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A leader in the currency circle, Bosen CCR fully automatic quantitative currency speculation robot-common questions from users

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1. The software is cracked, low price What to do if reselling to hackers?

——The first thing that hackers need to crack is to get to the IP address of the server. The robot is now running on everyone’s Aliyun server. The transaction runs independently, and the main service of CCR only has the function of transmitting data to each robot. In addition, the robot has the function of preventing malicious operations. If the high-frequency operation is not performed in accordance with the set trading strategy, it will be locked. At the same time, the background will be prompted to notify the customer to delete the key in the transaction background.

2. Which currency pair and currency is better to choose?

——Mainstream currencies, or officially recommended currencies are good choices. In terms of pricing currency, if you are optimistic about the future value of the circle, you can choose BTC or ETH as the pricing currency. If you want to be more stable, you can also choose USDT as the pricing currency.

3. What is the relationship between the principal budget and the transaction currency exchange quantity?

——The relationship between the two is simply the amount of budget you give to the robot to allocate and operate the currency exchange of your choice.

4. For different principal budgets, how to make recommendations for maximizing benefits? How to set it up?

——Trading and investing, always remember that gains and risks go hand in hand. If you want to make more profits, you can use the prudent + aggressive type. In the bull market, you can make a lot of profits. However, aggressive strategies require more principal and have poor resistance to market fluctuations. We recommend that you select the strategy type according to your own risk tolerance, and you can set it with one click. In addition, when the market starts to rise in a bull market, you can appropriately increase the type of risk (steady + aggressive, etc.). In a bear market, reduce the type of risk (conservative-conservative).

5. Why is there no profit for many days after it started running?

——This shows that the purchased currency is in a sideways market, the price has not risen to reach the take-profit point, or the purchased currency is in a down market, and the profit has not been reached after the position has been closed. Just wait patiently for the price increase and the market callback, and the robot will automatically operate.

6. If the number of trading currencies is set to 2, is it impossible to monitor 3 currencies?

——Transaction currency exchange quantity setting is used for quick batch setting of transaction parameters. Fill in two, you can also monitor three currency exchanges, but you may encounter a situation where the principal is not enough. For example, 10,000 positions are allocated to 2 currency pairs, each of which is 5,000 positions. At this time, according to 5000 positions, monitoring 3 currency exchanges, you need 15000 principal, so you may encounter the situation that the principal is not enough to make up the order.

7. When will the policy type be changed to take effect?

—— Take-profit amount, take-profit ratio, start tracking take-profit, and fallback ratio will take effect immediately, the transaction multiple will take effect when the next order is bought, and the transaction rate will be at the end of the group strategy Take effect after the order. For example, the original setting of 5% take profit, after changing it to 3%, if it reaches 3%, the robot will close the position.

8. How to reduce the number of currency exchanges that have been checked? (I originally traded 10 varieties, and now I want to adjust to 5 varieties, how do I do it?)

——Uncheck: Uncheck, change the quantity to the current quantity and then one click Just set it up. (At this time, you will sell, and no longer buy. If you keep falling, there may be floating losses. Maybe the process will take a long time. You need to wait patiently for the callback). Can accept the current floating loss and sell directly.

Strategy pause: In this case, you will not buy again until the current set of orders is over.

9. What is the selling strategy?

——There are two conditions that can trigger selling, one is to reach the profit amount, and the other is to reach the profit ratio. Any one of them can be reached first to trigger the sale.

10. How should I change the platform?

——Before the replacement, you need to pay attention to whether the original platform has an order. After the replacement, the original platform's order cannot be monitored. After confirming that there is no order, you can directly replace it (the steps to change the platform are: close the robot→find the INI file in the CCR file→delete→create the API of the new platform→open the robot→connect and change the platform settings)

11. The position amount set at the beginning is 2W, and then I will change the position amount to 5W. What should I do?

——Go directly to the one-click setting according to the new principal (if it is to reduce the position, it is recommended to wait for the strategy to finish before modifying it)

12. When the order is not there yet Can the multiple be increased after walking?

——Yes, as long as the funds are sufficient. (It is not recommended to deliberately enlarge the magnification without adding the principal, because the strategy has been set)

13. I am not stopping The strategy is modified under the circumstances, what will be the result?

-Strategies will be mixed, which will affect the price of exiting the position. (We do not recommend this operation, it is best to wait until the trading strategy is finished, and then make changes)

14. If the currency exchange box is not checked, will the sale be monitored?

——It was originally checked, and now if it is unchecked, the monitoring of buying will be suspended, only the selling will be monitored

15. Will manual platform selling partly affect the software? ?

——If you sell all the robots bought, the robot will prompt you that the balance is insufficient when the robot sells.

