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128144 When will Limin Convertible Bonds be listed, 072734 Limin Convertible Bonds Company's Competitive Advantages and Trading Rules on the First Day of Listing

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The subscription time for Limin Convertible Bonds is March 1. The subscription code for this convertible bond is 072734, and the bond code is 128144. At present, the purchase of convertible bonds in the market is more popular because there are more new investors, and when will the Limin convertible bonds be listed, they will also receive attention with the arrival of their purchase.

Generally speaking, according to the listing rules of convertible bonds, the listing time of convertible bonds is generally about 20 to 30 days after the subscription. , And the Limin convertible bond purchase time is March 1, 2021, so its listing time is between March 20, 2021 and April 1, 2021. After Limin’s bond issuance, it can be opened for trading. Everyone Then wait patiently.

Competitive advantages of Limin Convertible Bond Company

1. Technical advantages

In terms of pesticides, the company and its holding subsidiaries Hebei Shuangji, Weiyuan Biochemical, and New Weiyuan are national high-tech enterprises, with national post-doctoral workstations, China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) laboratories, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) laboratory, national enterprise technology center and biocide engineering technology research center. The company has the capability of independent research and development to continuously launch new products and the ability to continuously improve the technological level. As of 2020 On July 31, the company and its subsidiaries had 140 authorized patents, including 52 invention patents, 70 authorized utility model patents, and 18 design patents. Company participation 43 The formulation of international standards, national standards and industry standards for each product has a strong industry influence. 2019 In 2009, the mancozeb liquid phase analysis method established by the company formally became the general analysis method of the International Cooperative Committee for Pesticide Analysis (CIPAC).

In terms of veterinary drugs, Weiyuan Pharmaceutical owns 3 invention patents and successfully developed 4 national second-class new veterinary drugs, 1 Three new veterinary drugs from three countries, participated in the preparation of the standards for acetamidoavermectin raw materials and injection in the "Chinese Veterinary Pharmacopoeia"

2. Customer advantages

The company maintains a good cooperative relationship with multinational companies. The cooperative products include cymoxanil, mancozeb, aluminum triethylphosphonate, pyrimethanil, etc. Some major domestic preparation manufacturers and distributors also regard the company as one of their preferred suppliers.

In addition, compared with domestic competitors, the company’s main products have entered the international market earlier and have a very obvious market first advantage. The company's products have been exported to India, Brazil, Paraguay, France, Turkey, Bolivia and other countries and regions. Through long-term quality, supply and service guarantee, the company has established long-term and stable strategic partnerships with customers and has a good reputation among customers.

3. Brand and channel advantages

The company is an early manufacturer of pesticides in China. The "Limin" brand has a high reputation in China and in Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa. . The Limin trademark and the Shuangji trademark are recognized as "China Well-known Trademarks". Company 13 Each product was recognized as a "Provincial High-tech Product" by the Department of Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province, and Hebei Shuangji "Shuangji Brand Mancozeb" and "Shuangji Brand Lime Sulfur Mixture" were recognized as "Hebei Province Famous Brand Products" by Hebei Province. The trademarks "Bidelijitu" and "Mieshali" were recognized as famous trademarks by Hebei Administration for Industry and Commerce. Relying on the brand and channel advantages accumulated over the years, the company has established a domestic coverage It has a marketing and technical service network in more than 30 provinces and municipalities and more than 1,200 counties, with more than 1,000 dealers and nearly 30,000 retailers.

4. Advantages of scale

The production capacity, output and sales volume of many products of the company are in the forefront of the domestic and foreign industries, among which the leading products are Daisen, cymoxanil, and triethyl phosphine. Aluminum acid, pyrimethanil, methamphetamine, abamectin, emamectin benzoate, etc. have obvious advantages in scale. On the one hand, large-scale production allows the company to have a strongThe bargaining power of the company can obtain timely, stable, and prioritized supply of major raw materials; on the other hand, it can effectively reduce unit product costs and increase labor productivity. At the same time, the advantage of scale is conducive to improving the supply capacity. During the peak sales season, the company has stable supply and can meet customer needs in time.

Trading rules for the first day of bond issuance and listing

Convertible bonds are traded according to the T+0 rule. Investors can sell the convertible bonds on the There is no limit on the rise or fall of bonds on the first day of listing. However, there is a circuit breaker mechanism for convertible bonds on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. According to the relevant provisions of the exchange, if there is no price limit on government bonds, local bonds or policy financial bonds that rise or fall by more than 10% from the closing price, the transaction ownership will be temporarily Measures such as suspension of trading, verbal or written warnings, suspension of day trading of securities accounts, etc.

The circuit breaker mechanism of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Convertible Bonds is as follows: trading will be temporarily suspended for 30 minutes if the opening price rises or falls by more than 20%; trading will be suspended directly to 14:55 if the price rises or fall by more than 30%; no fusing after 14:55 .

In addition, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange stipulates that the quotation range during the call auction stage on the first day of bond listing must be within 30% of the issue price. The effective bidding range for continuous bidding and closing call bidding is 10% of the latest transaction price.

1. T+0 trading

Unlike stocks, convertible bonds adopt the T+0 trading rule, that is, convertible bonds bought on the same day can be sold on the same day. And can trade again.

2. Trading hours

The trading hours for the listing of convertible bonds are 9:15-9:25, 9:30-11:30, 13:00- on each trading day 15:00. Among them, 9:20-9:25 is the call auction time, during which order cancellation is not accepted.

3. Transaction quantity

The transaction quantity is 1 lot or its integer multiple, and the corresponding face value is 1,000 yuan or its integer multiple.

The introduction of when the Limin Convertible Bond will be listed and the estimated price of the listing, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. You also need to know what to contact customer service.

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