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Teach you to buy stocks 22: Put 800 million rice into the belly of 5 dealers. (Top) _ funds

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Original title: Teach you to buy stocks 22: Put 800 million rice into the belly of 5 dealers. (Part 1)

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Today, I said something that is not gossip.

Having said so many buying points, for small funds, it is enough to follow the purchase, but for large funds, the specific situation is more complicated, because a large It takes a lot of skill to enter the capital and not want to change the bookmaker.

The following is a dream issued by this ID. You have the right to listen to it. If there is any counterpart in reality, it is purely coincidental. This ID does not bear any laws. responsibility.

On December 20, the world suddenly dropped rice worth 800 million farmers per person, and then I played such a game. 100 million rice is loaded into the belly of 5 certain type of noodles called the dealer:

to support him.

First of all, 800 million can't be stuffed together, and 100 million maneuvers are left. If the dealer is not obedient and wants to toss, he will have to teach him.

This part of the rice cannot be fixed in the belly of any dealer. It must flow in the belly of 5 dealers every day. Sometimes it will become 150 million, and sometimes it may change. It is 50 million, which is based on the situation of the disk.

Of course, this is all for the rest, provided that the other 700 million has been stuffed into the belly of the five dealers.

Deng Banxian'er

"First of all, you can’t put all 800 million in it, leaving 1 "Millions of mobile", does the team keep 100 million of funds to prevent risks?


I don’t think so. He fought all five battles at the same time. Yes, this 100 million fund is a necessary condition for his military deployment, and it is used as a mobile force for maneuvering inside.

The Chuang Shi conducts a dialogue with the dealer through the handicap to find out his emotions. Moreover, he will do familiar stocks, and he will get acquainted with it first through trial and error. In fact, what he is talking about is the stock nature. The stock nature of each stock is different, and the language and strategy you use to deal with it are also different. How to load 800 million rice is the question of how to open a position. In the process of opening a position, you have to get a bargaining chip, but you can’t alarm the dealer, because if you start the dealer away, no one will pull it. He is mainly after the dealer pulls up and forms a joint force. To make a profit out, he is calling the market.

This article is more about the game theory. You need to know who your opponent is, his personality and layout, including his cost and later target position. , The subject matter done, but also to prevent becoming a receiver. Zhuangshi is profiting by using market forces. He has 800 million of funds. It can be said that he can become a small village, but he did not do this. Instead, he scattered the funds to the market and made profits by mobilizing market forces through operation. , This is a very clever way of thinking, walking by the way of heaven.

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Maybe you have a small amount of funds and you don’t have the ability to talk to big funds, but for the operation of big funds, you have to know his operating ideas. Understanding the market is helpful. Small funds can only be followers for the market. You can operate according to the three types of buying and selling points and know how to deal with it.It's okay.

If you have a large amount of money, you must prevent yourself from becoming a dealer, because most of the dealers are hunted. There are a lot of powerful hunters in the market, although only one master is revealed, but there are many others that have not been revealed. Master Chan is very kind, and let us see this situation. Although he wrote it in a way of laughing and cursing, it made us feel that the operation was very simple, but in the whole process, he was courageous and strategic, strategizing; it was strategically despised and tactically valued; Pay attention to every detail.

You have to learn his thinking model, this is the core. The classics that can be learned are not limited by the time factor. The classics such as the Buddhist scriptures, the Tao Te Ching, and the Analects are still read with relish and full of joy. Time will not obliterate wisdom. Although the theory of Chuangshi was written more than ten years ago, it is still full of wisdom. This article shows his thorough understanding of the operation under the market and is a complete reflection of the operation of Chuangshi's funds.


To be continued-

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22. Put 800 million rice into the belly of 5 dealers. [Teach you 108 lessons on stock trading]

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