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How to hold positions in mainstream currencies? Talk about my suggestion

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Two days ago, I posted a Weibo to talk about the distribution of mainstream holdings that I suggested. In the comments below, many people asked me why these coins are and why they are such numbers. I found that one or two sentences are not clear, so I just write an article...

Two days ago, I posted a Weibo to talk about the distribution of mainstream positions that I suggested.

In the comments below, many people asked me why these coins are and why they are such numbers. I found one or two The explanation of the sentence is not clear, so just write an article to talk about this matter.

First of all, I have a prerequisite for saying this, that is, you intend to "hold" mainstream currencies in a serious manner. Generally speaking, the tune-in currency goes to the tune-in currency, and the speculation is the speculation. The following content is not considered as a reference.

In addition, these numbers are the "upper limit" I suggest, that is, you hold so much is enough, no need to have more, the rest will be done by buying Bitcoin.

Of course, if your capital is tens of millions, you can increase the amount of each currency by 10 times.

Let’s talk about them one by one, first with Ethereum.

When people say that they hold mainstream coins instead of Bitcoin, there is a high probability that they hold Ethereum ETH. As the second long-term market value, as the king of public chains, Ethereum's popularity and consensus needless to say, most people will not miss ETH when considering holding mainstream coins.

So, why do I think that holding 32 is enough?

In the era of Ethereum 2.0 (Serenity), as long as it provides computing resources and locks 32 ETH, a user can become a validator and help protect the network, that is, become a "full node in the Bitcoin network" ". If you are interested, holding 32 ETH will enable you at any time in the future. For example, Ethereum has become a very large system. If its value and revenue are large enough, you will not be unable to buy it. Up to 32 ETH.

But no matter how much it is, there is no need. After all, 30ETH is approximately equal to 1BTC.

The second one is EOS.

If there is any major event in EOS, it will become the headline of the entire currency circle, such as the press conference two days ago, and the discussion about the press conference is believed to have once screened your information flow.

EOS's best performance is the fourth in market value, and people have always expected him to be the third in market value, second only to Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, it is only the expectations of supporters. EOS is still far from the top three in market value.

As the label of "Blockchain 3.0", and has always been with the aura of the new era of DAPP, although the outside world still watches EOS like a theater, the EOS circle is formed inside or outside the currency circle. A new circle is very interesting.

And EOS has a very interesting point, that is, they have a very peculiar recognition that the public chain that can be seen by CX and ZJP is a good public chain.

Think about it, it makes sense, right? So no matter what, if you buy some EOS, you can still return to zero.

In addition, why are there 1,000? This is actually from the widely circulated quotation from the milk king, "You only need 1,000 EOS, because in the future, you will find that you don't need that much money at all."

But 1,000 are indeed enough. When it is the cheapest, 1,000 is only more than 10,000 yuan. Although most people cost almost 100,000 yuan for one thousand, it is almost here. The interval will do. Of course, this is for most people. Please feel free to use millions of wealthy and wealthy local tyrants.

The third one is LTC.

I have always liked spicy food. After all, as an absolute old player, I have been in the top ten in market value all year round. The degree of decentralization, popularity, and consensus are very high. As the main force of cryptocurrency, There is no reason not to hold some.

So why are there 21? Of course, the total amount of LTC is not 2100 million, I believe everyone is also aware of this matter. The 21 mainly refer to Bitcoin, because it is difficult for many people to own 21 Bitcoins. As the best alternative, 21 LTCs can be symbolically referred to.

Needless to say about Litecoin, I believe everyone who knows or not knows is a bit interested in this coin, but there should not be many people who have bought Litecoin, because many people think it is unnecessary. After all, there are Bitcoins. The currency is enough, what do we need a copy? In fact, it is not. Buying Litecoin will make you more concerned about Litecoin news and technical updates, and these will give you a basic understanding of the technologies that will appear on Bitcoin in the future. If you have the ability, you can still go. Make some contributions to the future development and popularization.

The fourth one is BCH and BSV.

Buy one each, just in case there really is a black swan, the two (or the new currency that is forked from the two) appear a certain coin, condensing a higher Consensus, or there is a higher will behind it, in short, the market value surpasses Bitcoin and becomes the "real Bitcoin."

Of course, this probability is extremely low, but just as an investment perspective, it is normal to spend a little money to hedge against extremely small probability events. Just like you buy insurance, you buy insurance to spend a small amount of money to protect the possibility of dangerous events with a very small probability, right?

Looking at the market this year, if it is a short-term speculation, BCH/BSV may indeed have a short-term opportunity to outperform the rise of Bitcoin, but who knows, the wealth and wealth insurance seeks higher risks There is always a higher return.

By the way, when you are doing short-term speculation, please forget the saying "this coin is a good coin". When you do long-term, you must be aware of the long-term value of this coin What is it, that is, whether it is a good currency, but in the short term, it is not a kind of "value discovery" or "value return", but a game about expected hype and capital.

Fifth, TRX and XMR.

TRON is no longer the project that rushed into the currency circle to scam money in 17 years. It is now a very good project, and after two years, the currency circle has become more and more aware Justin Sun, the boss of Sun, is indeed an individual talent. It doesn't matter if TRON is good or not. What if it really rises to the top of the market value?

This is still a money-making option that should not be missed. Buy 10,000, and there is not much money, so there is no loss.

And XMR is because.. I bought so many coins, how can it be done without an anonymous coin? So you have to buy one.

If you are interested in anonymous coins, you have already bought them. If you are not interested, it's okay not to buy them. It's all personal preference.

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