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Golden Horse Interpretation: Binance IEO Launchpad Positioning Rules Adjustment

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Actually, Binance’s announcement has been written very clearly, but there are indeed some students who don’t like to read the announcement carefully, so I will interpret it.

Specific announcement address;

Announcement on the adjustment of Launchpad holding rules – Binance

Who is worth reading the following interpretation? You have at least 50 BNB to be eligible for the visa, or you plan to buy at least 50 BNB to participate in the Binance IEO Launchpad, it is worth reading this article.

Interpretation of the adjustment of the number of positions

As shown above, you will find:

First, participate before The maximum position of an IEO account is 500 BNB, which is now 250 BNB.

Interpretation: What impact will this have? For example, a large Binance account has 35 accounts and each account has 500 BNB. In the previous gameplay, he did not waste his BNB ticket, but after the rule changed, he would waste 250 BNB per account. In order not to waste BNB, the best way is to register another 35 accounts...

So, for the big account holders,

really is a torture, but many Big players are reluctant to split their positions, because the benefits of Binance IEO Launchpad are really terrifying.

So, there is a high probability that these big accounts will have to register more Binance accounts.

Second, holding 50 BNBs can get 5 tickets, and holding 250 BNBs can get 25 tickets. The number of BNBs is the same as the multiple of the number of tickets.

Interpretation: In the past, holding 500 BNB can get 5 tickets, and holding 50 BNB can get 1 ticket, so many people put 500 BNB in ​​10 accounts, so it can With 10 draws, the expected return value instantly doubled.

But under the new rules, retail accounts don’t need to be split so small. Just put 250 BNB in ​​each account, and save a lot of accounts in an instant, right?

So, for our retail investors, it is actually

a good thing, so we don’t need to waste our energy.

Interpretation of position adjustment

The seventh phase of the Launchpad project BNB holding position will require 7 days. The eighth period will require 15 days to hold positions. The ninth period and beyond will require 30 days to hold positions. The start time of the position snapshot may start before the announcement. Assuming that the eighth period is announced on August 7th and ends on August 13th, the start time of holding positions will start on July 30th.

The key points of these few sentences are as follows:

First, the number of days required for IEO holdings will be more and more, from 7 days to 15 days to 30 days. For us, we need to hold positions. Time will get longer and longer. This is a fatal blow to those who use borrowing tools to borrow BNB to participate in the IEO, because the cost has increased a lot and the uncertainty has also increased.

Second, the snapshot time may start before the announcement. The IEO before Binance, the announcement is issued, and everyone has time to prepare accounts and hold positions, but after that, they will not be so lucky. For students who plan to speculate on BNB and make a fortune, the

uncertainty has increased a lot.

The voice-over of these two key points:

Binance’s IEO hopes to share the benefits of BNB as much as possible to those who hold BNB for a long time, rather than those who want to speculate on BNB. User.

[Binance’s changes are very smart]

Many of Binance’s practices make me think that this team is aA smart team is a team that is constantly diligent and iterative, and strives to be the best in everything.

Yesterday, I listened to the sharing of Yiyi He on Bihu, which gave me greater confidence in BNB. The people of Binance have a heart to toss, the pattern is also very big, and they are also working hard to get through Upstream and downstream, I will continue to increase BNB holdings and accompany Binance.


If you plan to participate in Binance’s next IEO, it’s best to prepare your account positions as soon as possible (tonight). It is expected that the next IEO will be available soon Announcement.

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