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The battle of the mining pool is fully launched, Binance mining pool focuses on the No.1 _digital

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The Guild Wars Mining Pool Market

Binance Mining Pool focuses on learning master No.1

As we all know, in the blockchain world, the way to obtain value is to directly purchase the "digital assets" on the chain through credit currency. Another way is to deploy the "cloud computing platform" ", that is, the mining pool, or the way to buy cloud computing power, to "mining", and to obtain digital assets and profits.

Currently, in this market, there are four fronts and matrices. The first is a mining pool represented by professional institutions. For example, Poolin, AntPool, slush pool, F2Pool; the second is mining pool operation represented by the production and manufacturing of mining machines, such as Bitmain, Jianan Zhizhi, etc.; the third is currently the most popular and attracts the most attention The representative echelon of is the mining pools operated by digital asset trading giants, such as the mining pools operated by "Binance, Huobi, OKEX"; of course, there is a fourth type, which is small and medium-sized mining pools, and retail mining pools. echelon.

So, at present, the competition among the major mining pools on these four fronts is also very fierce, mainly reflected in the customer-side product services, the extension of finance and derivatives, and services Contest on fees and other dimensions. Therefore, these four fronts are currently in a state of melee, and they are all trying to continuously develop and attract more users to join their own "mining pools."

And here I have to say, "Binance Mining Pool", currently in the melee mining pool market, is fighting for the whole people Kicked off. At the same time, a bit of surprise is that the "Binance Mining Pool" has developed very rapidly after it went live on April 27. Binance Mining Pool has been in the top 10 within 30 days of its launch, and its current computing power is 3768.39PH/S. , The difference between Huobi and OKEx mining pools is less than 1500PH/S, and at the current rate, it is only a matter of time before they surpass both in the future.

Of course, in my opinion, the reason why the "Binance Mining Pool" has been able to emerge in a short period of time is due to the following two points:

1. Strong The endorsement of brand resources, the building of Binance’s mining pool and the sense of trust with customers

There is a saying, "Being trusted is a kind of happiness." Of course, for trust, it is It takes a few things to build trust. Then, Binance has gained the trust of users in the overall connection behavior of the trading market and users in the past three years. Then, when Binance began to deploy the offline real economy, then this sense of trust would be endorsed by strong brand resources and reduce construction costs. Therefore, when the "Binance Mining Pool" breaks out, it is doomed To become a celebrity, customers are also in the process of cooperating with the "Binance Mining Pool" and can feel Binance's strong brand, then this sense of trust will become more and more stable.

2. Professional and efficient operation, making customers profitable and worry-free is the real ability

Operating a mining pool is a very delicate matter, also A relatively professional thing, then, another factor for the rise of Binance mining pool is professional and efficient operation, which is almost the same as the genes of the Binance asset circulation platform, efficient, large-scale, and rapid. Also delicate. Therefore, the development of Binance Mining Pool has achieved very fast and remarkable results under the professional operation team.

Under the execution of such an overall team, Binance Mining Pool is actually giving the income to the miners. The current result is: the highest fee rate of the BTC mining pool is 2.5%, which is higher than most friends. The 4% of the quotient is 37.5% lower. EOS lock-up income8% in the first month of launch, the annualized current income is 20%+ higher than the industry average of 90 days. At the same time, the mining pool products and exchanges will be connected to provide more targeted financial products for miners, such as hedging, C2C one-click currency purchase, and BTC financial management.

POW: 1. Provide a zero rate discount for the first month and provide users with exclusive VIP services . 2. The highest rate is 2.5%, giving miners a rate that is 37.5% lower than the 4% of most friends. 3. For online activities, with an average daily computing power greater than 500T, 1000 BNB rewards can be shared.

POS: 1. In addition to EOS, Binance has also launched GXS Gongxinbao customized wealth management products, and any position can get 5 times the income. It can be said that in POS innovation, the currency Ann has carried out a more comprehensive consideration and setting.

So, this is the winning rule of the "Binance Mining Pool". Professionalism, efficiency, and the interests of users and users are paramount. In this process, Binance Mining Pool focuses on learning the best. 1. I believe that in the future, Binance Pool will be able to create updated and high-quality services and product experiences, demonstrating the powerful energy of Xueba No.


Popular with miners

User first Winning rules

At present, the mining pool business has begun to explode. The main reason is that the dividends have begun to be released. The high water period, policy empowerment, and very stable secondary market factors have made the mining industry successful. The new volume of pool business. So, for each company, at this time, mining is the most profitable thing. Under this background, professional mining pools will highlight their competitiveness. At the same time, in this process, in fact, the mining pool itself has also begun to evolve, which is completely different from the dividends during this period of 2016-2018. The dividends at this stage need to be obtained through branding, institutionalization, specialization, and productization. And other factors to form market influence.

