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Several methods commonly used in fund selection

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Today, I will tell you a few common methods for selecting funds. For those who don't know how to choose funds by themselves, you can take a closer look. It may be of some help to you!

Industry selection method:

①. Regarding the choice of funds, the most basic method is to choose funds according to the industry. This is suitable for small partners who have just bought funds, because many small partners have just entered the market and do not know what type of fund to buy, let alone what portfolio investment. Yes, you can choose through industry methods. You can combine existing policies and current market conditions with popular industries or undervalued industries. Why do you choose through industries? Because many funds in the fund market are released for industries For example, the relatively underestimated "Founder Fubon CSI Insurance Theme (167301)" belongs to the insurance industry, and the stocks held are all from the insurance industry.

I use the egg roll fund to inquire about the industry, you will find the query on the platform of the egg roll, and you can see these industries after you enter the industry. "Banking, medical and biological, communications, food and beverage" and so on, many other platforms can search for keywords to find related funds in the industry they want.

②. Increase selection method

When choosing a fund, you must not chase high, that is, when buying a fund, you must not choose to buy when the fund’s growth rate is high, because if you choose to invest in a fund If you buy at a high position, then you must have risks greater than benefits, and it's almost the same. Don't you buy orders for others? Even if you can sell near the cost line later, it will be a long time. Therefore, I would like to share with you a method of choosing funds based on the growth rate. This method allows you to buy at a relatively low position as much as possible.

The way is, on each fund platform, you can see the ranking of the fund’s gains, and you can choose the last 7 days, 1 month, and 3 months respectively. , 1 year, etc., generally choose the nearly three-month increase, so that you can see the three-month increase of each fund, and then we can choose funds with an increase in the range of 5% to 7% based on this. Come choose a relatively low fund to buy and lurking, waiting for the market to get more returns. This is a relatively convenient way, simple and easy to use, suitable for friends who don't want to find low-level funds.

③ Valuation analysis method

Valuation analysis method is generally applicable to industry index funds. Why should a valuation method be adopted? Because through the valuation of an industry index , We can easily understand whether the current industry-owned funds are worth investing in, and whether the current buying is a high level, so that everyone can have a relatively clear distinction.

For the valuation analysis method, in fact, many platforms have it, but it is possible that many small partners don’t understand what PB and PE are, but who are you? I personally feel that if you don’t know how to look, you can choose to view the valuation on the egg roll, because it directly identifies the position of these industry indexes on the egg roll. The low position is green and the middle position. The yellow ones are yellow, and the high ones are yellow. You don't need to know PB or PE. You can understand the position of these funds intuitively, which is more convenient for everyone to choose funds.

Well, today’s sharing is over. Everyone can refer to my method. I hope everyone can make more money in the market.

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