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The smart contract quantifies the currency speculation robot, which can be automatically run 24 hours a day with one click.

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Recently, many people in the market are looking for an intelligent quantitative trading system. The currency speculation robot has become one of the most popular projects at the moment; a large number of new and old users are accelerating the admission.

Why are so many people scrambling to learn about the contract intelligent quantification system?

Comparison of advantages between smart contract quantification system and spot quantification system:

Spot quantification

You can only buy up to make U while down hold currency

Extreme market is easy to be quilt

Only a rebound can make a profit

Bull market makes money and bear market quilt

Contract quantification

Both ups and downs can be profitable

Choose the right direction to make a lot of money

Choose the wrong direction and not liquidate your position

Long and short double opening guarantee profit

I think the biggest attraction should be driven by interests. In this year's bull market in the currency circle, a large number of new users have joined and a large number of old users have returned. The market is very good; the market has dropped rapidly in the past few days, and personal speculation has a lot of quilts, and it is basically difficult to make a profit.

Many people don’t know how to speculate coins, so there are also a large number of traders with orders in the market. The biggest risk of liquidation comes from manual operation. When the operation is unstable, individual operators are prone to liquidation.

Smart contract quantifies the currency speculation robot, one-click to start the whole day Automatic operation within 24 hours.

Many people have the following questions:

Does the intelligent quantitative high-frequency trading of the currency speculation robot really exist?

What is the principle of quantification?

Is the principal safe?

Can profits and handling fees be lost?

Will contract quantification be liquidated?

Answer for everyone today:

Intelligent quantitative trading is a real system, and it is very popular Very mature system, early trading software very common in the futures stock market and foreign exchange market, and a necessary trading system for many financial companies.

Since a few years ago, companies have tried to introduce quantitative trading of foreign exchange in the stock market to trading in the currency circle; continuous exploration And improvements, now the intelligent quantitative coin speculation robot has become very popular, and will soon become a must-have artifact for everyone.

Because of the relatively large fluctuations in the currency market, the advantages of quantitative trading are obvious, the income continues to be stable, and the security of funds has become one of the highlights of the most attractive customers.

SmartQuantitative currency speculation robots access the Huobi API interface. The robots only have access to read and trade. The principal and profit are all on its own Huobi exchange. Huobi is the top three exchange in the world. It is safe and secure. Will run away, withdraw cash at any time, without any restrictions.

Intelligent quantitative robots are based on mature market analysis strategies, through technical codes, intelligent monitoring of cloud servers, big data analysis, combined with quantitative trading strategies, robots achieve intelligent stop Profit and stop loss operation, no need to watch the market after one-click activation, through flat push strategy, Martin double investment strategy, grid trading strategy, alpha strategy, and the latest Wantong strategy to achieve 24-hour trading profit.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Can the running strategy increase the position? p>

As long as the Huobi account has enough U, you can replenish the position with one click and add orders at any time.

2. Is it possible to freely modify the strategy while the robot is running?

We do not recommend ZTO to modify the strategy frequently. If you need to modify it, you can modify the trading strategy at any time after the suspension.

3. When funds increase/decrease, how to adjust the position ratio?

You can increase/decrease currency pairs, or you can use one-click to replenish the currency pair's funds, reduce currency pairs and reduce the position ratio.

One plus one contract quantification

A cryptocurrency robot that will not liquidate its position

Free registration experience, no activation code required.

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