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Wearing JK=very showy? Uniform temptation? Obviously sweet and lustful, so I can see the explosion!

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hi, hello little sisters, this is your hoarding son~

It's the hot hoard that has turned into a pool of white dumplings. It feels like the young ladies on the road are all wearing small skirts recently!

Bai Huahua’s thighs are really upset by hoarding (lsp·store), sister’s Legs are not legs, but the spring water of the Seine!

Hoarding found that there are more and more young ladies wearing JK uniforms on the road. Everyone finally realizes the freedom of dressing!

Tuyuan [email protected],000 [email protected]

in Here, Hoarding wants to tell everyone that JK uniforms are definitely not pornography, but little skirts that serious little girls will wear! !

Today’s hoarding is to share with you a wave of JK uniforms~ I want to enjoy the beautiful little skirt with my cute little sister~

If the plaid skirt was just a school uniform before, it should be It is worn by the major girl groups in minutes~

YG four girls-BLACKPINK concerts will Wearing a checkered skirt, youthful and very academic style.

Of course, the small skirts we recommend for everyone are domestic and original skirts, and the price is relatively close to the people. It’s also super fairy~

Basically, in summer, you have to wear a variety of fresh plaid, and the color is in summer It’s so beautiful that I can go around in circles~

And the super girly heart, it’s a proper little girl to wear Fairy~ Everyone usually wears a white shirt, so they are more positive.

Tuyuan Xiaohongshu @[email protected] have a [email protected]

But hoarding, I think wearing a T-shirt or a tight top will have a different feeling~ I have seen wearing a Hanfu before, it is very foreign~

Tuyuan [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

In addition to the commonly seen checkered skirt in JK, there is definitely a sailor suit. Hoarders know that the sailor suit is known from "Sailor Moon"~

When I watched this cartoon when I was young, I dreamed of having a set of such a small skirt. It’s really eye-catching~

Of course, if your childhood is different from mine, then you must have seen a group of photos of sailor suits that we surpassed our sister recently.

Sweet sister herself, she has the atmosphere of Japanese magazines, which brings a little bit in the sultry summer Cool and full of sweetness.

The sense of age reduction in sailor suits is of course yyds! However, sailor suits also have a lot of attention to detail, let’s chat with us~

The collars of sailor suits are quite diverse. In general, they are: Sapporo, Kanto, Kansai, and Nagoya.

Tuyuan [email protected] Sui Sauce

The difference is from the leftOn the right, the collar opening is getting closer, and the angle ∠ is getting smaller and smaller.

Tuyuan [email protected] Yuanyuan's Development

According to the collar on the collar The number of lines is called one, two, three, and no books. If there is a color, add a color in front, such as: red three books.

There is also a deformed lapel, which refers to a collar with a new design that is different from the traditional lapel.

Tuyuan [email protected] Sui Sauce

In addition to the sailor suit, the most favorite thing to stock up is the nursing skirt. Although the name is relatively hey~ but it is really one-to-one.

A sense of graceful eldest lady with proper upper body effect, as well as a strong sense of vision for top students, of course It may be because of the length of the skirt, which is more well-behaved.

Tuyuan [email protected] [email protected] Yikai's little sweetheart

The breast-care skirt is matched with a short-sleeved shirt, which is full of sense of students, and the style of the straps has a strong sense of first love, and it stretches the eyes vertically, which is very friendly to small people.

Tuyuan [email protected]@Find a [email protected] la saucejk

This style of JK skirt is a hoarding mommy who once met and praised it once~ It is full of Japanese sense, pure and very fresh~

Tuyuan [email protected] [email protected]イチゴ(Minecraft)

The dark green or coffee-colored breast-care skirt, the elegant feeling makes me look at Wannian, water The blue ones are very summer, cute and sweet.

Tuyuan [email protected] is [email protected] is this announcement

Okay, that’s all for today’s sharing~ Finally, a friendly reminder if you want to wear a mountain, you must wear genuine to support the original~

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