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Red tour resources add luster to the holiday

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There are more diverse activities in red tourist attractions during the long holiday.

During the National Day holiday, various red tourist attractions in Guangzhou have launched unique activities Featured red tourism activities, these featured activities have gone out of the simple display and explanation mode of communication, created a diversified and rich content of communication and interactive methods, and promoted the inheritance and spread of Guangzhou's red culture. During the holidays, various forms of red tourism activities have also attracted many parent-child families, and the experience places for some activities have been quickly robbed as soon as they were launched.

During the holidays, the "Blessing the Motherland" festival flowerbed at the entrance of the South Gate of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall attracted many citizens and tourists to stop and take pictures. Both sides of the flowerbed are large-scale bougainvillea with Lingnan characteristics. The bonsai is set off, two of the white pigeons are lifelike, and the flower bed is surrounded by flowers of various colors. The visual effect is three-dimensional and rich. During the National Day, the main building of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall also launched the "Ode to the Red Flag" light show to link the building and the pictures in the exhibition hall. When the "Ode to the Red Flag" sounds, the light and shadow interweave, and the interior of the building shines with colorful lights. The scene was very shocking.

Different from previous static displays, the red tourist attractions in the city during the National Day holiday "moved" one after another, combining sound and light with light shows and concerts to show their uniqueness Demeanor. According to reports, on October 7th, 61 Guzheng performers and inheritors of genres will also perform a long-term Guzheng concert at the Zhongshan Memorial Hall. A total of 21 traditional classic Zheng tunes, 17 modern Zheng tunes, and 12 modern Zheng tunes will be performed.

The Guangdong Revolutionary History Museum also prepared a wealth of programs, including a heavy return of "immersive" dramas, parent-child handicraft activities, music salons and non-legacy Cantonese speaking ancient , All activities are free of charge by appointment to participate, so that the red culture can be the most convenient and direct way for everyone to get close and experience. Among them, as soon as the immersive drama on the theme of the Guangzhou Uprising on October 1 was launched, all 35 places were quickly filled.

In Conghua District, the red cultural tourism enthusiasm is not diminished. Many families favor the red theme and go to the Huangshakeng scenic spot in Lianma Town to cherish the memory of the revolutionary martyrs, experience the red culture, and explore The red relics and the red scenic spots are very popular, which also drives the increase in the sales of surrounding agricultural products.

On October 3, a "Family Fun-Fan Embroidery Experience Activity" was held at the Memorial Hall of General Sun Yat-sen's Mansion. In some families, fathers took their daughters to sign up to participate, and learned about threading and traditional embroidery with teachers Tan Zhanpeng and Huang Minjian, the representative inheritors of the Guangdong Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Canton Embroidery Project. Although the activity lasted only two hours, the participants were still unsatisfied: "You can get in touch with the two traditional cultures of group fans and embroidery at the same time in an event, and I feel double happiness in my heart."

Grand Marshal Sun Yat-sen’s Mansion held a guess Lantern riddles

At the same time, the former site of the Peasant Movement Workshop hosted by Comrade Mao Zedong will restart the night activities. On October 8th, the "Family and National Conditions and Reading Love" will be held on the wonderful night of the Peasant Training Center. The activity will allow the students to fully understand the situation of the revolutionary martyrs studying, living and fighting in the Agricultural Research Institute. They will participate in the "Growing Up Happy Under the National Flag" red small class, art creativity class and ten-meter picture scroll creation activities, under the guidance of professional teachers. Draw a long cloth scroll together.

In the past few days, reporters have discovered in major museums and memorials that many young people are wearing Hanfu and other costumes to visit, and some of them are dressed together by mothers and children.

Some fans of Hanfu said that National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are both important festivals for the Chinese, and they are important moments for uniting family and country feelings and stimulating patriotic enthusiasm. And Hanfu and other costumes as a cultural outsideIn the form of expression, it can affect people's inner emotions subtly. Letting children wear traditional costumes not only enhances their cultural identity, but also allows them to think about the hard-won happiness of today's happy life in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

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