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"Republic of China Detective" Zhang Yunlong's ten sets of costumes, suits and vests handsome out of the sky, uniform A burst!

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Zhang Yunlong played the role of Qiao Chusheng in "Republic of China", nicknamed Si Ye, is a police detective, and the costumes in the play are very particular. Regarding the only line of affection between Qiao Chusheng and Tong Li in the play, everyone is also very sorry, but they are different from each other! He also personally arrested Tong Li and abused her!

Speak the wildest words, fight the most arrogant frames, protect the most timid roads, and do the best Si Ye! First of all, let's feel Zhang Yunlong's appearance of showing off his chest and abdominal muscles for Lu Yao in the play!

After the appreciation, we will move on to the topic, check out the ten sets of costumes in Zhang Yunlong's play, you are most fond of Which set?

1. Black suit, shirt and waistcoat.

If you have a big back hair type, I’ll ask if you are handsome! The gentleman's demeanor is full. Qiao Chusheng is a young inspector, and he is young and handsome. His main costume is a suit and a variety of trousers and waistcoats. His upright posture is really good!

The temperament is very tight, the plot is also very compact, one to two episodes Solving a case left and right, in addition to knocking on the faces of the two male protagonists, the humorous daily life of the two is also the source of happiness for the editor to follow the drama.

Two, striped suit, tie and shirt

I have to say A good-looking suit requires a good figure. Zhang Yunlong also has shots showing his pectoral and abdominal muscles in the show, which is simply perfect! The facial features are particularly tough and heroic, which is really complementary to Hu Yitian's handsome look.

Three, gray vest, fine plaid shirt and black trousers

It's worthy of being one of the eight kings on the rivers and lakes of Shanghai. It brings wind when you walk, and is not angry or prestigious. Gao Leng also made a decisive decision. The most important point is that Zhang Yunlong and Hu Yitian are both original sounds, which sound very pleasing to the ear, plus this handsome face, it is too substituting.

4. Khaki suit and plaid vest with

shirt The style of vest and plaid series is the common way of dressing in this play. The dark brown silk scarf on the neckline is particularly Western-style.

V. Navy blue check suit suit

This set The suit seems to be tailor-made for Zhang Yunlong. The lattice design is three-dimensional and thin in terms of visual effects. The facial features are sharp and angular, and the male god is full of style.

Sixth, black leather jacket

This costume is really another A is also a super fan. This drama is also different from other crime-solving dramas. There are 30 cases in just 36 episodes. The comedy elements in the drama are also super popular, which has been widely praised.

7. Police uniform

Police uniform in the play With majesty when not smiling, laughing simply captured the hearts of many viewers, this damn charm!

The uniform temptation from the long-legged Obama really satisfied me with the uniforms and gangs of the Republic of China Big brother's double fantasies.

8. Long black police uniform cloak

Cloak A man with full aura and hormones is not weak at all when he wears it.

Nine, gray shirts. The gentleman's demeanor is fully demonstrated.

X. The best man in the finale

Lu San Tu and Bai Youning finally became married, and the Fourth Master was left alone, inexplicably sour. This outfit was too energetic, and standing with Lu Santu was simply beautiful. After watching it, I feel that I still have a lot of thoughts. The ending has a major event. There should be a second part, right? Strongly request the original team!

Thank you for reading. Which outfit of Qiao Siye do you like best? Welcome to leave a message!

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