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A-share 100 million yuan account surges by 20% (Figure)-Sohu News

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The continued rebound of the stock market has significantly increased the market’s anxiety. The data released by the China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation on the 16th showed that the proportion of A-share trading accounts for 7 months For the first time in the past, there has been a month-on-month rebound, and the average daily number of open accounts has increased by nearly 30%. At the same time, the market value of retail and institutional circulation has also risen significantly, and accounts of natural persons with more than 100 million yuan have increased by 20%. However, many sales department managers in Guangzhou said that the current market sentiment has only improved, and it is far from "running into the tide."

The trading account hits a new high for nearly six months

The monthly report of Zhongdeng Company shows that, The number of A-share accounts participating in transactions and their proportions increased in December last year. In the same month, the number of A-share accounts participating in transactions in the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets was 17.169 million, an increase of 3.4903 million from the previous month; it accounted for the end of the period. 12.45% of the number of active accounts increased by 2.50 percentage points from the previous month. This is the first time that the proportion of A-share trading accounts has rebounded from the previous month in the past seven months, and has reached a new high in the past six months.

The rebound in the market is more evident in the number of new accounts. The monthly report shows that the average daily number of new A-share accounts opened on the Shanghai Stock Exchange is 10,615, an increase of 2201 from the previous month, an increase of 26.16%; the average daily rate on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange The number of newly opened A-share accounts was 9,859, an increase of 2238 from the previous month, an increase of 29.37%. The combined daily average number of fund accounts opened in the two cities was 2,205, an increase of 36.10% from the previous month.

In addition, investor accounts The market value has rebounded significantly. Compared with November, the number of accounts below 10,000 yuan in December decreased by more than 25 million, accounting for 10%, while the number of stock accounts in the rest of the range was increasing. Among them, the circulating market value was 10 million yuan. The growth of natural person accounts with 100 million yuan and above 100 million yuan was the most obvious. The former increased from 13,409 at the end of November to 16,863 at the end of August, an increase of 26%, and the latter increased from 731 at the end of November to 887 at the end of December. An increase of 22%.

There was no significant change in large capital in Guangzhou.

However, industry insiders pointed out that the main reason for the increase in large capital accounts was that the rebound in the market itself made the market value soar, not necessarily The so-called "billionaires run into the tide." The Yangcheng Evening News also learned from many business departments in Guangzhou that there has been no obvious change in the opening and entering of the market with large accounts of funds. Among them, Tan Yanhua, general manager of the Dongfeng Middle Road business department of Guosen Securities, which has the most concentrated funds in Guangzhou, told the Yangcheng Evening News reporter that the recent rebound has indeed increased the activity of funds, but the opening of large funds and entering the market are not much different from before.

A person in charge of the marketing business of Huaan Securities also said that the current overall account opening situation is better than before, but the account opening of natural persons is still relatively stable. It will be over, but at most it is only the middle stage of the rebound." The person in charge also said that since most investors have been deeply entangled before, and there is no more new funds to chase into the market, the strategy of most people is just waiting. (Yangcheng Evening News) Source Yangcheng Evening News)

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