(For example, the robot needs to sell 500 coins to achieve profitability. However, you should sell the coins first. At this time, the robot will sell less than 500 coins, and you will be prompted to sell. If it fails, the number of trading currencies does not match the number of positions. So it will definitely affect the software and the profit of the order.)

If this happens, it is recommended to click "Forget Order", and then manually transfer the remaining The currency can be sold.

ps. During the robot trading process, it is not recommended that you manually sell the robot's coins.

16. If I want to add a currency that is not in the list, how do I need to add it?

——Close the robot, reload and add currency.

17. What should I do if I want to purchase an additional currency?

—— Double-click the currency exchange, and after setting it up, you can start placing orders.

18. Will the currency be affected by accidentally canceling and re-checking it?

——There will be no impact, it will recover in 2 to 5 minutes. This is to prevent unpredictable errors caused by deliberately quick cancellation and tick switching.

19. Why does the robot show that it cannot be sold?

——Please check the currency's whereabouts to see if the currency is not enough.

1. If it is not enough, it is usually because of manual selling. It is recommended to check the transaction record from the trading background. Then right-click the currency pair and select "Forget Order". (If you have any remaining currency pairs, you can sell it from the manual trading on the right side of the software or the trading background.)

2. If there are enough, you need to consider whether the card is not enough, and then sell it manually , And then click "Forget Order" (it may also be caused by the problem of using the card after a period of time when the robot was not used when starting to use the robot)

20. Why is there no benefit for so many coins?

——Because the robot continues to expand the profit space for you, sometimes there are two reasons why the profit will not be sold; one is because the profit has not reached the take-profit setting, and the other is that the trailing stop is triggered It is recommended that you can check the income than be patient and wait patiently.

21. Why did you close the position at a loss after the statement was settled? (Why is there a loss-making order in the income summary?)

——The probability of this situation is very small. The reason is: when the position is closed and sold, the trading platform is not deep enough, or at the same time, the market There are a large number of sell orders. The trading platform can only queue up to process the submitted sell orders, which may appear at this time. The price is profitable at the time of submission, but in the end, the trading platform can only sell at a worse price.

However, when this happens, it is usually a very small loss, which can be ignored. If this happens, I suggest you:

1. Set the take profit ratio higher

2. Change to a trading platform with better depth (indicated by selling The price difference between 1 and Sell 2 is very small, and different selling prices have a relatively large quantity)

22. Does the old version of the position not take effect?

——Version The position strategy of each currency pair before cannot use the grid take profit function. Only after the updated version, the current strategy can be used normally.

23. Will manual replenishment and escrow orders trigger grid take profit?

——In the current version, manual replenishment and escrow orders in the strategy cannot trigger the grid take profit function.

24. Can the ratio of tail order take profit\tracking take profit be customized?

——Support ratio custom setting function.

——Please note

(1) When using the grid take profit function, you need to consider the entire set of strategy take profit ratio settings, so as not to use the grid take profit function, If the profit ratio is set too low, one will lose the other, which will affect the take-profit situation of the entire group of strategies;

(2) It is recommended to increase the take-profit ratio appropriately (3~5), and adjust the drawdown ratio appropriately (1~ 2), for example, 3-1, 4-1, 4-2, 5-1, 5-2......

(3) It is recommended to use point cards for transactions to deduct Transaction Fees.

25. After the grid takes profit, when will the order be replenished?

——After the grid takes profit, the robot uses unfinished orders as a set of strategies, still according to the current strategy's gear, custom interval, tracking open position ratio and other parameters. Real-time monitoring whether the current strategy's unfinished order and the opening conditions of the next serial number order are reached.

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