zunjia as an example:

a registered member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Agency (FINRA); a full clearing member of the United States Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation (DTCC); a United States Securities Investor Protection Corporation ( SIPC) certified member; member of the US NASDAQ exchange; approved by the US Securities Regulatory Commission (SEC) with comprehensive clearanceQualified securities company licenses;


With these licenses, it means that your funds are protected under supervision.

The commission is low, and the security is guaranteed. In fact, there is another problem to pay attention to, that is, stability.

There are many high-frequency traders in U.S. stock trading, and high-frequency trading will face two problems, delay and stability. If these two problems are not handled properly, it is for high-frequency trading. unbearable.

You want to trade U.S. stocks in China, and the market source and the trading end are on the other side of the earth, on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. For such a long distance, stability is very important. Faced with this situation, Zunjia still has two options: one is to find a third-party market and transaction service provider to directly access it in China (Hong Kong), and the other is to build it by itself.

Zunjia chose to build it herself.

In 2019, Zunjia Financial realized the interoperability of six dedicated lines in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, and delivered orders for U.S. stocks directly to the U.S. exchange, greatly improving transaction speed and user experience.

And in this statistical data, it just covers the four U.S. stocks fusing time in 2020. Such performance under such extreme market conditions should be better under normal trading environment.

If you are an ordinary trading user and you only trade once or twice a day, you may not feel the transaction speed at the millisecond level. Then another question must be related to you:


Do you remember that when the stock price of Game Station skyrocketed, Robin Hood, an American brokerage, actually restricted buying?

Imagine that you have already judged that a certain stock is going to skyrocket, and you want to buy it. As a result, you are not allowed to buy, but you are only allowed to sell. There is a chance that the stock will rise several times and dozens of times. Is it tolerable if you slip away in front of you? This is unbearable! Although Robin Hood made a lot of rhetoric in the follow-up, it also reminded everyone that a stable brokerage must be selected.

Many brokerages do not have their own channels and choose to connect to other people's homes. As a result, they are in a dilemma. However, Zunjia is an independent channel for US stocks and will not be affected, so we still have to rely on ourselves at critical moments.

Finally, there are some small benefits, you can pay more attention to it, such as whether there are benefits for the broker’s deposit, the inconvenience of the deposit and withdrawal, whether it can be traded at all times, or invite your friends together Are there any rewards for opening an account?

If you choose a good brokerage firm and you happen to have friends around you who want to invest, don’t be foolish to let him open an account by himself. You can send hundreds of dollars worth of stocks after you invite him. Why don't you have good welfare?

Of course, all of the above, Zun Jia has.

I wish everyone a profit in US stock investment!

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