For "Binance Mining Pool", the current achievements are also based on these factors. Of course, The most important thing is that the current "Binance Mining Pool" has been greatly favored by miners and has gathered a very strong popularity. The miners also praised the "Binance Mining Pool" very well, and the reason why the miners chose Binance mining pool is nothing more than the following reasons;

1. Simple concept, giving miners the best return and low fees

miners It is a lovely group. They are profitable, and what each miner needs most is income. At present, in the Binance mining pool, miners can obtain a competitive block reward share, and the handling fee is low (the mining pool provides a zero-rate handling fee in the first month of its launch). In this way, you can have more mining profits instead of being compressed by the supplier. Binance Mining Pool also distributes rewards to miners based on their contribution through regular activities. This week, Binance Mining Pool ended its mining Bitcoin to win BNB promotion and shared a 1,000 BNB bonus pool. It can be said that the Binance mining pool is full of strength.

2. Innovative ideas, support for multiple tokens and rebates for holding positions

The operation of Binance mining pool is completely different from traditional mining pools , With more new ideas, not only provide mining services, but also provide rebates for holding positions. Currently, only Bitcoin mining is supported, but more token mining will be supported in the future. In Binance Mining Pool, you can hold tokens and get up to 150% higher position rebates than other platforms. Binance Mining Pool will frequently launch more position rebate products, allowing more users to enjoy bonuses.

3. Reshaping the sense of trust, putting transparency and independence in the first place

Mining pool mining, as well as the trust of miners in the mining pool, is Very important. Binance Mining Pool attaches great importance to transparency and will do its best to provide users with the latest developments. You can see the daily, weekly and monthly earnings, and manage the mining process in a unified manner. Colleagues support a quick view of the proof-of-work data overview and the hash rate of the entire mining pool. Ensure that all miners have complete independence, and severely crack down on miner manipulation.

4. EveryDaily payment guarantee, one-stop account to meet all needs

Regardless of the size of the income, the miner’s income will be directly credited to the miner’s account. All miners need to do is to enter the address when registering. The rest is done by Binance Mining Pool. At the same time, rewards will be issued every 24 hours, and the rewards can be withdrawn instantly-there is no freeze period and no other requirements.

There is another dimension. Binance mining pool accounts can not only realize miner control and management, profit withdrawal, and performance tracking, it also allows users to access the entire Binance ecosystem. Mining, buying, trading, selling, contract opening, withdrawal of gold on the C2C platform, or transfer of profits to Binance Card for consumption. Your Binance mining pool account can implement all the above functions, as well as many other functions.

These rights and philosophies, as well as the rules of action, are the penetration and extension of Binance’s "User First". At this time, it has already begun in the "Binance Mining Pool". In a comprehensive manner, this is the key to Binance mining pool being favored by users and miners, and it is also the rule of Binance winning. Then, choose Binance mining pool for mining.


Strong ecological engine

Binance mining pool The power of integration with Binance

In fact, in my opinion, the mining pool business is also the general trend when the circulation giants deploy the real economy, because the mining pool business itself is a blockchain and digital asset A huge business and treasure in the field. On this track, listed companies were born, mining giants were born, and countless miners and users were born. The most important thing is that on this track, precipitation Funds and funds for business deployment are also a financial market with a scale of hundreds of billions to trillions.

The mining pool business is very related to the secondary market, even the primary market, and financial derivatives. Therefore, in this context, miners and mining pools have come to the stage. before.

Binance, which focuses on the No. 1 student leader, also took advantage of the trend to come to the front and began to serve B-end users, linking the public chain of mining machines, and the primary and secondary markets for ecological Link, and reshape.

I think that the rapid development of Binance mining pool is closely related to Binance’s overall strong ecological engine. Driven by the prosperous ecological engine, Binance mining pool is different from other small and medium-sized mines. The pool organization has grown rapidly in a short period of time. As a sub-brand of Binance, the mining pool has the largest traffic in the world. In the future, if users have demand, they may continue to deploy C-side mining products so that customers can enjoy the dividends of the development of the entire industry.

Of course, the entire Binance is based on BNB, and the operation of the Binance mining pool relies on the entire Binance The ecology will be more valuable than an independent ecology. What's more important is that any ecological line of Binance is to build Binance's business and ecology around BNB.

Then, driven by this strong ecological engine, the integration of Binance Mining Pool and Binance is bound to bring new capabilities and services to the entire mining pool market. The ultimate goal is to provide mining-related financial services for miners to earn profits, instead of red sea competition in the original industry, and ultimately bring incremental development to the mining industry.

Therefore, the Binance mining pool, which focuses on the No. 1 student leader, is also using service and user first to interpret Kuprin Aleksandr Ivanovich’s “victory of beauty and kindness”. ".

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