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A detailed explanation of the basic knowledge of stocks, a must-see for Xiaobai to get started _ Market Index

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Original title: Detailed explanation of basic stock knowledge, a must-see for beginners

It is reported that there are about 146 million Chinese A-share shareholders. It can be seen that the stock market is Stockholders are extremely attractive. However, for Xiaobai, he must figure out basic stock knowledge before entering the market, and do not blindly follow suit. Below, I will take you to sort out the basic knowledge of the stock market.

1. What are A shares?

A-shares, namely ordinary RMB stocks, are issued by companies registered in China, listed domestically, and denominated in RMB, for domestic institutions, organizations or individuals to subscribe and trade in RMB. Stocks. The letter A has no special meaning and is mainly used to distinguish special RMB stocks, namely B shares.

2. What are motherboards and small and medium-sized boards?

After opening a stock account, the sectors that can be directly traded are the main board and the small and medium-sized board. Most of the main boards are large and mature companies, while the small and medium boards are mostly small and medium-sized companies with stable development. These companies are not large enough to meet the requirements for listing on the main board, so they can only choose the small and medium board to list.

3. What is the Science and Technology Innovation Board and ChiNext?

The Science and Technology Innovation Board was established on the Shanghai Stock Exchange to provide a financial trading platform for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, focusing on supporting industries such as new materials, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and biomedicine. The Growth Enterprise Market was established on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to provide financing channels and development space for companies temporarily unable to be listed on the main board, and to serve growth-oriented innovative and entrepreneurial companies.

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4 , What is the large-cap index, small- and medium-cap index, and small-cap index?

The large-cap index, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index, represents the weighted average value of all equity in the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The small and medium-cap index, the Shenzhen Component Index, means that 500 stocks are selected on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange according to certain criteria and the weighted average of their stock prices is removed. The small-cap index, the ChiNext index, represents the weighted average of all stocks in the ChiNext market.

5. Stock trading mode and trading hours?

The principle of stock trading: "T+1", that is, stocks bought on the same day, and can’t be sold until the next day. Stock trading hours: 9:30-11:30 in the morning, 13:00-15:00 in the afternoon.

6. What is the opening price and closing price?

Within 10 minutes from 9:15-9:25 before the opening of the stock market, the stock market adopts a matchmaking mechanism to make transactions within the last minute. The final match price is set as the opening price. . Similarly, in the last 3 minutes before the market close, the system will set the last successfully matched price as the closing price.

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7 , What is a candlestick chart?

K-line chart, also known as candle chart, is used to record the stock market and price fluctuations. If the closing price of the day is higher than the opening price, the closing price is above and the opening price is below, and the entity between the two is drawn in red, called a Yang line, which represents an increase in the stock price. Conversely, the opening price is above and the closing price is below, and the entity between the two is drawn in green, called a Yin line, which represents a decline in the stock price.

8. What is the meaning of stocks with ST logo?

The ST mark means that the stock exchange will deal specifically with listed companies that have suffered losses for two consecutive years. *ST mark, the stock exchange will make special treatment for listed companies that have suffered losses for three consecutive years. S*ST mark, the stock exchange hasListed companies signaled to withdraw from the stock market. For such stocks, it is better not to choose.

9. What is the price change?

The rate of change is the rate by which the stock rose or fell that day. The calculation formula is: rate of change = (today's closing price-yesterday's closing price)/yesterday's closing price * 100%. There is a daily limit of 10% for the rise and fall of A-shares, and there is no limit on the first day of listing of new shares, but the rise cannot exceed 44%.

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The above is to What everyone shared is the basic knowledge about stocks. I hope to help you get started quickly. We will continue to bring you more knowledge about stocks and futures in the future. Friends in need can pay attention to the editor. Today’s sharing ends here. Yes, you are welcome to like, comment, and share. See you next time!

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