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Warning: Don't increase leverage when trading stocks! A 32-year-old Changsha stockholder jumped off the 22nd floor after losing everything!

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A 32-year-old Changsha stockholder raised 1.7 million in four times of financing Jumped off from the 22nd floor after losing all the cars in the warehouse

The evening of June 10 At around 10 o'clock, a 32-year-old man fell to his death from the 22nd floor of the community in Xiangjiang Century City Community, Changsha City. After receiving an alarm, Changsha Furong North Road Police Station, 120 quickly rushed to the scene for disposal. Preliminary investigations revealed that the man's death was related to the fact that he used a four-fold financing leverage to take a heavy position in a stock and lost his principal after the stock's two limit drops.

I saw at the scene that many blood stains were left at the place where the building fell. Some residents thought that others were going down Throwing away the garbage, it turned out that it was a man who fell from the stairs. The man who died was named Hou, 32 years old, from Changsha. He lived on the 22nd floor of the community and had a 6-year-old child. According to the residents of the community, Mr. Hou usually likes to trade stocks, and he does not hesitate to spend huge sums of money to use financing leverage to invest in the stock market game. According to insiders, Mr. Hou lost 1.7 million yuan and quadrupled his financing leverage. After paying all the losses, his wife was too irrational. After arguing with him for a day, she continued to quarrel. Her own stock loss would be pressured. If his wife quarreled with him again, he would not be able to bear it.

After this tragedy, a post about Mr. Hou quickly went viral on the Internet, and the post information showed that Hou Mr. invested 1.7 million yuan in principal and quadrupled the financing, and took full stock of CRRC stock. On June 9th and 10th, the stock fell by two consecutive limits. All of his 1.7 million principal was lost. An accident happened on the night of the 10th. .

Before Mr. Hou jumped off the building, he left a paragraph in the stock bar under the name of "retail investor who wants to make money" with his ID name "Before I leave this world, I just want to say, I am willing to bet and lose, the principal is 1.7 million plus the financing four times, the whole warehouse is in the car, and there is no complaint. I blame myself for being greedy. I wanted to give my family a comfortable life. Who wants to lose? All away, goodbye, family, I love you, I love this world."

 At present, the police have passed the investigation and have ruled out the suspicion of homicide.

The boom in the stock market has spawned a large number of distributions Capital company

< p style="line-height:24px;text-indent:nullem;text-align:left"> The boom in the stock market has spawned a large number of companies, and found a company in Gaoqiao Commercial City, Changsha The company claims that it can provide shareholders with leveraged funds up to 10 times, and 10 million funds can be in place within a day. Shareholders only need to put the capital into the account of the company, and the company will provide up to 10 times the leverage of funds to play in the stock market according to the needs of the shareholders. After the principal is expanded by 10 times, if the principal appreciates, then stockholders will get a huge return, but once the stock drops, stockholders' money will be lost within a few days. In order to ensure the safety of funds, the company will force the liquidation of positions in the liquidation position, and shareholders will lose their money, and they will also charge high interest rates. According to this rule, if four to five times the capital is allocated, only two limit-downs will be used to make shareholders lose their principal. If a leverage of ten times is used, one limit-down will be lost, and shareholders will bear huge risks.

The large number of rationing companies has undoubtedly created a gambling-like psychology for shareholders. The stock market is inherently high-risk, and rationing can multiply the returns, but the risks are also doubled. Zoom in, in a rapidly changing market, users will lose everything if they don't know much about it. A few days ago, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has clearly stipulated that securities firms shall not participate in activities such as off-market stock allocation in any form, and reminded investors not to borrow money for stock trading.

Dancing on the neck with the stock-stocking knife holder

If the biggest difference between this round of bull market and the previous round of bull market is the large-scale entry of leveraged funds. It has become a magic weapon for many investors to win. But risk and return are often proportional. Investors who borrow money to stock stocks will suffer a disaster if they are not careful.

Interview a familiar partner An industry insider in the investment business, he told, “There will be real-time monitoring of all funds accounts. As long as the loss of account funds exceeds the loan principal and interest, then investors will either add more funds or encounter forced liquidation. After the stock is sold , Even if it rises all the way, it has nothing to do with you. ”

In view of the situation that Mr. Hou allocated a full position to buy CRRC, CRRC’s “one” daily limit on the first day of trading resumption on June 8, closed at 32.4 yuan , But the next day, CRRC experienced huge fluctuations. After the opening price of 35.64 yuan, the price plummeted sharply. It closed close to the limit price and closed at 29.38 yuan. It hit the lower limit for a time and fluctuated 20% throughout the day. It is really a 1:4 financing, and a full warehouse purchase of CRRC, then its total investment is 8.5 million yuan, of which its own principal is 1.7 million, and the allocation is 6.8 million. According to the 20% fluctuation of the day, its account is the largest in a day The loss has reached 1.7 million. If the investor cannot add more funds, in order to ensure that the 6.8 million loaned by the company will not be lost, it will definitely choose to close the position forcibly. In this way, the investor's own funds will disappear in one day. Therefore, stock trading is a dance with a knife on the neck. ”

It is understood that the company has set a warning line for each account of the company. For those customers who have reached the warning line, the company will call them and ask them to Increase the margin or reduce the position. Take the 1:4 leverage as an example, a loss of 15% may require an increase in the margin, and the customer will receive a call from the company. Once the funder does not take any measures, it will be the liquidation line , The company will be forced to close the position.

However, from the perspective of the financing ratio, the 1:4 high-leverage capital allocation is an unofficial channel capital allocation business. It’s almost impossible to have such a high proportion of financing in regulated financing business. A customer service manager of a securities firm’s business department told reporters that the financing of a securities company generally requires assessment of the client’s own financial strength, and there are also restrictions on the stocks that can be purchased through financing, such as some High-risk, high-priced stocks are not on the list of stocks purchased by financing. From the perspective of financing ratio, the general financing ratio of securities companies will not exceed 1:2, and the warning line will also be set, and there will also be a mechanism for forced liquidation. .


Four personalities People who are the least suitable for stock trading

Medical experts point out that the following personalities are particularly unsuitable for stocks:

Circular personality: emotional instability, poor emotional self-control ability, easily affected by the environment, happy when going well, and frustrated when failing.

Paranoid personality: extreme personality, self-evaluation is too high, self-reliant. Stocks often firmly believe in their own one-sided judgment, not listening Any advice.

Cowardly personality: follow the crowd, lack self-confidence, have no opinion, and be indecisive in situations. Entering the stock market, it’s easy to blindly follow the trend.

The pursuit of perfect character: the goal is too high, the pursuit of perfection, slightly insufficient , That is, sorrow and blame yourself.



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